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Originally Posted by Irishmommy View Post
So get him to wash them.
I'd like to have him wash him, but he usually works 12+ hrs a day, and comes home with enough energy to eat dinner before falling asleep. I feel mean having him wash them when I have the time and energy to do it myself.
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Most hated, deeply resented chore: meal planning. I've gotten myself into a nice little feedback loop, too, with all kind of guilt and anger wrapped up in the whole issue.

Originally Posted by Tangled Hill View Post
Yard work, I put off as long as possible. Hubby told me in the beginning that he would do all the yard work, but it NEVER gets done. : Eventually, I end up doing it myself, but only after I've waited as long as suburbanly possible for him to do it, first.
What a fantastic term! It accurately sums up a whole state of mind. This is why we have a mow and blow service we can't really afford.
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Originally Posted by bender View Post
I hate washing the gladware containers my husband uses for his lunch. I make tons of frozen entrees, so he just pulls one out in the morning for his lunch. Unfortunately, that means there are usually 2 to wash each day. I can't get rid of them because they fit his cooler perfectly and he likes taking his lunch.

When they are all washed, there is no room for them in the cupboard, so I have to cook more food to fill them so they can go in the freezer and not sit on the counter. And thus, the cycle repeats.
Sounds almost as though the reason you don't like washing them is that they're hard to put away when the cupboard's full? Since you do need enough to keep a good supply of lunches in the freezer, but you're only cooking every, what, week? 2 weeks? maybe you could store most of them somewhere other than a kitchen cupboard?
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Glass shower doors really do clean up far faster and look a LOT nicer 90% of the time by squeegeeing them after every shower!!!! I have had a squeegee in the shower for years and nearly tossed it out several times now. LOL Last year sometime I decided to really scrub and scrub our shower doors until they were super clean. (The rest of the shower cleans up fairly easily, but those darn doors...ICK!) Once I got them super clean, I explained how long it took me to DH and asked him to do them next time. (Ah, the look on his face was priceless! ) Or... <ding, ding, ding> would he be so kind as to swipe the doors after each shower and I'll do the same after my showers? When presented with those options... he chose the squeegee. So...it has been months and I have never had to scrub those doors again!!!! They look great and it literally takes less than a minute after each shower. : (On the rare occasion we shower back-to-back, we communicate and whoever showers last uses the squeegee. Most of the time, though, our showers are at least a couple hours apart due to scheduling differences.)

My least favorite chores? Hmmm...

~ I tend to put off emptying the dishwasher. DH will empty it for me and he'll even load it back up. He isn't too keen on handwashing or cleaning counters or scrubbing the sink, though. Luckily, I don't actually mind those. Generally, though, he cooks and I clean the kitchen. I have been cooking more and he is usually amenable to the dishwasher even if he cooks.

~ I also tend to put off doing a thorough job on the kitchen table. I shake off placemats often and I'll spot clean quickly. I even like to dust the chairs and pedestal. Taking everything off and washing it all down... Hmmm... not so much...

~ Mopping the kitchen floor used to be my least favorite chore of all! ACK! YUCK! DH would mop it, but what a hassle. Blech. I pitched the stinky mop one day and didn't replace it. DH refused to clean the kitchen floor after that, so I cleaned it by hand on my hands and knees for a few years. DH bought me a Scooba, the robot that picks up, mops, and sucks up the dirty water. Ah! TRUE LOVE! :

~ Cleaning the outside of the windows. What a PITA! I have to pull the slidable window into the house and take it outside in the backyard to wash it. (Our windows are 6-feet wide, btw.) Then, work really hard to get the screen off (not the simple pull up tab type), wash those, and hang out the window to clean the outside of the stationary window. Did I mention our windows are 6-feet wide??? I literally hang out the window! On the first floor, I can bring a bucket or two and some rags to the outside windows. I have to truck them through the house, though, since there is no water source where the real windows are. I don't mind cleaning the sliders on the first floor. Those are right next to the water source and it is fairly easy! I also don't mind the insides of the regular windows. I set up a task in my email program to clean the windowsills and ceiling fans once a month. I find myself cleaning the windows inside right along with the windowsills.

In general, I dislike any LARGE task. I tend to handle smaller tasks much, much better.

~ So, I do a load of laundry a day. Laundry is one of those household tasks that just never goes away, so I retrained myself to avoid thinking it was ever "done". It is simply an ongoing task and "done" is relative.

~ Dishes are similar, but slightly different in that the kitchen looks a hundred times better with no dishes sitting out (clean or dirty). I aim to clean up after every meal and handwash once a day after dinner. Each morning, I put away the handwashed items from the night before and load dishes as we go into the dishwasher. Hardly anything sits out this way since most handwash only items get used in the dinner prep. We don't fill our dishwasher each day since there are only three of us and I am the only one here all day, and not every single day at that.

~ I used to dread meal-planning or pretty much anything to do with cooking. I am not entirely sure why or what changed for me. Part of it is related to my childhood. I was the oldest with two younger step-brothers and my step-mother used to have me cook dinner most weeknights with her help over the phone. I hated how unfair all of the housework was in general. I had to do all the "girl" jobs AND do half of the "boy" jobs (in order to learn how to be self-sufficient... ). Through a lot of healing work over the last couple years, I am getting past all that and I am taking pride in preparing meals for my family alongside my DH (who is a good cook and doesn't mind cooking). We are learning to work as a family cooking team and are finding meal-planning really helps streamline the process. The more we do it, also, the easier it is getting and the less time it takes. We have done meal-planning many times in the past, but not consistently and consecutively enough to get to the benefits stage. We have reached that stage now and it is SWEET! Meal-planning today took less than 10 minutes and all of us were involved. DH & DD went grocery shopping and only needed to buy one canvas bag worth of food (for the week) along with a 10-pound bag of potatoes (to replenish our stock).

~ I am still working out the kinks in bathroom cleaning. The shower doors are always clean now with the squeegee method and one of us will scrub the shower floor (not a tub/shower combo, but a full-size shower) with baking soda and a rag with our feet a few times a month, so the shower is good pretty much all the time. Whenever DD requests a bath versus a shower in her bathroom, one of us will scrub out her tub with baking soda and a rag. It is never really dirty, either. The rest of the bathrooms are less regimented and are not always all that clean. I tend to clean the powder room downstairs (guests see this one and frankly I clean more thoroughly than DH) and ask DH to clean the upstairs two. Then we switch the next time they all need cleaning, especially if a houseguest is coming since the houseguest will be using DD's bathroom and I'll clean it more thoroughly than DH. I appreciate and express my gratitude to DH each time he cleans! It is all good. We just time it according to skills.
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