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while pregnant can you still ride a bike?

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just wondering i dont see it being too much of an issue other then a belly being in the way. im not a speed biker i just enjoy the city bike path
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Yes you can. Sometimes balance is an issue in pregnancy, so I would just be mindful of that. I rode my bike in early pregnancy but not much later on... I know there are lots of mamas here that rode all throughout.
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Yep... I rode my bike (with ds in the trailer) until a couple weeks before dd was born. I stopped because it got too hot outside.
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I have a friend who rode constantly throughout her pregnancy.
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Why not?

I'm still riding my road bike. The biggest challenge was finding tights that fit. I switched to bib tights and those are so stretchy that they should work until it warms up or I get too tired to ride.

Planning on switching to my mountain bike and/or lifting my handlebars if necessary for comfort.
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i figure it was fine dident see why it would be bad but just wanted to check what you ll though. I'm not pregnant yet but bike riding is a huge part of my life and i don't want to miss out on it. I would if i had to but id have to plan differently.

I was not a bike rider when i was preg with my other two.
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I rode my "cruiser" all around town while largely pregnant with my first baby. I sure got a lot of looks

I didn't take on any hills and rode at a pretty leisurely pace but I'm sure if you are used to doing a lot of biking you're probably fine, just take it a tiny bit easier than whatever you're used to...
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i miss riding! :

i have a cyclocross bike and haven't been on it since september, and can't wait to saddle up as soon as this baby is born! i would have continued riding on the road but racing posture was just too much for me.

i've read a lot of articles that say that cycling is actually great on you while pregnant, as it's fantastic cardio without the impact on your joints...like a pp said, the biggest issue is your center of gravity. good luck!!
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i havent been riding because its just too col and i cant imagine not riding as soon as spring hits i love it
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