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Congratulations Christy! What a great birth story! Good for you and your husband for taking a step back (and believe me, I know how hard it is to do. I wasn't able to with my first) to really consider and discuss the medication before doing it! And Sage is a real cutey.

Congratulations, Plaid Leopard! Finally, another boy!

Congratulations, N2theWoods!

Good luck 1jooj! It sounds like you're next in line for "Let's Have A Baby!"

Emily is 1 week old today. We had a kind of rough time getting the nursing started. She wasn't sucking so well, and was starting to get dehydrated. Also, everybody that was supposed to be helping out with dd1 either got sick or disappeared, so we were really left in the lurch. We also had a host of household problems (toilet backed up and exploded all over the place , the hose to the washer burst, and the dog got sick and pooped all over the house!

After a bunch of calls to my doula and the nurse that helped deliver Emily and several visits from each, we seem to have things back on track. I got very painfully engorged as she was learning how to suck. But we seem to have nipped things early and she is on a great track now!

She has been such a great baby, otherwise. She sleeps a bunch, is very easy to comfort (especially now that her belly is full of nice warm milk all the time ), and just a little love.

And her big sister has been fabulous too! She's been wanting to help and love her little baby all the time. She brings me her blanket to wrap her up in, her hat if it falls off. She tickles her feet, and kisses her head. She ran up to her today and, out of the blue, says, "I wuv you." and kissed her on her head before running off again to play . Last night, as we were all sleeping in bed, I had switched sides, so Emily and Katie were sleeping next to each other. Emily started to fuss, and Katie reached her hand out and very gently started stroking Emily's arm in her sleep. It was so sweet. I've been really proud of my big girl!

Anyway, I need to get to sleep. I've spent too much precious sleep time here catching up!:

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Last night, as we were all sleeping in bed, I had switched sides, so Emily and Katie were sleeping next to each other. Emily started to fuss, and Katie reached her hand out and very gently started stroking Emily's arm in her sleep. It was so sweet.
My heart just melted! That is so precious.
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Congratulations N2theWoods!

I just got back from LOTR. It was good, but very very long. I've been have mild contractions off and on since 3pm yesterday and they really started getting painful during the movie. Luckily it's a loud movie, so no one was bothered by my occasional moan. Now, they seem to have kicked up a notch pain wise, but there is not really a pattern to them. Not having any mucous or bloody show and I haven't been checked for dilation, so I have no idea if these are doing something or not. I guess I'll go take a warm bath and see if that changes anything.

Good luck 1jooj! I hope this is it for you.
Bec, sorry to hear that you had a tough week. It is so sweet that your dd is so involved with the baby. I hope my dd will be similar.

Okay, OUCH! That was a painful one. I think I'd better get that bath now.
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Hi all.. have been following you all through these 9 months..am a terrible lurker (daily!).. but never feel I have much to contribute...
however , as dec. is nearing a close and this thread will no longer be here, I feel a need to post and let you all know that baby George (named by his almost 3 yo brother) came into this world on Dec. 2, a wonderful birth with a great midwife, a great dad and lots of snow. A truley unforgettable experience.
It seems that each time I give birth it becomes more and more of a deeply spiritual event...sigh...

Anyway Georges big brothers are adjusting nicely.. 3 yo was very clingy.. whiny..grouchy for the first week.. but always very kind to baby..5 yo feels a great "big brotherly" love for his new brother...holds him.comforts him..etc.
i am truly blessed with these 3 boys, my sons.

hope you don't mind me popping in and sharing this.. I feel like I know you all and will miss this thread when its gone!
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Congratulations to all the new babies and moms!
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Originally posted by BAU3

hope you don't mind me popping in and sharing this.. I feel like I know you all and will miss this thread when its gone!
Congratulations BAU3 - another wonderful birth to our list, and another BOY!!! WoooooHoooooo

Don't Miss us - Join us over in Life with Babe!!
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Congratulations on your new baby!
Boys are wonderful.
We needed another in this group since we only have like 4-5.

Come visit us over in Life with a babe:
2003-Nov./Dec. Mamas and Babies
Don't just lurk though. I'm sure with 3 boys you'll have plenty to contribute.
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nak,but when am I not?
Wow!great births!And what adorable pics!WWI love the stocking one!And Sage looks so perfect!I wish I could share some of mine!I've got photo's of the birth, and right after,and the look on my face just says everything.I also took one the other day of ds as Joseph,dd as Mary and Eve as baby Jesus,all wrapped in a whitish fabric I have.-So sweet!I've got some of pregnant nursing and tandeming too.I'm trying to figure out how to get them on here! to those in labor!

Oh! Eve is 8 weeks today!and not only does she have some hair,(unlike other 2)but I dare say it is red!cool!
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Congratulations Christy and N2 ....

Life with Felix is good. Except when I have to change his diaper or put clothes on him. Then he SCREAMS. Oh well, otherwise he is so sweet and makes the cutest little faces and smiles.

Tonight the pediatrician came to do the checkup. Everything is fine except Felix's left foot turns in too much, but apparently massage will help the muscles loosen up. Axel and Elsa (ds and dd) were there on the bed while the DR was doing the checkup, and when Felix cried they would bith reach over to comfort him, and they sang Happy Birthday to him.

I am 'processing' my birth experience. Overall it was really good and positive but I am a little disappointed about a few things. I had planned to labor alone and not call the midwife until the very end but I ended up calling her fairly early on. I didn't want any internal exams but then I let her do several. At least my water broke naturally. With the other 2 it was ruptured artificially so I am glad that didn't happen this time.

But like I said - overall it was a really good experience. I feel very proud and powerful.

Ok, gotta go brush dd's teeth.
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Well, my contractions where hard and painful for most of the night, but tapered off this morning. Now I'm having one or two mild contractions an hour. I did just lose my mucous plug though! So that's some progress. Hope I don't do this kind of pattern for a week like my sister did with her dd. With dd my water broke before I had a single contraction, so this is all new to me.
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Oh -

Congratulations to BAU3 also!
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Congratulations BAU3 and N2TheWoods!! I've updated your info on the site.

having a great time with the new baby. We're all smitten with her especially Josh, he is soooo in love with her.

I hope everything is going well for everyone

for those who need it!
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Felix Leo's Birth

I woke up around 3:30am Sunday to get something to eat. When I went to the toilet I noticed a bit of bloody show. I went back to bed after eating some cereal and around 4:00am some mild contractions started. They were very light but coming every few minutes. Around 5:30 I got up again and there was more bloody show. The contractions were getting stronger. I walked around a bit, squatted through a few contractions (hanging on the side of the kids’ bunkbed – they were both sleeping in our bed). At 6:00 I woke Pierre and told him I thought that this time it was the real thing. He immediately got up, put the kids in their beds, started preparing our room - putting the plastic on the bed, putting away toys and clothes etc. The contractions were coming on stronger and I was kneeling by the bed through them.

At 6:30 I called the midwife, Kristin, who said she would come in one hour. While I was waiting the contractions got farther and farther apart. I debated calling her back to tell her there was no rush but decided not to. The contractions only came every 5-10 minutes, and they weren’t lasting very long but they came on suddenly. No warning really, just intense pain in my lower abdomen for a few seconds and then it would be over.

Kristin showed up at 7:30. I opened the door for her and was immediately hit by a contraction. I leaned over the back of a chair, and Kristin rubbed my back. Afterwards I explained how things had been going. She wanted to check my cervix and even though I had decided beforehand that I did not want any vaginal exams during the labor my curiosity got the best of me. She checked and I was already at 5cm! I was very excited to already be that far along with very little effort.

I continued laboring – contractions were still not coming at regular intervals, and still short and intense. In between contractions I was able to talk and laugh and walk around. I decided to get in the bathtub. The water felt good but I couldn’t get comfortable because the tub was too narrow. I stayed in for a while and the contractions weren’t as painful, but then they just about stopped, so I got out.

The kids were still asleep around 9 but we decided to call our friend that said she could watch them. She couldn’t do it, our other childcare person was out of town, and the third possibility was on her way to the hospital to have her own baby! So, when they finally woke up Pierre settled them in front of a video and we decided that it would be all right if they stayed at the house. Every once in a while they would come into the room to see what was happening, or Pierre would go sit with them for a while.

At 10 Kristin checked my cervix again and I was at 7 and the baby had moved down some! Contractions were still spaced far apart, and were getting quite painful. I really tried to stay positive, and after particularly strong ones I would say “Oh, that was a good one!” The contractions were still taking me by surprise – with no warning and no build up. Some contractions I could breathe through, during others I had to moan loudly (which I really didn’t do doing the labor with my other 2 babies. I was surprised at how loud I was being) I tried squatting, kneeling against the bed, standing, leaning against the wall, leaning on Pierre, lying on my side, sitting on the toilet, in the tub again. Standing up and rocking or swiveling my hips and sitting on the toilet seemed the best positions.

By 1:00 I was still at 7 cm and getting a little discouraged. I was also feeling annoyed because I wanted to be alone but the midwife was sticking right by my side and just watching me. I suppose I should have told her to give me a little privacy for a while but for some reason I didn’t. After a while she said the contractions were not strong enough. She starting giving me a homeopathic remedy every 15 minutes, which would bring on a couple of strong contractions, but then they would go back to the irregular, short ones. Eventually, she asked me to do an oxytocin nasal spray during contractions but I refused. By this time I was angry – at the midwife and at myself. I felt a dark cloud settling over me and I knew I had to shake it or I would be in labor forever.

I sat at the edge of the bed for a while, just staring straight ahead, but what I really wanted to do was lie down and go to sleep. Finally I got up and went to the bathroom. I knew the midwife would not come in while I was sitting on the toilet. I sat there for quite a while trying to figure out why my labor had stalled. I finally realized that I was scared. I knew the baby was pretty big, and I knew it was going to hurt, but that it had to come out and I had to get to work. I took some Pulsatilla, then went back to my room. The midwife said nothing, just watched as I paced the room.

Soon, the contractions started coming on stronger. I was leaning over the side of the bed, then got on the bad and leaned on some pillows. At 2:00 I felt a gush of water, and more water and more water. I couldn’t believe how much liquid there was. It was a relief when the water broke but I also knew that from then on the contractions were really going to be more intense. I was already struggling to stay on top of them. I said out loud “OK, OK, I CAN DO THIS”. The midwife replied “Yes, you are strong’. Then she went to get Pierre, who had gone outside for a while. He came in and sat on the edge of the bed. During contractions he would hold my hand, or rub my back. Sometimes I would lean against him. I was making a lot of noise, moaning and grunting and roaring (when I felt angry at pain) . I was having a hard time relaxing my perineum and being “open” during the contractions. In between I often wanted to cry or complain but I would stop myself and try to smile at Pierre instead, or at least not complain. Eventually the pain in my back was almost unbearable. I told Pierre to squeeze my hip bones during contractions. I felt like the baby needed all the room it could get.. Kristin said I could start pushing if I wanted to. At times I thought there was no way this baby could come out.

After a while I felt like I need to be upright during contractions so I got on the birthing chair with Pierre sitting in a chair behind me and Kristin on the floor in front of me, applying warm coffee compressed to my perineum. I was hit with a couple of strong contractions, and tried to push but got a cramp in my leg. Then the contractions slowed down and I got a much needed break. I pictured the baby moving down and during contractions would do little grunty pushes or just try to breathe it down. I didn’t really have a sense of where the baby was so I finally asked Kristin and she assured me the head was past the pelvis. Good news! The contractions got stronger and I tried to push but got leg cramps again.

I decided to stand up. Kristin suggested I put one leg up on the stool but that was too painful. I just wanted to stand upright with both feet on the floor. When a contraction would come I would bend my knees and lean forward a little onto the chest of drawers and push with all my might, roaring and moaning. I could feel the baby moving down and I could feel that the head was BIG. Amniotic fluid was gushing out and in between contractions I distracted myself by watching it puddle at my feet. Finally the head was almost crowning. It felt huge. I applied pressure in front with my habd. I felt the head crowning and started panting and blowing – allowing myself time to stretch. It hurt so bad I couldn’t see straight.. I gave little pushes. The head came out. It was so big and round! I supported the head with my hand and waited fort he next contraction, trying not to push too hard. Finally Kristin said ok push. Baby came out with a gush of fluid and blood and I was sure I had torn all around.

Kristin was telling me take the baby, take the baby. I reached for it and saw the cord was wrapped around it’s neck and body. Kristin unwrapped it and I took the baby in my arms and Pierre and Kristin helped me to lay down on the bed.

The baby was on my belly, covered in blood, eyes clenched shut, crying loudly.

Pierre said hello to the baby then went to get the kids. Kristin checked and said I had not torn!
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Congratulations to all the new babies and mamas!
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Updating between contractions here since if it is for real I won't be on for the next two days (and if it's not I am transferring straight from the hospital to the mental hospital down the county road)...:LOL

I have been having contractions for about 13 hours now, the longest I have gone without petering. Dh is at work (left at 3 and since I am so unsure about this whole installment labor thing, I just could not make him stay).

I've been up since 1 now (it's 5:30), having slept through a good amount of time contracting. Now I am kind of shimmying around the house. I fed the bunny, put the laundry away, cleaned up the kitchen, made some breakfast, added some numbers to the phone list, showered and lotioned up.

I have had two good ones during those three above paragraphs.

Ds is asleep, my mother is on her way (knowing my dad, he is too, which is fine). I told her to take an hour. I hope to be ready to go in by the time she gets here.

Things definitely feel different--something makes a kind of flip-pop while I boogie during a contraction. But now I keep catching myself tensing up.

Gonna go relax now and hope this is it. When I got pregnant and learned my EDD, I said I'd like to go on the 20th. I would soooo love to be right.

I'll let you guys know right away if they send me home or the action stops. Wish me luck.
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I hope you're pushing as I type!! GOOD LUCK and lots of happy relaxed labor vibes..
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1jooj~~I so hope this is it and everything goes well! good luck!

Plaid Leopard~what a great birth story! you did so well!!

We're just hanging out here. MIL and SIL cleaned the whole house, (mopped everything, too...our whole house is tile.)
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Esme' Jeanette was born on Dec. 20th at 1:42 pm. She weighs 8lbs 2oz and is 20" long. It was a 6 hour very intense labor. I only pushed for 8 minuets! She was born in the water into her daddy's hands. I'll post a birth story soon.

Good luck 1jooj. It would be neat if our babies shared a birthday!
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CONGRATULATIONS SIZZKID - sounds like an AWESOME birth!!!!
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Originally posted by Christy1980

We're just hanging out here. MIL and SIL cleaned the whole house, (mopped everything, too...our whole house is tile.)
OK - sounds like they're done over at your house, so send em over here already!!
(Weather is great here in San Diego, and they can even take a break and visit Sea World etc....)
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