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I haven't read all of the posts, but here is some more to think about...

I live in Silver Spring, inside the beltway and I often work in Bethesda (about a 30 minute drive even with traffic). We rent a 5 bedroom, 2 full bath home in a good neighborhood for $1800. Listings in Silver Spring are dropping like stones. We just put an offer in on a nicer house in a nicer neighborhood for $310k - about 100k less than it was listed for last year. We thought we wouldn't be able to find anything for less than $350K, but most of what we are looking at is now under $315K. Bethesda, however, is a totally different story! Very pricey, but super cute and very convenient. Takoma Park is a really cute, sort of crunchy-granola suburb right outside of DC that has GREAT rental rates compared to the rest of the area (I had a 2br apt for $600). Houses are rented at nice low-ish rates, too. Buying there is pricey, though, since many houses are historic and have been renovated.

i LOVE this area! I hope you find that you enjoy it as well! There is so much going on, and so much that is free. Good luck!