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Have you heard about next yr's budget and cuts?

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As a teacher/admin in a PS in AZ our state is cutting 981 million in Education next year. Are you hearing that your states are doing similar cuts?

So far in my district we have a hiring freeze, counselors are gone next year and full day kindy may be cut to 1/2 day. Also adjunct teachers may need to go back to the classroom or lose their jobs. Music and Art may be cut. Salaries will most likely be frozen and movement for additional education forzen also. This is the worse I've seen it in my almost two decades of teaching. Just curious how other states are doing.
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So far, in our district in NC, they are doing a reallocation of different funds, so no losses yet.
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My town is already cutting to the bone. (See my thread about it.) Further cuts will truly risk our school district's accreditation - the high school doesn't have a librarian on staff. For now, they're getting around it by saying there is a town library. But now, our library may be the first in the state to close due to cuts. There goes any hopes of maintaining our accreditation!

We've lost nurses, counselors, therapists, social workers and in dd's K-2 school, half the lunch staff. I'm not sure what will happen.
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We already have cuts in effect this year and more planned for next (waiting on all the details)

The state implemented 3 day furlows for state adminstration in Dec. They announced no raises for teachers not long after. They have announced no more bonuses for becoming national board certified.
A few districts have implemented teacher furlows - requiring teachers to work on teacher work days, but not be paid for them.

The local district is saying they will do their best to not cut jobs, but our school is expected to have higher class ratios and have some teachers excessed.
We aren't losing art and music, but full time teachers will most likely be going partial. I've already posted about the district taking back grant money for the fine arts program.

My mother's district (she is a teacher) has been told they will each get a case of paper to last the rest of the year. There is no paper in the copy room anylonger.

The state superintendent has even dared to mention 4 day school weeks.

I could list more examples that I know of, but I think you get the picture!
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That sounds a lot like TN's situation.
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I'm ignorant about things like this, but does it go by state? Isn't a lot determined by school district? I only ask because our district's school levy just passed 2 days ago and people are thrilled.
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I think each state legislature determines the amount of cuts that are needed by each state. For example, AZ needs to cut 891 million for the 2009/2010 school year. Next, they tell each school district the amount that their district is required to cut for the next year. I would imagine there's a fairly complex formula that determines this amount. My district has been told over 20 million. Then the school district and others involed such as unions and/or negotiation committees, etc. determine where the cuts will be made. NEVER NEVER NEVER in my almost 20 yrs of teaching have I ever been this stressed about not having a job!! I even have seniority and may still be surplused. It is an extremely stressful time not so much because of the money, but mostly the lose of benefits. Yes, it's only Cigna, but they have paid for a lot lately especially now that they finally pay for my naturopath.

If your state is in this type of situation, don't wait to find out, start networking and making arrangements NOW. I've already contacted some previous principals and am even looking into private schools - which would be much less pay, but a job with hopefully benefits.
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I am a classroom teacher, and I might not have a job next year. They are talking in terms of "30 kids per classroom is not that bad."
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My district is laying off everyone hired after 2000. I've been tenured for 6 years, but it looks like I'm in line to be let go . I had my freak-out earlier today. They have to cut 6 million dollars, in addition to the 4 million they cut last year. We can't order ANYTHING this year. "Class size reduction" has been cut and they are saying we will try to keep (middle school) classes under 39 next year. No more transportation funds except for special ed. The saddest thing is that California schools are ALREADY 47th in the nation in per-pupil-spending and our district is program improvement (whole district failing to meet goals). How can we keep up the momentum and continue growth with cuts like these? As far as I know, all schools in the state are not hiring, plus there will be a glut of unemployeed teachers. At least I have a pay check through August.
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