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P.S. DaryLL,

How long is fresh milk good in the fridge if you've got not lipase probs? Is it 5-8 days? I've read that, but it seems like too long.

If it does keep that long, you might not have to worry about having a *huge* freezer stash! Better safe than sorry, tho I guess!
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Yes, 8 days is correct. After all, how long have you ever kept a quart of cows milk in your fridge? then add in, your milk is super fresh and loaded with antibacterial properties.
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I am also fair skinned...I am a red head, so to be expected! When I was in the hospital, all of the nurses kept saying to me that I would have nipples that were more sore than most women because of my fair skin. I guess I shouldn't be worried at this point. I am currently using lansinoh, but no consistently. I will start to use it more often. I am just using it in the am after my shower and before bedtime. Also, I believe dd latch is good. She is quite the little eater! She loves to eat! She was only 5 pounds 10 1/2 ounces at birth, so I figure she has some catching up to do! And fortunately, I have never had a problem with cracked or bleeding nipples. She did give me a "hickey" on my breast once, but that was while we were still in the hospital learning to bf!
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I think if it only hurts during the initial latch on, but not while nursing, you are doing ok. I hurt during the initial latch on for about 6 weeks, but I also had started w/a bad latch w/dd. She didn't nurse at all for the first week, then took until 4 weeks to nurse exclusively. (The first time she latched, I thought it was bad, but didn't care b/c I was so happy she did it.) After a few feedings like that- I did end up with bleeding, cracked nipples, and it was no fun. I was in toe curling pain until I got that fixed.
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Yup, I am a fellow red head, so I think I may know how you feel! I agree with shelbean91 as well and think that if the pain is only at the initial 'latch-on' and not during the rest of the nursing, you're doing just fine. As your babe becomes a more skilled 'latcher', things will get progressively better. It used to take me a few tries, initially, to get ds latched properly but eventually, he got the hang of things and it was smooth sailing!

So otherwise, how is your wee one doing? Is she gaining weight all over the place? Wow, 5lb 10oz is a teeny tiny wee thing . She must be quite a little love. My ds was 6, 15 and 1/2 and I thought that was teeny for a full term babe!
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My dd is doing just fine...we enjoyed her first Christmas together. I was shocked when the nurses told me that she was only 5 pounds 10 1/2 ounces...I told her she must have written it down wrong! She was born one day after her "due date." How could she be so little? They reassured me that some people have tiny babies...she won the peanut award from the nursery because all of the other babies were huge (in my opinion) compared to her...they looked 3 months old to me! But, she is now filling out and growing like crazy...I am anxious to find out how much she weighs now! She is finally fitting into some of her 0 to 3 month outfits!

Hope everyone has/had a nice holiday!
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