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Loving this!

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I have decided to go TV free. (Dh still watches a little in the evening but that will end on 2/17) It is so great! I am even sick right now and it is not a big deal. My ds (4.5) was having a horrible time. No matter how many cartoons there where it was never enough. His mood is so much better now. The TV seemed to make him irritable and slugglish. I just got in the habit of having it on when I was extremely depressed a couple years ago and I find that it really does drain my energy. I think I never went TV free before because it was kind of a comfort to me in a way. And just another thing that we do that is "weird"

Dh and I have decided not to buy a converter box so in about 2 weeks we won't be getting anything He is talking about maybe downloading a show or two but at least we will have to make an effort to watch something. Dh barely had TV as a child. They had to wheel it out of a closet to watch so I think he will probably not even download after a few weeks.

Life is good :

PS-I think it is funny that the government wants to delay the transition because people were not ready. Maybe they are not getting ready on purpose!!
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Life really is pretty good over here.
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