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We survived!

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This is really a happy story, but it starts out pretty icky.

I thought I might be getting a UTI Saturday night. I spent all day Sunday taking cranberry capsules, vitamin C, and drinking tons of water, but nothing helped. By Monday night I was in really intense pain, not just when I peed, but radiating to my back. I was also worried about appendicitis, and knew I had to call the doctor. Since we have a 3 wk old, we really wanted to avoid the ER.

Tuesday morning I called my GP and she could only get me in to do a urine sample, but not see me herself. My midwife thought I should try to rule out a uterine infection as well. I agreed to the urine sample, but I had to wait until 1:30, and by 11 am I was in so much pain I told DH we had to go to the ER. But what were we going to do with the baby? We really wanted to keep him out of the hospital (he was born at home and has had fairly limited exposure to the outside world).

I pumped as much as I could, about 4 ounces, which I figured would last for about two feedings. But I figured I could be there for several hours, or possibly overnight if it was more serious than I thought. So DH drove me to the store, where I bought formula (ICK) and then to the ER and dropped me off. We figured formula was safer for him than taking him to the ER.

Four hours later, after dodging a catheter but suffering through a very painful and insensitively conducted pelvic exam, I was diagnosed with a UTI and given an Rx for abx (now I have to worry about thrush).

But how did DH do with the little man? Perfect! He never had to use the formula, and he only fed him a bottle once, which he took easily. I had wanted to wait to introduce a bottle, but it totally did not interfere with his nursing. When I finally got home, I nursed him for probably a half hour or so and we both fell asleep together and it was so nice. I was so upset earlier in the day, not just because of the pain, but having to leave ds for so long was really hard.

So our first crisis as parents went as smoothly as it could go. Whew!
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right on! :::

ETA: about the lilman doing well, not your pain. pain sucks.
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"So our first crisis as parents went as smoothly as it could go" :::
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