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Um, I guess reading MJ made view the Bible a little differently, but not much. I just like having some logical ammunition to shoot down snake-handling and sexism. So, of course, those were the elements of the book that spoke to me the most.

This book also had the slightly weird effect of drawing me closer to my distant religious roots. I was raised by lapsed Catholics, so maybe that's why I never really got into sola scriptura. The fact that Catholics have gotten this one right (IMHO) reinforces this feeling that I would love to be a Catholic if I could. I really get their rituals, and they do great works... I just can't get over their doctrines on human sexuality, though. I view sexuality as a gift from God, and I just can't participate in an institution that seeks to penalize people for expressing that.

I'm SO not meaning to offend, and I'm sorry if I did, but that is just my personal feeling on the matter.
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Hi Leta- That's neat that you feel closer to your roots. There is much about Catholocism (sp?) that appeals to me. A couple summers ago I was going to classes at the Catholic church and would go pray in their little sanctuary.

I don't know where I'm going to end up church-wise!
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Originally Posted by hrsmom View Post
Hi Carol! I saw your post and then got sidetracked. Crazy couple of days! I should look at that list, too. I'm up for another book! Should we revive the thread or perhaps start a new one?

I think maybe we should start a new thread. I started reading some of my dad's book. I chose Why Christianity Must Change or Die by Spong.
I've only read a bit but so far I really like it.

HEY! Bart Ehrman was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air Program about his new book. It's really interesting.
Here's a link:


Should we start a new thread in the Spirituality Forum - Theologically Liberal Christians - Part 2? In the Spong book I'm reading he deconstructs the Apostle's Creed. It got me thinking we could discuss that - how it was written and if it still rings true today. There are some controversial things - The Fatherhood of God, the creation, the virgin birth, in the creed. We can also see if others want to start a new book.
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Concerninig Catholicism - I used to look down my nose at Catholics who never read the Bible for themselves. Now I understand maybe why the leaders of the Catholic Church don't necessarily encourage Bible reading.

However, I don't think I could ever be a Catholic. Their treatment of women and not permitting them to lead services is a big downer for me. It seems there is too much of a power structure. Also there are a lot of man made rules - something I'm trying to shed. No offense. If you find your peace within the Catholic Church then I'm glad for you.
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Yeah, I sort of lump that (not allowing the ordination of women) under the human sexuality rubric. It's a bummer.

As far as the man-made rules thing... I really see both sides of this one. I adhere to no dogma, yet I think there is a danger, as is made pretty clear in Misquoting Jesus, in relying ABSOLUTELY in scripture. I can understand the need, both in society and within a person, for some underlying structure, even though I don't participate in that sort of system.

Just like I can understand a desire to want to figure it out on your own, and a desire to have a guiding hand.

Or maybe I'm just confused.
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I'm about half way through the book and am really enjoying it.

I'm agnostic. I was raised Catholic, but knew from an early age it wasn't for me. I tried a few mainline Protestant denominations and UU, but have come to the conclusion that I'm just not a believer.

This book has reinforced some the reasons why I'm not religious. I always believed that Jesus was a great philosopher, with wonderful ideas about how we should treat each other. I could never see the point of revering the words of other figures in the NT, however. To me, what was important was what Jesus had to say, and MJ shows that we really don't even know that very well. I never could understand the idea of the bible as inerrant, because of some of the issues discussed in MJ. But I never could get believe the Catholic stance that apostolic tradition is as important as scripture, because it seems to me that that tradition is entirely man-made.

It is interesting to see how politics and theological power struggles have shaped the NT over the centuries. I also never knew that the KJ version was based on one of the most error-ridden editions of the NT.
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Just saw this thread and have not yet read the misquoting book, but am currently reading Jesus Interrupted. Is there a separate thread on that book?
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