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What temp water to kill yeast?

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Does anyone know how hot I need to wash my cloth pads/panties to kill yeast? I'm treating a yeast infection right now, and want to make sure I don't re-infect myself. I keep my water heater pretty cool - maybe 120F. I'm wondering if I need to boil my pads/panties just to be safe?
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Not sure about the temp, but how about a vinegar rinse? I put it in one of those old Downy balls I have hanging around, easy peasy.
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122 degrees. you might have to turn your water heater a bit higher to get it that temp in your washer and at the sink, check the temp at each with your meat or candy thermometer.
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Thanks for the tips. I think I'll try a vinegar rinse on my swimsuit, and crank up the water heater for the undies.
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Is borax too hard on fabric? I would think that would be very effective. They even make a vaginal suppository called Y-Stat that contains borax or borate which is very effective at killing off the yeasties.
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mk, I don't know if Borax is hard on fabric - hopefully not, because I use it in my laundry all the time!

I bought a thermometer yesterday, and it said my hot water out of the tap is between 115-118. So I'm debating whether or not to turn up the hot water heater. My DD never uses the hot water, but I'm still paranoid about the danger of scalding. I already run undies on a Sanitary cycle, which supposedly heats the water even more than Hot. I've also been boiling my cloth pads, just in case.

I honestly don't know if I'm re-infecting myself, or whether I'm just experiencing ongoing yeast issues. I suspect the latter, because I'm experiencing some other issues, all of which started after I took this massively strong antibiotic in November.

Thanks so much for the input!
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