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Hi to everyone.

I'm in the Northwest MS area. (Southaven) I would love to find homes and offices to clean for. This service is for general cleaning, move-in detailing, or specifically needed jobs, ie: stoves, doors, decluttering cabinets, etc...

I would appreciate any referrals you may send my way. I have posted a listing with craigslist of Memphis area. Company name: Cleaning Service Plus

I miss MDC so very much. I'm glad to be able to join in again. I'll be reading, catching up.....

Do we still have an email thingy for MDC? let me know and I'll share my other one if I can.

Happily single parenting. : 2 sons and a daughter :
and real tired of the "She can't do it by herself, so she needs a man" attitude! Yeah, I'm having one of those days!