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how do i even do it?

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Hi, I have never been to this board, because I never actually thought about just how multicultural our family SHOULD be.
I am german, my grandparents are a "gypsy" married to a jewish lady & a polish man married to a german lady. I grew up in germany & married dh, who is british. We now live in the uk.
We have a few german traditions, but nothing from the polish / gypsy / jewish part, mainly because my family deny their origin, so i don't know about any traditions & the like. Is there anyone here who could help me to explore these different cultures to make them part of our everyday life?
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Hi! I just saw that nobody had replied to this and I wanted to welcome you to the multicultural families board.

My father's family also deny their Indian (native American) roots. I haven't had time to go into it and I more try to just pick up the living room and get her to say please and thank you at this point, but I am sure that some people on here can help you. You could also cross-post in parenting- not everyone who deals with those issues posts here.

Good luck!
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I guess you'll just make it up as you go along.

I notice in your siggy that you unschool, so it will be a joint discovery as you explore roots that others in your family didn't have the time or interest to maintain and transmit. And you'll be sharing this with your children at the same time!

I wish you good luck on this journey of self-discovery as you instill roots in your children's identity! :
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