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I am 32 weeks and last night I felt a little pop in my belly followed by a trickle of clear fluid and some spotting. I didn't call the midwife because I really hate the back up hospital the birth center uses and I'm sure she would have told me to go there. I figured I would wait till morning and see what happened. Well, its morning and no more fluid or blood. Baby is not moving a ton but she is at least moving some. I do not have a car today so I couldn't go anywhere anyway, but should I call the midwife? I think all is okay and couldn't get there even if she did want to see me so I'm just not sure.
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Definately worth getting checked out. My OB told me with DD2 that there can sometimes be two sacs of water, its not unusual for the first to pop and for you to think "this is it!" Then it turns out the real sac is still intact. Better safe than sorry though 32 weeks is too early to play it by ear IMO in case it is indicating a problem. Good Luck!

It was definately comforting for me when they did the pH test and I knew it wasn't leaking. I am the type that "leaks" (whether it be just discharge or urine from strain) all pregnancy long so for me I felt it was necessary. Go with your gut.
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I would call the dr asap, you could have a leak of amniotic fluid, and since you are only 32 weeks I would be concerned. Not to scare you, but ... I would have myself checked out. Some leaks will repair themselves, and others will just get worse.
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I would call. Better to be safe, than sorry. Good luck!
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My midwife just gave me a handout about preterm labor last week, and one of the symptoms was leaking fluid. However, you are just supposed to lay on your left side (for 1 hr), drink 2-3 glasses of water. Then if you feel better (symptoms are gone), leak stops, it's fine. If not, then you should call.

I think if it were me, I'd call anyway. But I thought this info might make you feel better!
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if you feel like you should call, then by all means do. but another thing i wanted ot point out is that it isn't all that unusual to ahave a tear or leak that seals itself with no further problems. bed rest or light duty is the normal prescription for that. and monitoring baby movements and what not =)
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oh! and plenty of fluids to replenish any that might have been lost.
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sounds like it could have been like the PP said either a self sealing tear or a second bag that popped.
If you called, they may want to check your cervix, which In my oppinion can do more damage than good. If your amniotic sac may be "tender" any poking and prodding may not be a good idea.

I dont know what I would do in your position. Probably let the midwife know what happened, but that you feel ok about it. No more leaking and baby is moving. Maybe just to give her a heads up. You dont have to follow her advice if you feel contrary to it.
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I'd let your MW know. Ask her your options. Hopefully one of them will be to stay home and wait but I think if you are getting care from them, they should know what's going on so they aren't caught off guard later by something.
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I called a few hours ago and left a message for them to call me back. All seems okay now though so I don't feel like an exam is necessary. Thanks for all the help!
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When I had premature rupture of membranes at 30 weeks it was gushing and gushing, no mistake.
An internal exam could expose you to infection if you did have a small rupture so I would avoid it.
I would just be very aware of how you feel over the next few days and maybe take it easy. Hope all is well!
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I had PROM at 29 weeks with my first pregnancy. Get some emergen-C or other vitamin C supplement and take a lot along with lots of fluids to keep your sac strong. it is a good sign it was just a trickle and not a gush.
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cdmommie -- Just wondering how you're doing. Any updates?
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Hey sorry it took so long to update. Looks like it was the "outer" bag. I started contractions about 36 hours later. I really thought they were BH but when they got to be 4 min apart I got checked and the midwife put me on bedrest for PTL. No more leaking and contractions are maybe 1-2 per hour while in bed. So I'm hoping I can make it 4 more weeks so I can still use the birth center.
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well good luck!!!
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I would TOTALLY call your midwife. Something similiar happened to me when I was pg with my DS. I didn't feel pop like you did, but apparently I had the trickle effect and didn't think much of it. When it came to my last weekly appointment, they did a stress test and an ultrasound and come to find out, my water had broken and I didn't even know it!! I had ZERO amnionic fluid left and was admitted immediately.
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