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What is on the "must-get" list for twins?

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I just found out Im expecting twins (boy/girl) and want to get prepared before they come. So, for those of you who have been-there-done-that.... would you post your *must haves* for us???

I know I need to up my cloth diaper collection, and make another sling, etc. I also saw a cool twin nursing pillow, but what else makes life easier with twins???

Thanks in advance,
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A list of people who will bring you a meal when requested.

All the take-out/delivery menus of your fave local restaurants (with phone #s)

The numbers of food delivery services, and their menus.

No, really. I'm serious. Not having to worry about dinner (and being able to access something nutritious, filling, and healthy) saved my @$$ more than a few times in the first 2 months (and even now). I'm so happy I compiled the above into a notebook! I think that if I ever have a local friend get pregnant with twins, I'm going to make one for her and include as much gift certificates to the delivery service(s) as I can afford to give her.

Otherwise...it will all depend on your babies. I hardly used my gigantic twin nursing pillow. Having two bouncy chairs was nice after a friend gave me hers (we only had one before), but we could have lived with one. We have one swing which did come in handy a lot until the guys hit 5 months old, but we've not used it since.

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Hey Thanks Kitty,

I appreciate your input! I have thought about making a bunch of casserols/dishes and putting them in the freezer, so all I have to do is pull them out and stick them in the oven. Your suggestions for help and such are also great.

I was thinking about getting a twin nursing pillow, and its good to have some feedback on them before I buy them. They did look bulky, but still nice to have some hands free.

Anywho's, Thanks agian!
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I do know some people who love the EZ to Nurse pillow. But I found that I prefered nursing them separately rather than together. It could be that my guys were so floppy for so long that it was more work than timesaving to have to hold them on the pillow and keep their heads at the right angle, KWIM?

I would NOT spend full price on one. Do you have access to a twins club? I always see tons of them on sale for half price or less, most of the time. In their favor, my toddler loves to put the back pillow part of it in the hole where your body is supposed to go and make her own 'chair'. So at least it's getting some use, just not in the way I thought and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't have payed full price. I used my regular nursing pillow tons more than the twin one.
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Im so new to this that I dont even know what a twin club is. LOL! I will check into it though.

Where have you found the pillows 1/2 off? I have heard good and bad reviews so probably the only way to find out if I like them is to get one and try it out. Ill check ebay too.

Thanks again for all your help!
Much appreciated!

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Congratulations on your twin pregnancy!!! Two things that come to mind that I love having are my double umbrella stroller (got it at Babies R Us)...it makes outings so much easier. The other thing is our swings. I know some babies don't like them but my girls LOVE theirs. I would nurse them down then put them in their swings to snooze while I spent time with their older sister. I got them both second hand...don't dare pay full price for them!

Are you in touch with your local LLL? If you aren't already you may want to contact your local Leader to see if she knows of any other moms in your area who have nursed twins.
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Thanks for your reply - and your suggestions!

I checked the LLL website for my state to find my local leader and there isnt one in my town. A friend of mine is an aspiring breastfeeding consultant though, so I planed on using her when I had any questions.

Thanks again!!! I appreciate it!!!

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Congrats and welcome! When are your babies due?

For me, the EZ pillow (foam version from www.doubleblessings.com) was absolutely necessary and completely worth every penny. I would have paid three times as much for it. It was essential. Don't get any other kind of pillow, there are some out there with similar names, so it can get confusing. For me, the ability to nurse both babies at once was important because I wanted to be able to nurse them both on demand, and they both demanded to nurse a lot. They would nurse for at least 45 minutes every two hours. That pillow went everywhere with us.

My mom came to visit the week before my babies were born and cooked up a whole bunch of casserolls that we stuck in the freezer. This was really great. I would not have been able to make them myself in the state I was in (my babies weighed almost 15 pounds combined, and I was HUGE). We also did the take-out thing quite a bit. Whenever anyone called wanting to come and visit, we would ask them to bring dinner. It worked out really well.

In terms of equipment, two slings were key. My babies didn't like strollers until they were about 6 months old, but at that point a twin stroller was handy on really hot days. Now I usually sling one baby and put the other in a single umbrella stroller.

We did have two swings, and it would have been very hard to not have had at least one. I was originally anti-swing, but it was often the only way to get to eat breakfast, or have any sort of baby-free moment.

Co-sleeping has been another essential for us. I can't imagine having to get up out of bed that many times a night! We got a king-sized mattress and put it on the floor. My babies nap on the mattress together during the day (they sleep much better when snuggled up next to each other).

RE: cloth diapers, we have 26 and wash them every other day. I would like to have more, our stash is still in progress since we used a diaper service for the first few months.

If I think of anything else, I'll post again!

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First, you need to put the brand new : smilie in your siggy

I've heard you'll need help with food, help with food, help with food. Oh, and help with cleaning.
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LOL! THANKS - food and cleaning! Got it! LOL!

I appreciate your post and all your suggestions. Im due 4/29/04, so 4 months (or less if I dont make it to my due date, which sound common) to get prepared!

All of your ideas and input is so much appreciated! Thanks to each of you for all the time you took to respond to my questions.


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Swings were a must in our house. Also outfits that were easy to put on and change daipers. If you have both babies with you while changeing them it is easier to zip up the outfit then snaping all the buttons. I agree with everyone about the food. If any one offers to help take the help. You don't want a melt down. People were always willing to help me so I could sleep or take a shower.

Congrats on the twins
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Thanks for your input & congrat's as well.

I got two bouncer seats for chirstmas! whoohoo! Im so excited for these babies to come. I would love to get swings, but we'll see on what finances allow. I know I can borrow at least one, so Ill keep my eyes out for another one.

Good suggestions about the clothes and taking help when offered. Im one who hates to be dependent on others and ask for help, but am sure I will have to let go of pride this time! LOL!

Thanks again,
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Look in consignment shops for the swing. Or you can always tell someone that is what you need if they ask. Let them know a used one would be fine. What state do you live in? Of course you don't have to answer that.
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Hey there!Congrtatulations!
Something that has not been mentioned yet that sometimes gets overlooked and is usually an after thought is a ,really good -can always count on it camera or even better video camera!You will not remember those first 6 months well if at all!I am not kidding you!Pictures are really important in this house. I cannot emphasise this enough.

I also agree with ppl who said to get help and have lots of food prepared.Cooking will be in the past for a long while.Also try to rally ppl who are willing to really help with things like doing laundry and dustind vacuumung cleaning the bathroom for you because that is really where you will need the help.
My dh and I(especially me) found it so frusterating because alls ppl wanted to do was come and help with the babies care and not with the household stuff at all.Even when I was bed rested,nobody would come and clean my house,thed come to keep me company which is ok too but if you had to sit and stare at your house get insanely messy for 4 months youd understand what I am saying!So you can take care of those babies and nurse them if you plan on it,and hopefully all the other household stuff will be taken care of by loving family an dfriends.Cuz dont bank on your partner to be able to do it too,they will be right along side you to help you!
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You guys are great!!!

I just realized I spelled your name wrong in my first responce... sorry! :0) Im in Utah... and thanks for the tips again!!!

Thanks for the congrat's and ideas!!! Just a couple of days we got a video camera for CHRISTMAS that also takes digital pic's (2 in 1) so we just got that one covered! whoohoo! We are excited about it. Thanks for your additional voice on help with food and cleaning... I can see its important! Thanks!

Thanks again everyone... you are all so great!!!

*who just got done sewing up a new sling so she can double sling the babies! <TeeHeeHee>*
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I concur with everyone's suggestions. I would only add one thing....

another set of arms attached to your midriff. (Let me know how this goes, btw)

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A recliner chair would have been a godsend. We have a big chair with big wide arms and it was great to nurse in, but when they both fell asleep I couldn't easily transport them to bed so, I'd try to sleep in the chair too, but upright just isn't restful. I'd have been super happy had someone brought me a reclining chair. I couldn't afford to have one delivered from a store and my husband wouldn't pick me up a garage sale one. I still growl about it, even though we've outgrown the need.
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Thanks you guys! What great suggestions... with the help of all of you Im gunna be WELL prepared! THANKS!!!

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r, do i know you from yahoo ap multiples?
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Yes, I did join the apmultiples list. Good to see you here as well.

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