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The number one thing that has helped us the most: a "chair and a half" recliner. Because it's double-wide, it's perfect for breastfeeding two babies at once or piling up together to read, nap, snuggle... After the first couple months, I breastfed one baby and pumped for the other. Thanks to the size of the chair and the help of a double breastfeeding pillow, I could set up the babies so that I could breastfeed one baby, pump the other breast, and bottlefeed the other baby all at the same time. Then, once the babies fell asleep, I pushed the chair back and went to sleep myself. The three of us spent many nights together in the recliner and still sleep there for naps! Because both babies want to be right on me, sleeping together in the bed is not comfortable or even really possible for me, so the chair solves the problem. However, I think a recliner would be extremely useful even if a person was able to spend more time in the bed than I've been able to.

Other things we found useful:
-two bouncy seats
-one swing
-double stroller (I love my "Combi"- it allows me to spend lots of time out of the house with the babies on my own)
-two slings for the early months and then...
-two backpacks for later on (whenever the whole family goes out together, my husband and I each wear a baby in a backpack, which we find more comfortable than a sling once they get so heavy and also good for times when you need your hands, like shopping. BTW: for grocery shopping by myself now, I put one baby on my back in a pack and the other in the grocery cart)
-high quality pump (I used Medela Pump N' Style)
-good digital video/stills camera (I agree with an earlier post that documentation is essential because memory fails us multiples parents)

Congratulations and good luck!