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Worried about Hiccups

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Okay, so I know that babies both inside and outside Utero get hiccups and everything that I have read says that there is nothing wrong. Some things even say that it is a good sign that the baby's lungs are working well. But I can't help this feeling that hiccuping so hard like that is okay. How do doctors really know that the baby isn't in some kind of distress? I notice the hiccups coming on when I take a warm bath, after orgasms...and now they seem to be happening more and more often. Inside I feel like the baby must be in some kind of distress to be hiccuping like that...but I am a first timer here so maybe I am being a worry wort.

Anyone have anything to share about hiccupping or experiences about it?
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My babies always get lots of hiccups in the womb! It is a good sign! And yes, sometimes they are harder than others and sometimes seem to be on and off all day long! But I can assure you in my experience of 5 pregnancies, it's totally normal and good. My babies get a lot of hiccups outside of the womb too. I remember my third baby got hiccups ALL.THE.TIME. after she was born for about the first 4 months. I was thinking something was wrong with her! She was fine of course. No worries mamma, your lo is doing great!
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It's funny because I was worried a couple weeks ago because I hadn't felt any hiccups yet.

I couldn't remember how early they had started with my other pregnancies but I was all paranoid that something was wrong with the baby cause I hadn't felt hiccups yet.
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This is so funny. Last night I was laying in bed and i felt what i thINK was hiccups, I mean, how do you really know? It was down by his head and felt like strong kicks- but again, by his head not his feet! Anyways, I was telling my husband, " I think he is hiccupping," and my husband goes, " I don't think think babies hiccup." Ha, yes they do!
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Every night around eleven, my baby has the craziest and strongest hiccups ever. To the point where I feel ill because of how strong they are, but it's normal.
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I got tons of hiccups with ds and I mean almost constantly...for like 5-10 min at a time, probably 20 times a day or more - at least the last few weeks before I delivered at 36 weeks. And, at 4 lbs 13 oz, he had amazing lungs and we went home on time, he nursed fine! So, in my one sample, they did wonders!!!
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My son hiccupped almost all the time when I was pregnant and continued hiccupping after he was born too. No problems or anything. This baby has only had the hiccups once so I don't know what the deal is.
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This baby gets hiccups every day at least once. It's funny...at work, at some point in the early afternoon, I'll suddenly pipe up, "Hiccups!" And my co-worker thinks it's so funny...or maybe she laughs just to humor me And he sometimes has them again in the evenings, too.

I think what you're experiencing is totally normal.
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This little one used to get hiccups every night at 11when I was already having a hard time getting to sleep. Now baby gets them at any time of the day. They were at one point making me sick now I can handle it. My dd got them all the time too and even now she gets them every time she laughs too much. It is a good thing, I feel it is another sign that baby is still moving in there.
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This baby seems to get them approx 20 mins after I eat.

Sometimes they are strong, sometimes less strong. Never something i've worried about.
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DD had lotssss of hiccups in utero. DS not so much.
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This baby only seems to have had them a couple times. The other 2 had them more. I think they just swallow too fast or something & irritate their diaphrams. Hiccups really don't seem to bother babies at all, most of the time.
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I've read two negatives about hiccups, though I'm sure they don't explain all cases of hiccups and the first one's not necessarily a problem at all: 1) the cord is around the baby's neck (and in case you're not familiar - that's normal and happens all the time. My DS was born with it around his neck 3x and he was never in any distress in labor or delivery). 2) that it can indicate food sensitivities in the baby.

I'm sure many babies have hiccups and don't have either of those things though. *shrug*
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Wow, thanks for all your replies. I do feel a bit better now. I guess that the baby is just getting ready for the big day when himmer takes it's first breath. It is also good to hear that so many other babies are experiencing this and that it is not abnormal.
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My dd had such intense hicups when I was pregnant with her. They continued even after she was born, so be warned. They were really violent, and sometimes she'd get distressed, but they got better as she got older.
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Add me to the tons of hiccups list too. She is constantly doing it. It has been beneficial to me as it reassures me as to what position she is in.
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This is pg #4 and all my babies have had hiccups, A LOT!

When I mentioned this to my MW, she said it was a great sign and that in her experience, babies who have hiccups a lot in utero rarely need any breathing help after they are born. Makes sense to me!
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Do the hiccups make anyone else feel ill??? My babe's are so strong, they shake my whole body, and I feel weird, to the point of feeling ill, but I know they always happen at about eleven at night so I try to prepare myself for them.
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They don't make me feel ill, but he gets them daily now. It was weird cuz he didn't have any til just a couple weeks ago and since they have been daily, whereas I recall my DD being a few times a week, but started earlier.
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Mine get them all the time. And I have never ever heard the theory about the cord on the neck or the food sensitivities. Those theories sound rather, uh, suspect! Anyway, don't worry! The baby is fine! I attribute it to them gulping amniotic fluid.
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