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Not in your DDC, but my first DD (now 28 mo) had crazy strong, long lasting, frequent bouts of hiccups. She's a sensitive child, and crazy active (in utero and now out). No lasting problems at all from heavy hiccupping in utero. DD2 is 5 weeks old and I never felt her hiccupping in utero. She gets them often now, though, I think from too much/too fast milk flow. But either way, no real concern.

DD1 once hiccupped so hard I almost fell of my chair at work. It was NOT a kick or a punch, it was hiccups. Strong hiccups!
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My LO gets them all the time, usually a couple times a day. This is my first but I'm sure it's fine, it's nice to have some reassurance what position the baby is in.
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