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ergo sport

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I really don't need another carrier, but I just saw the ergo sport and am VERY close to buying it (to add to the collection of slings, beco, kozy)
DS is 9 months and still under 20lbs.

So, anyone have one and want to give a review before I take the plunge?

Thank you!
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Have you used an Ergo before? It's definitely lighterweight than a regular Ergo. I've been using it almost exclusively these days as our out and about carrier, and I like the hip belt, which seems a little narrower and less bulky but still supportive. I also like the longer length on the shoulder straps and hip belt as I can more easily get dd on over my heavy winter jacket and hers. It's just more convenient wearing her on the outside than using our babywearing jacket because of her age.

I've found it a little awkward using the sleeping hood as compared to the regular Ergo as the straps are pretty short (elasticized for some stretch, but still awkward). I also have to pay attention to make sure the shoulder straps don't get twisted as I'm putting them on, as for some reason I have a harder time keeping them straight.

Overall I think it's a good carrier and I'm looking forward to trying it out in the summer to see if it lives up to its billing as a cooler carrier.
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Oh great, now I'm off looking at yet another carrier! Thanks....
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I tried one briefly. Nice fabric, lighter weight. Love the new waistband/hipbelt. Didn't try the hood (or actually with a baby since dd refuses to be carried), but the ergo sport made me want to sell my old one and get a new one!
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Originally Posted by PatchChild View Post
Oh great, now I'm off looking at yet another carrier! Thanks....
Ha ha! Good luck!
Thanks ladies - I don't have a regular ergo, tried one on and didn't mind it.

I think you've just caused a slightly large expense this week
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