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the "taking care of ourselves" thread

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ladies, we are all coming down the home stretch here. we are varying degrees of uncomfortable, hormonal, overwhelmed, excited, exhausted...we all know how we feel.

there have been so many threads lately focused on negatives in our lives, so i would like for us to share some positive thoughts:

what are you doing to take care of yourself right now?
what are you doing to pamper yourself?
besides finally having your baby in your arms, what are you looking forward to doing after your birth?

i've been getting TONS of rest lately, generally taking much, much better care of myself and feeling so much better for it. also, i've made some resolutions pertaining to situations in my life that i no longer find acceptable and feel good about the new direction that i've chosen. it's hard, but i feel so very resolved; compelled to set a good example for my baby of what makes a strong mommy.

to pamper myself, i went to see a cousin who just got her cosmetology license and treated myself to a haircut, color, highlights...something i NEVER, EVER do...she gave me a great deal and it honestly made me feel so much better because i'm enormously pregnant right now. on monday, i made an appointment with a massage therapist friend to get a massage, after which another friend is making me dinner so we can all just hang out and relax.

after the baby comes, i can't wait to get back on my bike. i think about it every single day now, and how good it's going to feel to stretch out my muscles. i also can't wait to go on a road trip with eden. i love taking random day trips and haven't felt comfortable straying too far from home since i've been pg. probably head to the mountains first, because they're closer, but when she's a little older i can't wait to drive to the ocean, and dip her little toes into the water
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great thread!

I have just been trying to listen to my body- rest when it needs rest and be active when it feels like it! I haven't really done anything to pamper myself, I wish! I feel guilty when I spend money on myself, I wish my hubby would get me a gift certificate!!!! Someone tell him!

I'm looking forward to running again and lifting weights and just getting my body back!
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sending pampering vibes to your dh :

trust me, i wouldn't be spending the money if i was paying full price
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I havn't been doing much to be good to myself! My husband has rubbed my back and hips. Oh and I did go over to my brothers the other day(hes a chiropractor) and he adjusted me! That felt good untill my body decided it didn't want to be in alighnment.

I am looking forward to being able to hold more then one of my kids at a time! I have to hold them to the side when we cuddle and it just isn't as fun! Oh and not haveing to make sure I have TUms with me at all times.
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My friend and I got pedicures yesterday. I painted my toes baby blue, lol.

I take nice, warm baths every night.

I nap almost daily.

I knit A LOT

After baby: I'm looking forward to sleeping on my stomach (once the boobs calm down) and wear regular clothes.
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I sleep as much as I can and I take a bath most nights before bed. I also eat ice cream most nights, too. =P

I used to love going on walks in the afternoon, but haven't done so in a long time (stupid asthma has been exacerbated by pregnancy), so I'm looking forward to going on walks with the baby!
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I take a nap everyday. I take showers that are as long as I want and blow dry my hair afterward. Doing lots of knitting and spending lots of time with DH and DS1. I actually haven't been to uncomfortable since baby dropped. Not feeling desperate to get him out or anything. If I had to pick something I'm really looking forward to (besides meeting him) it would be doing yoga postures that involve getting down on my tummy.
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oh yes, sleeping on my stomach! I am so looking forward to that and sprawling my legs out like I used to do. We got a new king size bed but I haven't been able to enjoy it sleeping on my side!

ANd hot baths, ah I love those.. I need to do more of those!
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I have been taking it very easy on myself since my PTL. Dh has been around a lot more recently and taken some of my chores off of my hands like taking the boys to and from school and helping the girls with breakfast or lunch.

I am looking forward to being able to get outside and get more exercise. Also seeing the interaction my children and the new baby. I can't wait until I can get a PT job to help pitch in financially and have a little time to myself.
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To take care of myself I am making sure to do my Hypnobabies every day. I am a very anxious person so this is very important to keeping me sane. It is amazing how much it relaxes me and I am actually at a point where I am no longer nervous about the birth.

To pamper myself I have upped my monthly massage to a weekly. Sleeping is getting difficult and having a massage each week is really helping things. My birthday was last week so I also treated myself to a fancy pedicure. I may have to do that once more before the little one arrives.

I'm looking forward to going to restaurants and ordering a meal without having to ask how certain things are prepared and requesting substitutions. I keep joking with my husband that one of the snacks I want him to bring to the hospital is a wedge of blue cheese. Also, sleeping on my stomach and wearing pants that don't fall down!
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To pamper myself, I guess you could also say that I take long hot showers...but that has always been a daily guilty pleasure of mine. Oh! I found a heating pad that I'd forgotten we had, and sat on the sofa with it on my lower back tonight, so that was nice. I'd really love for someone to offer to help me bleach [close to but not as close as I'd normally do] my roots and put some dye in my hair (I usually keep the parts that frame my face hot pink, and it's soooooo faded out at the moment), but I doubt anyone will.

As for what I'm looking forward to afterward (all the baby stuff being a given)...I just want to feel good again. I never feel good, and I honestly don't remember what it's like. I know she'll be worth all of what I've been through, but I just want to feel like myself again.
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I'm looking forward to having a margarita somewhere afterwards lol...hmm lets see I havent done much for me. I do take a bath every day but I am still dealing with my kids while in there lol. I plan on getting my hair done though or something as soon as we get our tax money that will be nice either I will do it myself or pay some place. I want to lose weight too and feel normal again.:
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Uuuuu... very good thread.

what are you doing to take care of yourself right now?
-try to walk every day at least 30mins, even that I have pain in the hips.

what are you doing to pamper yourself?
-naping when ever I want to.

besides finally having your baby in your arms, what are you looking forward to doing after your birth?
-going to gym and lifting weights, having red and bubluing wine, meeting new people with babies and hopefullt making new friends.
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To take better care of myself, I've been listening better to my body. My brain wants to do the usual and push, push, push - staying up until all hours of the night and getting very little sleep, eating poorly, drinking very little - if at all - water. Ever since I started swelling and developed a hernia, I learned to say no to various parties and projects, getting 8 hours of sleep (at least) and drinking a TON of water.

To pamper myself, I've learned to not berate myself when I can't do everything that I want to, or that people ask me to do. I still hate playing the pregnancy card, but telling people that I can't help them move because my midwife would KILL me seems to be more acceptable in my mind.

I'm looking forward to getting back into an exercise regime. I'm looking forward to being able to walk 3.5 miles a day and not have to worry about peeing. I'm especially looking forward to shedding these 64 pounds I've put on!!!!
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Hot baths, salon treatments, and massages sounds wonderful! None of those are options for me right now, but I'm doing my best to take care of myself in other ways.

Eating whatever I want. :

Totally slacking on the housework, and asking for help way more than I normally do.

Going to bed early.

What I'm looking forward to after the baby is born - sleeping on my stomach and not having this constant pelvic pain and heartburn. And being able to walk faster than a turtle.
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I am really grateful most days, and feel pretty good overall.

To take care of myself I eat a lot, take my vitamins, dance, yoga, rest when I need to, rub oils on myself, hypnobirthing practice and do emotional clearing.

I am very pampered. My DP's give me or get me regular massages. They also make me breakfast every morning and usually one of them either takes me to dinner or makes dinner. I visit the chiropractor about once a week. One of my DP's does a lot to induce oxytocin in my body by kissing and stroking me...he loves giving.

I really look forward to being able to get back into exercise. Pre-pregnancy I rode a bike everyday, lifted weights, jogged, and danced really hard. I have dreams about riding a bike again. I also look forward to being sexier than ever by working on my body and having a "normal" sex life again without this big belly. And sleeping on my stomach, and eating raw foods again. So much to look forward to, but I want to enjoy these last few weeks of being pregnant.
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i want to hear more. i really think this is important!
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I am looking forward to sleeping on my back and being on maternity leave with my new baby. Baby is due within the next 1-6 weeks!
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To take care of myself, I am drinking tons of water, getting more sleep, trying to walk on the treadmill or stationary bike a couple of times of week, but also listening to my body (breathing has been hard since the LO moved into my diaphragm).

Pampering- oh, pampering! We won a night at a local inn in a silent auction a few months ago, and we used it last night. There was a double whirlpool tub, and I floated and rolled (actually could lie on my tummy in the water!), bobbed and flipped to my whale-like content! It was awesome! I also think I will get a massage some time in the next weeks.

Looking forward to: taking walks- that one may be more weather related than pregnancy related, though. I am looking forward to breastfeeding again- I really love that closeness, and it seems to get me calm, centered- DS1 weaned himself during this pregnancy, and I miss it.
And wearing my regular clothes! I feel like I am running out of things that are feasible as the belly continues to grow. It may take a while, but I will get back in those jeans!

Great to hear about mamas being good to themselves. Modeling balance is a goal of mine!
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I'm pampering myself by resting and relaxing as much as possible. My teens are picking up A LOT of the slack. We're going to give them each a special gift after the baby is born... not sure what yet though. I've also been indulging in some of my favorite foods, too! :

Afterwards I am looking forward to SPRING and getting out of this house! I've felt so cooped up lately. Looking forward to my teens being done with school so we can enjoy the summer off. And I'm looking forward to exercising and getting back into my clothes and feeling "normal" again.
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