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Still pregnant here. EDD is February 25 so I still have a little ways to go. No impending signs of labor so far. It's my first so I have no educated guesses at all. Ever since I found out I was pregnant I had the 23rd stuck in my head, so maybe that's when she'll come. Although I wouldn't mind if she decided to make her appearance sooner.
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I'm here too. Ugh. Not feeling that positive feeling I have been feeling the last two days.
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I'm here - due on Wednesday....
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I'm here. EDD is the 9th, but if I dialate any more before I go into active labor, I think I may just drop this baby!

I am anxious for labor because my pregnant attitude is out of control now. SO CRANKY! It is time to get my hormone balance back (please!).

Hoping the full moon will be a service to me!
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Still here. My due date is Tuesday (the 10th). Nothing happening other than being effaced and having no mucous plug to speak of.
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Here! Due the 17th. Nothing going on except a few BH. Typical for me, though. I'm expecting to go on the DD...I did with the other 2.
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Hi, I'm due Tuesday the 10th. My b-day is tomorrow, step daughter's is the next day. We hoping and acting like the baby will be here in the next few days, but my grandmother had my mother at almost 44 weeks, and I was born 2.5 weeks late, so we shall see! (All three, including my baby, are first babies born in very cold winters, so I'm detecting a pattern here).
I was so worried about going over and having to be induced, but I had a wonderful visit with my midwife yesterday, who reassured me that I won't have to transfer care automatically at 42 weeks, and can still have our baby at home, yay!
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My due date was the 5th....I am having some BH's and I started losing mucus but labor could still be days or more away.
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I'm still here, and shocked to still be pregnant. LMP EDD is Monday (9th), but true and accurate EDD is Thursday (12th). My other two kids were born 2 and 2.5 weeks early, so that is why I'm surprised to still be pg. Oh, and the 5 weeks of pre-labor garbage. How much prep do you need before your body just explodes?

Pre-labor continues. I've had a couple of false starts. No mucus plug yet, but I can tell it is loosening (seen little itty bits of it). Baby is so low, I swear I can feel perineal stretching sometimes. This is a wild and crazy ride.
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Still pregnant. I am just 39 weeks, though. I have had people ask me how many days, and what are we going to do- just wait? and are they planning to induce. I am not even 40 weeks yet! I just laugh and say that everything is going well, I am feeling great (other than this persistent cold), and the baby doesn't have a calendar in there, but I will definitely be having him sometime in the next three weeks.

I am hoping to go a little past my estimated due date. I still have stuff I want to get done before going into labor, including valentine's day plans.
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I'm still here. Was due over a week ago. My dh is sick, and I am coming down with it. He's resting...I'm taking care of all the kids and the house.
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Me too, firefly!
My kids were 4 and 2 weeks early, and I've had treatments for preterm labor for months. I lost my mucus plug weeks and weeks ago, I'm dilated to 3 cm and 80% effaced have a bulging bag of waters. For almost 2 weeks now! I guess its prodromal labor, but it's making me crazy. Seriously. CRAZY. I know its all the hormones and everything, but jeesh- I feel like crying all the time, and I can't stand anything and I'm just an awful person to be around right now. No wonder the baby doesn't want to be born! Poor thing. I can't imagine doing THIS for three more weeks- my due date isn't until the 24th, let alone going past that date.
I've never had it like this before- I've always broken the bag of waters and gone into labor, so this is a new and uncomfortable experience. I
m trying to make use of the time, and trying to be philosophical, or at least resigned to it, but it's awfully hard.
I'm just ready!
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Today I have a new lovely symptom: heartburn/ acid reflux. : I've never had heartburn!
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Still here. EDD 2/19, but have been having ctx for a couple weeks now. They started talking induction at 40wks way back at the beginning of my pregnancy (I'm high-risk because of lupus) and while I was fighting it tooth and nail, planning my "in your face" ways of refusing induction and all that, now I'm so miserable that I halfway want to REQUEST the damn pitocin. I keep reminding myself that there must be some reason why he's still in there, despite the ctx, and that it must be important, even though I may never know why, but dang-I'm tired!! (and sore, and cranky, and impatient....)
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I'm here. Due date according to my doctor is the 10th, but the 9th according to my chart.

I have lost bits of mucus for a while now, but nothing major. Frequent BHs, but nothing to write home about.
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NOt in your ddc.... but I just wanted to stop in and say... YOUR ALMOST THERE LADIES Good luck to all of you approaching your due dates!
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Definately still here, and plan to be for awhile! My dd is the 24th. It is harder to be at the end of the month, I think it's easy to rush things because we 'see' others having their babies. But give it time!
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Still pregnant!

I'm having contractions off and on for 3 days now. They hurt somewhat and are about 8 min apart and then *poof* they're gone! I lost my mucus plug Thursday. Due 2/11. They'll induce me 2/16 if I don't go spontaneously (GD). I'm also eating EPO and RRL like candy and I was doing nipple stim with my breast pump but it didn't seem to be making a difference. I'm trying to relax and just let it happen.
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Not due 'til the end of the month/beginning of March, but ds2 came 3 weeks early, so could be any day now, or not for another month. Lost a tiny bit of plug last night, but I know that doesn't mean anything. Had some contractions a few nights ago, not sure if it was baby moving tons that caused them or they caused the baby to move.

Did some major nesting type stuff today. Not sure if it's because of hormones or because a woman I know who was due at the same time has had her baby & I suddenly realized I don't have much time left!
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Still here. 39 weeks today and due on the 15th (although originally it was the 12th). Nothing happening still. No B/H contrax.

While uncomfortable, I'm content to wait another week right now.
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