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Still here! EDD is the 17th but the other night I thought things were starting and then just stopped. LOTS of BH contractions but not much else. I'm definitely feeling more like just being at home though so I think that's another sign of impending labor. First son was 10 days late so I'm fine with this baby just doing what she needs to do. She knows when she wants her birthday to be!
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I'm not due until the 28th so I'll likely be here for a while yet. I'm feeling fine, haven't noticed any signs of labor, not even BH! I am annoyed that my blood pressure is borderline so I'm on partial bed rest. *grins* How am I supposed to nest, I ask you?!?
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Still here too... due on the 14th. I am not feeling particularly uncomfortable at this point in my pregnancy, but I can´t wait to meet the baby, so the suspense is killing me!
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/such a huge vent inc.

I am so tired of being pregnant. I cannot sit, stand, or walk comfortably. My back is killing me and going to the chiro doesn't help. My head hurts. My toddler is driving me batty, and I just want to go hide in a corner until this pregnancy is OVER.

I hate being pregnant right now. I alternate between feeling like I'm going to vomit and having diarrhea. It's making me not want to eat anything at all.

I want the baby to come. I'm so sick and tired of not being myself. :
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nighten: SAME HERE!!!! I'm not even 40 weeks yet (not till Tuesday). I woke up this morning and kept thinking "It would be so easy to induce...."

Will it never end?
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Still here. Due on the 20th/21st. I have been 1 cm dilated (it's been that way for over a week), but my cervix is quite soft, and I have lots of signs of the body getting ready. We'll see what happens.
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Originally Posted by Queen of my Castle View Post
Definately still here, and plan to be for awhile! My dd is the 24th. It is harder to be at the end of the month, I think it's easy to rush things because we 'see' others having their babies. But give it time!
This post just made me realize all three of my babies are mid-month babies! I always wanted an early-month baby, so I could be one of the firsts to deliver in any of my due date clubs. But I think being an end-of-the-monther would drive me batty... I agree with the fighting against that instinct to rush things because you are so excited to see everyone else having their babies.
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Still here--- EDD is the 11th but I am dilated and effaced and have lost my plug... I had regular contractions three nights in a row but nothing since Friday night. I think my womb is like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory... too much fun to leave.
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Nighten... I feel for you lady... I can't sit, stand, or walk comfortably either... laying down makes my back hurt worse and sleeping is a joke. The chiropractor and massage did nothing for me.. only taking the world's hottest baths seem to get me 4 good hours of sleep.

Hang in there... you are not alone.
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I was in the January club - due Jan. 30 but I'm still pregnant. S-T-I-L-L! They are threatening to induce which I am very unhappy about. Hopefully she will come soon.
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I"m not that uncomfortable or cranky yet but I do have a LOT less tolerance right now. I have a Body Stick that I can use right above my butt cheeks and that helps somewhat with the pain.

I"m not due till the 26th so I still have a ways to go. I'm finally cleaning/organizing things... not so much because I want to but because DH is guilting me! He hasn't said anything but I just feel guilty. He has a gazillion projects going on, trying to earn us some money AND he is organizing/cleaning things. So I figured the least I could do is help clean and organize....even if I have to take frequent rest breaks.
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((hugs)) Nighten. Right there with ya.
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I'm still here, but not due until the 27th, so I'm not surprised.

My MIL keeps asking DH, "so, has the due date changed?" And I'm not sure what she means by it! We keep answering, "no. and there's no reason to think the baby will be born early or late or on the due date. They'll come when they come." arg.
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I was an end of the monther with my first. Due June 29th. It was hard to have June roll around and see everyone had their babies and feel like my date was still far away. And then she didn't come...and didn't come...and didn't come...until July 20th!!!!! All my friends due in July had their babies before me, it drove me crazy.

To watch the 3rd come and go this time was just as hard, even harder, I have this deep fear in me that he will try and stay in as long as his sister did and that will not be ok with my midwives this time. I hate my area and the lack of homebirth midwives because now I'm stuck with conversations about induction TWO days after my due date!!
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*sigh* I'm 41 weeks tomorrow.
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not a frequent poster but I 'm still here also. DD was on the 6th. Cervix about 2 cm at last check and thin. Lost some mucos plug saturday and been having contractions all weekend that were finally painful enough last night to wake me up a few times. Also lots of bm's and nausea and general crankiness. I think it will be today (I hope!) Been living with a stressful situation that left this morning (my mil who has quickly accelerating dementia showed up unannounced last week) and I think that will make a big difference for my body to relax enough to go into full fledged labor.
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I"m still here. I dont' post much either but follow along pretty well
I was due staurday teh 7th, all weekend had mild-semi painful contractions. and NOTHING! (yet) my cervix by my check is about 3 cm... but tha tmeans nothgin I know, since i sat that way will all 3 other kids for 2 weeks and then got induced I did have some bloody show yesterday (sorry TMI) so I'm feelign a little optimistic.... but not overly. I'm tired, crampy, crabby and just want her born!!!! My Dr has an induction schedueld for me for tomorrow, due to my BP being up and my rt leg is very swollen, BUT i see him again today and I'm on teh fence about cancelling it. He goes out of town later this week and i'd have to see his back up (whom I can't stand) if I go on my own while he's gone, and IF my BP got any higher she'd be pushign for a c-section rather than induction (she';s very c-section happy ) Which i DO NOT want under any circumstance!! SO i have to decide by 3:30 today n if we do teh induction or not since i dont' wnat ot be rude to him and jus tnot show up. He's fine wiht leting em go as long as i want except fo rmy BP and leg. IF i cna keep it stable and the leg less swollen I can always get induced next week when he returns if I HAVE to. I'm so tired of being sore and uncomfortable, but i really dont' want to be induced again. I want to move around and not be hooked to stuff, yet i want HIM there. I dont' want teh back up Dr Frankenstein!!!!! UGH! I'm just praying that the baby will come today on her own or overnight tonight.... we've tried everything...... except castor oil which i wont' do... but everything else... and nothign has helped make the ctx any more productive.
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Still here and still pregnant. EDD is Thursday (the 12th) but after some major discomfort a week ago I thought things would be moving along by now...apparently not. Absolutely nothing going on despite my 1cm and 50% eff I achieved last week. Ah well.

Hugs going out to all of you who are really uncomfortable--I can't imagine trying to get through a day feeling like that and dealing with toddlers (as many of you are). Kudos to you!
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I don't usually post, but I'm still pregnant. I'm getting really impatient though. I lost my plug over a week ago and I keep having false labor. On top of that my nipples are KILLING me because my 2 year old is still nursing, I'm really looking forward to a new milk supply.
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