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Food Organization, inventory?

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I am wondering if anyone inventories their pantry/cupboard food items and freezer items?

I have a large pantry where I store food as well as a cupboard, then of course there is the freezer. I have found that instead of using the food I have I end up buying food for the meals I plan to make (half the time it turns out I already had some of it on hand!). I am thinking about getting rid of some of the food that I probably won't use and making an inventory of the rest. Organizing it all too.

How are your pantry/cupboard food items and freezer items organized?
Do you keep a lot of food on hand or just what you need for meals with some extras? Do you keep an inventory?
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Are you reading my mind?

I have a huge pantry issue! We just renovated the kitchen and put up the last of the cabinets yesterday. (-2 glass door cabinets that were damaged)
I almost have too much room now and I don't know how to organize it.

I now have enough storage for my kitchen stuff and food.

I Have a dry erase board in the food ones and a kinda master list of things I like to have on hand. and I alter the # when I use it.

freezer don't keep much in it,except fz vegies.
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I'm working on the inventory. Same problem.

So far, I have a binder sheet protector taped inside my cupboard drawer where I put handwritten lists with labels like"fridge freezer, bottom drawer" and "Pantry closet, Top Shelf" I'm trying to update them as the food is purchased, processed and used, but need to redoo them every month or so.
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I can't keep up with an inventory. I keep all my foods grouped though. Like all my beans together, all fruits together, veggies together. Then I just make sure to look in the pantry after I have made my shopping list but before I go to the store. I do keep extras on hand, but if I haven't used something in the last 4-6 months I probably never will and have gotten rid of it. Once I got rid of that stuff it was so much easier. I also work from a menu which is easier to keep track of.
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