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Welcome, astar! :

I take my hat off to you, it took us 8 months and it was brutal waiting every month for just that long. IKWYM about trying to be zen after that. I'm glad you're feeling relaxed.

And yeah...BDing with family nearby, NOT a turn-on. I vividly remember TTC in my parents guest bedroom (up in the attic) and hearing my dad's voice float up from outside while he was talking to my mom. squeeeeee, get away!!! lol..
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I'm so happy to have this thread too.
Octobermoon I agree, it's so fun we're here together.
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Monday Check In

Hi Ladies! How about we do a Monday check in? I'll start.

Name: Brin
Date: 2/9/09
How many weeks (from LMP): 4w6d
Appointments: Not for a couple more weeks
How are you feeling: Pretty good, still. I've had MS with each of my other babies, but I can't remember when it started. My breasts are HUGE (which means their finally a full B cup ), but they aren't sore anymore. Still having some cramps here and there.
Thoughts: We told my parents last night, and they were moderately excited. I think the idea of having a big family just is strange to them. I am an only child, and they just don't understand why anyone would want to have 3 kids. So, they weren't as enthusiastic as I would have liked, but oh well. We'll tell my in-laws next weekend and they will be ecstatic!

(please feel free to add anything that I missed, or that you'd like included in our check in)
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Good idea Brin! Sorry your parents weren't as excited as you'd like. I agree it is disappointing when you can tell someone is only mildly excited. I've noticed that some of my friends jump and give me hugs. Others smile and nod. I guess it just depends on the person and where they're at.

How many weeks (from LMP): 9 weeks as of tomorrow

Appointments: I have my first appointment with our midwife next week. I'm so excited.

How are you feeling: Nauseous. Pretty much all day. Protein and just eating all the time helps some. I just bought those "Sea Bands" and they help a little. With DD it lasted until about 16 weeks. So we'll see. My breasts are also getting really big. It's quite surprising because they had shrunk after having DD. It's funny to watch my body change again.

Thoughts: For the first few weeks it didn't feel quite real that I was pregnant. Now it's definately sinking in more. Our DD talks to my tummy and gives it kisses. She sang the baby a song the other day. I think it's really fun having her involved and am excited for her to come with me to the appointments.
I'm also feeling thankful for this group.
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Yay, Monday check-in! I love it! I know what you mean about different reactions. When I told my mom I could tell she was totally excited, but reserved when I told her how early along I was. On the other hand, my friend I haven't talked to in a long time practically screamed my ear off over the phone.

How Many Weeks - 7 weeks today or yesterday
Next (First) Appointment - TOMORROW, EEK!!!! I just found out, though, that licensed midwives are covered by my insurance. Now I want to look around a little more. Since I don't know this doctor that we're meeting tomorrow, it will be a first appointment/interview.
How Are You Feeling? - exhausted, and sick...like I caught whatever my husband, mom, and students have had. darn. I'm coughing and tired....and I can't tell how much of it is from being pregnant, and how much from being sick. Oh well. My tummy feels bloated, and I may have the very first hints of evening heartburn/sickness. Is it weird that I feel YAY about that?
Thoughts - Is it normal that my right breast is itching like crazy?

ok...DH needs the computer. Good night, ladies! I'm so glad we're together again, too, and with new friends joining us!
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oh goody! deja vu to ttc days,

Name: astar326/Angel
Date: 2/9/09
How many weeks (from LMP): 6w3d
Appointments: we had an educational apt. which was a group meeting on Sat. where i didn't hear anything i didn't already know. i'm suppose to have my 1st prenatal on 2/25.
How are you feeling: super sore bb's (i even sleep in a wireless bra & even the shower hurts), nausea throughout the day, yes Tear78 my bb's are itchy too, but i'm not as tired or irritable as before
Thoughts: very grateful for all this pg. also although i was planning on another group, i just found a birthing center (about 30 mins away) that does home births so i think i'm going to check them out.
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check in for octobermoon!

How many weeks (from O ): 8w5d

Appointments: tomorrow and Thursday!!! DH and I are meeting with our only homebirth midwife options in our area. So excited and nervous. i am armed with a list of questions.

How are you feeling: well today i was in bed all day! i was so, so tired, it's the most tired i have been this whole time i think. i have a bit of a sore throat that started last night so maybe this is why today was so bad. i'm glad i could rest. i'm feeling a bit better now. i have taken off my acupressure discs and have started feeling a bit queasy again so they must have been working wonders b/c i was feeling so good i was starting to worry.

thoughts: other than that i have been feeling elated about this baby and sending him/her lots of loving vibes. also, doing lots of research here on MDC especially. :
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post
On the other hand, my friend I haven't talked to in a long time practically screamed my ear off over the phone.
Okay, the only reason I didn't scream your ear off on the phone is that it was 3am and I didn't want to wake dd up

Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post
Thoughts - Is it normal that my right breast is itching like crazy?
Yup...your skin's growing to accommodate your new milk makers! Wait until it's your entire stretched out belly that's itchy

Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post
I may have the very first hints of evening heartburn/sickness. Is it weird that I feel YAY about that?
YAY!!! (sorry ) I love you--I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow!
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lol....Ok ladies, big shout-out welcome to my sister, Carlyle! She found us! :

It's so much fun to read these check-ins! What a good idea, brin!

So my appointment yesterday sucked. I developed a very angry aura last night. Here's the deal. We showed up at the office, and I start filling out the paperwork until one of them says "consent to change your primary care provider." hmmmm, I say. I don't WANT to change my primary care provider. It turns out, this is a FAMILY MEDICAL GROUP who also does birthing ON THE SIDE! Plus, the lady they put me with doesn't even birth babies anymore. They wouldn't even let me in for the appointment unless I signed the PCP consent form. And when I mentioned that I was hoping to interview the doctor, I was told how valuable a doctor's time is (HELLO, YOU JUST WASTED MY WHOLE NIGHT!!!@) and how doctors would not give me even 10 minutes on the phone to ask about their philosophy of care. HELLO, PEOPLE, THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT DECISION! apparently I am supposed to open up the yellow pages to OB-GYN and throw a dart at the page and go with that one.

So how do people interview doctors? Are you paying out of pocket for their time, or does your insurance somehow cover this? I don't get it! I went and ranted at my mom's house who luckily knows a birthing center nurse. There is ONE doctor/midwife combo in town where the midwife births at the hospital. the doc is supposedly interested in natural childbirth and has a lower cesarian rate. Please please be accepting patients!!!

Thanks for letting me rant. It's such a tough decision and so scary!!! Any advice from the more experienced potentially more rational members?

ps - In case you can't tell, pregnancy insanity has hit me. I have been crying for weird reasons for the past two days. lol...
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tear78 i am so sorry! IMHO i get the distinct impression doctors don't like to be interviewed. which is dumb, i think it is very important they most definitely are! stick to your guns! i think one problem a lot of women have with OBs is they don't have time to spend with patients. i am sure there are exceptions, there always are. you don't have to use an OB you know, you could always do a family practice doc who is typically less interventive.
good luck in your search!

angry aura!?
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Tear78, I am so sorry to hear about your crappy experience! Unfortunately, I think what you experienced is about par for the course with OBs. They run very different practices than other health care providers. I would strongly encourage you to check out the midwives that your insurance covers (very few insurance companies do not cover midwives these days). I had my first birth with an OB and my second with a homebirth midwife, although we saw a CNM a few times during the pregnancy, too. Since my last birth, I have seen the CNM for all of my routine female health visits, and it is a world of difference between the CNM and the OB. She always takes time to sit and chat with me before we do anything medical, and she is very relaxed and caring. An OB just simply doesn't have time to operate that way-they see way too many people and they just aren't typically very family centered in their approach. Good luck finding someone you like.

Welcome Carlyle!
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Thanks Hopefully y'all don't mind me stalking obsessively...I'm just a little excited over here
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Thanks for the support, ladies!! The OB/mw combo IS accepting patients, and they said that if DH and I call back next week we can leave a message with them with our questions so that we can get a sense of who they are. They don't have an available appointment until March 17th, which would be 11 weeks for me, but I think that's still ok. I think you're both right about regular OB clinics. They have to see so many patients, that they can't really build a relationship with any of them.

How is everybody feeling? I definitely feel like a fog is in my brain. I'm a little dizzy all the time, and it keeps me from thinking clearly. I'm approaching week 8, and I had some very very mild cramping yesterday that scared me a bit, but I've read that that can happen around the time of your normal 2nd period. Did that happen to you, Octobermoon? There was no spotting at all, and I feel fine today. It definitely freaked me out yesterday.

The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday, too: I was sitting at work with a colleague, and she turns to me and says "Is Jenny pregnant?" (another colleague). I stammered something in response, like I dunno, or huh?, but I felt like....is everybody gonna start talking about me that way in a month when i start to show a bit? I don't want to tell them for as long as possible.

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!!! Enjoy the romance! :
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Happy Valentines DAY :

tear i don't recall having anything like that around the time my period was due. i do have cramping from time to time. i'm sure you are fine!

i have been feeling pretty good. although some days i am soooo tired i can barely function i have been a bit dizzy here and there too oh my goodness and HUNGRY! my m/s is pretty much gone, once in a while i will get just a tiny wave of nausea. i am not as nervous these days about losing the baby but i still get scared sometimes. i read passing 8 weeks into 9 is a milestone in some respects so : we actually bought our very first baby thing last night. it's an adorable little stuffed monkey. i have been getting so excited about our baby. i'm so ready to buy more stuff but i will hold off for a while yet. we are having babies everyone! :
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omg, BABIES!!!! : I know, that hits me sometimes. lol... I am definitely going to feel better if I make it past this 8 week milestone. Thanks for the info Octobermoon. I know what you mean about being tired. I am exhausted by 7pm every night, and I'm so boring! I fall asleep on the couch all the time.
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ps...Octobermoon, you made me think of this hilarious video. BABIES EVERYWHERE!!! : Somebody posted it on another MDC thread.
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post
ps...Octobermoon, you made me think of this hilarious video. BABIES EVERYWHERE!!! : Somebody posted it on another MDC thread.
LOL! nutrigrain???? i think they mean cocaine!!! what about that one guy looking at those pink panties??? WHAT THE.....???!!! too funny.
i have to show DH!!!

i fall asleep on the couch ALL the time too now!
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Ok, Monday Check-In!

How Many Weeks - 8 weeks today or tomorrow
Next (First) Appointment - March 17th with midwife/doc office. DH will be out of the country! Oh no! It was their next available appointment.
How Are You Feeling? - Ok right now! It's vacation, I slept, like, 11 hours, and I'm eating great! lol... Ask me again at 7:30 tonight.
Thoughts - Went to the zoo yesterday with my 2yo niece. She was SOOOO cute! The elephants and rhinos terrified her, but to the 8 foot long 7 inch diameter pythons she says "Want to HOLD dat!!" Thank goodness for glass enclosures. Spending time with her all day scared the *bleep* out of me a little bit...SOOOO MUUUCH ENERGYYYY!!! But I'm still so excited. Bring it on!!! :

Still a little nervous about this 8 week landmark thing. I think I will feel better if I make it through the next few days. Happy Monday all!!!
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Hello everyone!
Tear Your niece sounds adorable. I love that she wanted to hold the pythons.
I've had cramping too on and off during the pregnancy. Mostly it was the first few weeks. But yesterday I got up too quickly and it felt like I really pulled something (a ligament?)

How Many Weeks: 10 weeks tomorrow.

Appointments: this wednesday is my first one and I'm so excited!

How Are You Feeling?: Yesterday I felt pretty good and thought the nausea was waning. Then last night I felt really sick. Hopefully it will be done soon. My belly is starting to grow a little. I'm going to start taking pictures soon.

I am getting excited now. I started looking at baby stuff the other day with DD. She was asking me what things are used for. Then yesterday she was pretending to be a baby. I think we'll see more of that. Especially once the baby is born.
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I'll chime in as I'm refusing to let my first pregnancy be surrounded by worry.

How Many Weeks: 5 weeks today

Appointments: I'm meeting with the nurse-midwives in the clinic on March 13th, but meanwhile am interviewing homebirth midwives to see if I can find one I click with.

How Are You Feeling?: Just tired. I took a nap yesterday and was in bed by 9 pm, pretty unusual for me! I'm getting a little worried about surviving through my three weeks of 12 hour night shifts that start next week.

Thoughts: While I'm still worried about the possibility of miscarriage, this pregnancy is starting to sink in. My SIL gave me our first set of baby clothes--a handmade gown which she just whipped up. It's lovely and I get teary just thinking about it. I also just feel so excited to tell people, so that is something I'm really looking forward too.
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