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How much weight have you gained?!

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There have probably been threads about this already, but humor me....
I'm 23 1/2 weeks and have gained 20 lbs already! And every ounce of that has been since December 20th, because I was too sick to eat much before.
Am I going to keep gaining at this crazy rate? I'm 5'3, started out at 130, so I really don't think I need to gain more than 40 at the most. Sigh. But I guess my body will do what it decides to do!!
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I've gained -6... but I was overweight to begin with.
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I've gained about 27. I am 5'3" and started out about 125. My midwife gave me a bit of a lecture at my last visit, but I really don't think I am overeating. I think this is just what my body does. I wasn't weighed at all during my first pregnancy so I have not idea what my pattern was then.
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Maybe 2-4? And I was not large to begin with (5'6", 118). The baby seems to be growing fine, though. I'll try to keep eating (a lot of) healthy foods and not worry.
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I just eat when I'm hungry, but i get pretty hungry! I'm definitely eating well, and I keep sugar and even carbs to a minimum because I don't feel good if I don't get a good amount of protein.
My midwife actually said she's not concerned about weight gain, just nutrition and growth of the uterus.
But that was two weeks ago and I've gained 3 or 4 lbs since then!
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I've gained about 10, maybe 13 lbs. I was about 100 or so, and I think at my last visit I was around 112..?
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3 weeks ago I was at 0 to -2 weight gain, and I have no idea what I'm at today. Probably not much more.
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I am almost 20 weeks and before last week i was up 4 lbs, now I am down 2 from pre pregnancy (lost 6 with my surgery). I am not as sick as i was before my gallbladder removal so I wonder if I will start gaining. My OB said if I don't gain ANY with this pg he will be fine with it, but I was overweight to begin with.
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I'm with you! I was just a few pounds heavier than you and the same height, and I've gained about 20. My midwife doesn't really care, she says there isn't a whole lot of stock in weight gain and health (like she said she would stuff her pockets with rocks early on so it looked like she didn't gain much weight later!).
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I'm up 25 pounds at 25 weeks. I'm surprised by that because I didn't gain this much early in the pregnancy with my first. However, at my weight right now I still weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with my first and I think that has something to do with it. My explanation all along has been that my body knows it needs to pack on more weight this time so I don't end up losing 60 like I did last time. I believe my body is getting ready to nurse two so its gaining maternal fat stores accordingly.

Although I have had 2 big baby dreams in the last week and I'm considering monitoring blood sugar levels for a few days to find out if my insulin sensitivity has changed with this pregnancy. I guess I'm thinking between the weight gain and the big baby premonitions that I might be leaning towards GD this time around. I absolutely refuse the GTT so its something that I'll discuss with the midwife when I see her on Thursday.
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I am up 2. Which is good since my first one was up 75!! But this is my 5th, and I have "fluff" as my MW put it. So I am not worried about the weight.
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I have gained 10-15 pounds and I am 22.5 weeks. Much less then with DS but I am also eating better and chasing around a nutty 10 month old!!
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I had a huge jump in weight gain, although I don't know exactly how much. I'll find out Wed at my appointment. I just KNOW I am huge all of a sudden! Oh, well. I think I'm doing well at eating although I do eat all the time. If I don't I get seriously sick and am dry heaving in a bucket, so I'll take the weight gain!!!
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I've gained about 13.5 pounds at 23 weeks yesterday. I gained 24 pounds with DD and am hoping to stay under 30 pounds gain this time as well as I have some medical issues that seem to worsen when I gain too much. It's hard since I've been REALLY hungry but I've been very active (still jogging 3x/week, walking outside when weather permits, light resistance training and some Tupler exercises, etc) so that has been helping. My MW has been working with me on my diet - sort of doing a modified Brewer's thing with less dairy (too much upsets my stomach) and allowing for a bit more intuitive eating as well.
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My doctors told me I was doing good.
I can't believe thats all I have gained, I eat whatever I want whenever I want..
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18 pounds at only 20 weeks. Yikes!
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-2 lbs. I am 5'7" and weighed 152 at the beginning of pregnancy. I lost 10 lbs in the first 14 weeks and have gained back 8 of those. She is growing fine though, my uterus is right where it is supposed to be and she is a feisty little thing I just finished losing the baby fat from my two and a half year old, apparently
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I'm 20 weeks and I've gained about 14lbs. so far. I'm also hoping to not gain too much. I was on a losing-weight goal when I got pg, and I'd really love to pick up where I left off when this little one comes out.
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at my 22 week checkup last week i was up 9 pounds. my Dr has encouraged me to keep the weight gain between 20 and 25 pounds to increase my chances of a VBAC. i'm not doing much of anything other than eating what i want and trying to walk a couple of times a week.
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25 lbs and I'm almost 22 weeks.

This pregnancy, I've gained faster than I did with my other two. First one, I gained NOTHING the first trimester, then gained 22 lbs by 29 weeks (baby was born at that point). Second pregnancy, I gained steadily throughout the first and second trimesters, but slowed down in the second trimester. I gained 22 lbs by 29 weeks again, and then went on to gain a total of 35 lbs by 37 weeks when baby was born.

I'm pretty sure I'll gain more than 35 lbs this time, and I did start out overweight (187... I'm 5'9" though). I started out 10 lbs lighter than last time, so maybe I'm making up for that.

My OB and midwife have not said anything negative about the weight gain, and actually, my OB's nurse at the last appt said "3 lbs! That's great!" I think my midwife said something about me eating well. But in my first pregnancy, she actually had to tell me to EAT MORE, with the no weight gain in the first trimester (and my diet was really lacking in food mostly because I was trying to eat healthy and that limits my food choices because I'm insanely picky).
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