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Originally Posted by simplykate View Post
There have probably been threads about this already, but humor me....
I'm 23 1/2 weeks and have gained 20 lbs already! And every ounce of that has been since December 20th, because I was too sick to eat much before.
Am I going to keep gaining at this crazy rate? I'm 5'3, started out at 130, so I really don't think I need to gain more than 40 at the most. Sigh. But I guess my body will do what it decides to do!!
I'm the same as you so far: I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow and have gained about 20 pounds. But, I've been gaining pretty much since day 1 of the pregnancy.
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I've gained just under 10 lbs so far. Way less than with DD! But I'm bigger than I was with DD...weird.
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i am 20 weeks and have gained 20 pounds so far. i started at 5'4" and weighed about 112. i didn't gain this much this early last time, but we'll see how it goes
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I'm 21 weeks, and as of today I'm at fifteen pounds. I gained two pounds this weekend, but we were out of two and ate mostly fast food. I'm betting that this week it'll go back down a pound with enough water, and going for walks.
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20 lbs and 20 weeks.......I'm normally thin so this is fun (or so I keep telling myself as I feel that my butt is taking on another dimension!)
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Just want to let you know that I have probably gained more than you. I get huge when I am pregnant. This is #3 and with #1 and #2 I gained over 50 pounds. With dd and ds, I lived in a different city and had a super laid-back home birth midwife who never gave me so much as a raised eyebrow. This time, I am going to a birth center, and it is a little more "medical." I just told the one MW who raised an eyebrow that this is how I make babies. DS and DD were about 7.5 lbs. I ended up 6 months postpartum weighing 5-10 pounds less than before I got pregnant. I am not super-thin or anything. I am 5'6" and weigh about 125-130 if not pregnant. But I have a small frame and teeny breasts, so I am more padded than that may sound. (As an aside, I do not enjoy getting this big. I much prefer not hauling the extra load, having my inner thighs touch, and having the breasts in the way all day).

I am just going into all that detail to let you know that though there may be legit concerns about gaining too much weight, just because you go over a magic number does not necessarily mean you've gained too much. Just concentrate on eating when you are hungry and eating nutritional foods.
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Oh, I'd say abut 30lbs.
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I'm 20w and I've gained about 8lbs.
I'm sure I lost some in the first tri because all food sounded awful. So I'm sure I've gained more than 8lbs since the beginning of 2nd tri, kwim?
I'm kinda lucky now, because greasy foods generally gross me out (even regular tortilla chips). I crave fruit just as often as I crave ice cream
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I'm 22 weeks and I've gained about 15 lbs. I'm trying not to obsess about it, and doing my best to eat healthy, although my ability to resist chocolate is almost nil. If I end up around 30 lbs, give or take I'll be happy, but I'm only about 5'2" and any more than that is going to seem like a lot of weight to take off.
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Does weight gain typically slow down in the third trimester? I've read you should gain about 1/2 lb - 1lb per week, which I would be okay with, cause that would be put me around 40 lbs. That's what my Mom and Sister always gained and we're all about the same size.
I'm just worried that I'm going to put on ANOTHER 20 in the next six to eight weeks!! :
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I'm up 8 pounds at 23 weeks, but if I hadn't lost 10 in the first tri I'd be up 18

Kate in my experience I slowed down weight gain for the beginning of the third tri and then started gaining 1-2 lbs per week in the second half of the first tri. I"m sure it is different for everyone though. I do think that typically those who start out heavier tend to gain less while those who start out lighter tend to gain more. Exceptions, of course, but that is what it seems like to me!
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I have gained about 7, at 21 weeks. I started off this pregnancy the same as with my last, but I didn't lose as much weight at first as I did with my first two pregnancies. So, I have gained at teh same curve, but I feel chunkier, because I didn't lose so much and then gain.
But same thing as most above me said- my midwife did a nutrition sheet and said that I was eating perfectly and that any kind fo wight gain that goes with that is just fine. Awesome to have someone that isn't just eager to see the scale numbers all of the time )
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I'm at about 23 weeks and I've gained somewhere around 11 lbs. I don't know for sure because I don't really have a good idea of my pre-preg weight. I'm usually somewhere around 130-135. At today's prenatal appt, I was 142. Last one a month ago I was 136.

Like lovingthis, I didn't lose nearly as much weight as I did in my first trimester in my first pregnancy so the weight gain seems to have been much more gradual this time around.
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I have lost weight. Twelve pounds so far.
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I'm 20 weeks, and at my last checkup (just over 18 weeks), I'd gained 1 pound. However, I'm morbidly obese to start with, and have never gained more than 5 pounds in my first trimester. Since I put off getting a doctor for quite a while, their numbers aren't completely accurate. I think I'm actually down about 4 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.

I also quit eating sunflower seeds. Up until just a few months ago, I went through probably about 2-3 pounds of roasted, salted sunflower seeds per week. I kept them at the PC and snacked on them while I posted. While they're not completely worthless in a nutritional sense, they're not great enough to justify that kind of intake...lots and lots of calories - and the mess was appalling.

I did have a point there.
I can now eat a lot more food during meals and snacks, without actually increasing my caloric intake by very much, yk? So, my situation is a bit weird.
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I'm up 23 lbs in 23 weeks! I really don't like where this is going...especially since I only gained a total of 20 lbs with each of my last 2 babies. I know it's very largely due to the fact that I have eaten like total crap this whole pregnancy and haven't even tried to pretend like I'm being physically active. I know it's too late to do anything about what I've already gained, but I need to start eating better and at least start going on walks or something so I have some fighting chance of losing this weight after the baby is born.
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I have no idea, since I asked them to weigh me backwards. I'm still fitting into most clothes that I have (some jeans are too tight, others are okay, skirts need to be unzipped a bit) but I'd have trouble guessing. Its pretty much all belly, and it hasn't 'popped' yet, but its also a pretty solid dense belly, so it could be anywhere from 5-15lbs and I wouldn't be shocked. I'm just trying to eat similar to before (I am exercising, but less, so it makes sense) and keep up the exercise. (mostly biking and yoga, some skating)
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Originally Posted by maxwill129 View Post
I had a huge jump in weight gain, although I don't know exactly how much. I'll find out Wed at my appointment. I just KNOW I am huge all of a sudden! Oh, well. I think I'm doing well at eating although I do eat all the time. If I don't I get seriously sick and am dry heaving in a bucket, so I'll take the weight gain!!!

I've only gained 14 pounds (which is probably too much)! I thought I had gained over 20, so I'm happy!!!
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As of yesterday, 17 pounds.

I've been eating too many burgers.......... :
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I'm 22 weeks, and I've gained 20 lbs. 18 of that has been in the last 8 weeks, because up until week 14, I was throwing up so much that I only gained 2 lbs. It's not all in my belly either...I have gained weight in my face, my waist (under the baby belly), my legs, but mostly my BOOBS! None of my old clothes fit anymore
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