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neti pot with young kids?

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Anyone have success with having their child use a neti pot for congestion/colds? Mine see me use mine and my 6 y/o seems willing. I would love to have more options for cold relief than the usual, elevating head, drink lots of water and wait!

My 5y/o has some dairy and other environmental sensitivities, she is congested off and on all year, so she sould be my main target for neti pot, but she isn't there with it! Wanted to know if anyone's kids use and if there are kids' neti pots that are smaller or easier to use. Would the squirter bottle version be better? I won't use that because it seems kind of sudden, startling. How did you teach them to use properly?

Thanks for any info you can share.
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I just tried a neti pot with my six year old boy. He has hay fever and allergies so I just showed him me doing it and said LOOK ISN'T THIS COOL!?!? He was excited to try it. I made sure to tell him to breathe normally through his mouth and just relax. He did just fine.
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