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He Smiled at Me!!!

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This was so sweet, I thought I might share it with y'all.

Last night, while DS was nursing, he unlatched and, with milk all over his face, looked at me with the biggest, cutest grin on his face. It's not the first time he's smiled, but this time, it was different.
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Their smiles really are straight from heaven.
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Baby smiles are the best.
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Evan smiles like that when he's eating...we admire one another when he eats, and then most of the time he'll let go and smile so hard he giggles. So cute with milk spewing from each side of his mouth. I LOVE their gummy smiles!
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:After all your hard work with getting him to nurse more, you deserve that milky smile!!
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Awww, baby smiles are the sweetest, most innocent things, aren't they? I love it! :
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