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Distasteful Birthday "Traditions"

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The lack of common sense in some people really amazes me.

I went to a "First Birthday Party" for my friend's DS yesterday. It had been a long party, but finally they brought out the cake. His mom helped him blow out the candle, and then an older friend of the family said "Ok! Now it's time for our birthday tradition!!". They held the cake up close to the baby, and his mom pushed his face into the icing!!!

Of course, he started crying!! They all acted so surprised that he was crying, and someone said that it "must be because he had been grouchy today." Because, of course, it COULDN'T be that his mum had just shoved his face into a large cake.

I have NEVER heard of this "tradition" before, and honestly think it was plain awful...! I'm not very good at keeping quiet when I get upset at something, so I excused myself and went home. Am I crazy for finding this sad and unfortunate? Or is this a more common and accepted practice then I thought?
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They pushed his FACE into the cake? Seriously? Awww, poor kid!

For 1st birthdays we always get a small smash cake in addition to the regular cake and smash babies hand in the cake and let them play with the cake. Ds had a blast shovling tons of chocolate cake into his mouth (and all over his face!) for his birthday. But of course we didn't put his face in the cake.
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Sounds pretty mean and awful tacky to me! ugh- poor little birthday boy! I told my husband I'd divorce him if he shoved cake into my face when we got married, so I can't imagine doing that a little one!
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I've never heard of that before!
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I've never heard of that tradition before.
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The only tradition involving cakes and first birthdays that I've ever heard of is to give the birthday child a piece of cake (or a "smash cake" - only heard of that recently) and let them make a huge mess of themselves with the cake and icing.

Shoving a baby's face into the icing is messed up!
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Never heard of that. I am really sad for that little sweetie. People never stop pi$$ing me off when it comes to the way they can sometimes treat children.
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We do the "mini" cake for baby too - but we definitely don't shove babies face into it!! We just put it in front of him and let him go to town....I've never heard of anyone shoving a child's face into the cake - how rude!!
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wow - i never would push a babies face INTO a cake! I cant believe people thought that was OK

In our family we do have the "tradition" of allowing baby to be as messy with cake as possible.. even encouraging the mess - but not physically doing anything either. At most we try to get the 1 yr old to mimic hand motions of rubbing their now caked hands in their hair...
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That's one of the meanest things I've ever heard. Poor baby. I want to shove a cake in that lady's face and see if she enjoys her birthday.
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Originally Posted by gabeycakesmama View Post
That's one of the meanest things I've ever heard. Poor baby. I want to shove a cake in that lady's face and see if she enjoys her birthday.
I know, right? I was so mad at her... My friend even said "well, I don't know if he's going to like that..." right before she did it anyway.
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Okay, so that is totally bizarre in so many ways. Weirdos.
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WHAT?! wow....
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That is definitely strange.
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Must be a family tradition only. I've never seen or heard of that before, and we've been to a LOT of first birthdays! We always just set a big piece of cake on the highchair tray and watch what happens.
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Geez! My daughter would have freaked! She cried at her first birthday b/c she got icing on her fingers and it wouldn't come off and she didn't like the taste. She still won't eat cake.
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I've heard of it. And not just babies. Seen it done to kids too. In laws of my inlaws.

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My dh did something like this to me on my 19th birthday.I still haven't forgiven him. Poor baby. Why do people think that this is fun?

I have one aunt in the family that loves icing fights. I can't stand them, especially when I make the cake. That's heart and soul in that icing!!!
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now i did that as a teenager, and even as an adult, but for a baby, thats crazy!!!!
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