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The waiting game....

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I hate it I hate having some strong contractions, and then they are gone. I hate losing most of my plug, but nothing happens after... ANyways, For me, I hate not knowing exactly when I will go into labor. And I hate the thought of my water breaking in public!!! :
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for some reason, i never even considered that my water will break in public?! that would be interesting...
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With my dd it broke at home in the bed, but when I stood up, it GUSHED everywhere, if that happened in public, I would be embarassed!
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With my first pregnancy, my water broke while I was out in public. I was driving and I sneezed. I thought, "I peed a little and I need to pull over and try to clean myself up." I walked into the library, went to the restroom, put on a pad, and then as I was walking from the stall to the sink the rest of the waters broke. Having a pad on was a joke!!!

I took off my coat, wrapped it around my waist and left. It really wasn't that big of a deal.
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