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Things keep happening...UPDATE - Getting induced tomorrow

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Almost 2 weeks ago I started to get sick. Things got worse and it turned into a really bad cough, such that I've had some terrible round ligament pain every time I cough and lots of sinus pressure, but no infection.

DS started showing symptoms and I took him to the doctor quickly and they gave him a nebulizer to bring home. He's been weepy, sneezy, and coughing.

I had my 36 week doctor's appointment on Friday and everything was fine. Dilated 1cm, 50% effaced, so pretty standard.

Friday night I started itching like crazy all over. I couldn't sleep from the itching (well, and the coughing). I called the OB on-call (not mine) and she decided it was contact dermatitis, which was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard because there's no rash and there aren't any possible environmental factors. She told me take Benadryl, which I did, just to prove her wrong. No change. Then I did some research and found out about Cholestasis and feel like that might be a very real possibility.

I went to a GP on Saturday to try to do something about the cough, but there wasn't much he could do. He said it was a bronchial infection and could last up to 4-6 weeks!

Sunday I was still itchy, still coughing (although not quite as bad), and then I started contracting! Crampy uncomfortable ones, but they weren't regular enough to do anything about. And I completely lost my appetite.

Today there isn't a huge change. The cough is getting better. Still itchy (although it's much worse at night than in the morning). From about 9am to 12pm I was contracting every 3-8 minutes. At noon I had a pretzel and some Gatorade and contractions have slowed down since then.

I called my OB this morning at 8:30am and I still haven't heard back. I need to rule out the cholestasis if possible, but I'm also afraid the OB is just going to think I'm a paranoid hypochodriac. At any rate, with all this contracting, it looks like I might be going sooner than later anyway. But my friends with recent births have gone on contracting like this for a week or more, so I'm not banking on anything. I'd just hate to go into full on labor coughing and only breathing out of my mouth.

Anyway, so for the long-winded post that goes nowhere. I don't want to tell too many people in real life that I'm contracting because I know it can still be awhile. I'd like to last past 37 weeks. I'd like to last past Valentine's Day because it was supposed to be our "last" date.
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I am so sorry- you sound like you are miserable.

Sending you some healthy, healing thoughts.
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Thanks. I got a hold of my OB and he ordered the labwork without me even mentioning it, so that is good news. Now we just sit and wait to see how that will pan out.
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Just got the test results back and it is cholestasis. If you haven't heard of it, it means that my liver is not functioning well and the only cure is delivery. So I'm getting induced tomorrow morning.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but I'm glad that my doctor took this seriously.

I'm a bit shell shocked right now. A good night's sleep would have been nice before getting a newborn, but it wasn't happening.
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Not in your DDC...but oh wow what a change! All the best to you and your coming baby.
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I wish you the best tomorrow. Good for you for listening to your body, researching, and having an OB who listens too!
May you have a wonderful birth, and may all these symptoms be gone when the baby is here!
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Wow! Good luck tomorrow! I hope you are able to sleep a bit tonight! Can't wait to hear the news and see some pics!!
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Sending you good thoughts and good luck!
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Good luck tomorrow. I hope all goes well and you are holding your sweet baby soon.
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Thinking of you, and hoping it goes well!
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Good luck and yay to the end of the itching. Hopefully your liver bounces back quick!
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I am sure that was quite a shock! I'll be thinking about you and looking forward to your announcement!!
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Good luck!
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Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way
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congrats and good luck!:
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Good luck. I hope the induction works.
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Thinking of you. Good luck with the induction tomorrow.
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Congrats, can't wait to see pics of the baby!
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Good luck, mama. You will be in my thoughts. Hope you feel better soon after delivery.
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Best of luck tomorrow! Inductions can be tough but they don't mean that you cannot have an otherwise drug free birth! Sending you lots of fast/easy labor vibes!

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