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We had a boy!

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My son finally arrived on Sat the 7th at 7:19 am! We named him Aleric Rhoden. I just got home from the hospital today, we tried to have a homebirth but it did not work out, so after 26 hours of active labor I had a c-section. It wasn't a emergency to have one, but it would have been if I had been in labor for another 2-3 hours so we just decided to do it before it got to the emergency part. I will post my birth story later but its hard to type with a baby in your arms. I am just so happy to have such a handsome and healthy baby boy!:
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Love his name! Enjoy your son!
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Congrats! I too love his name :

Enjoy your baby!
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Congratulations on your sweet boy!

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Congratulations, and welcome to Aleric! :
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CONGRATULATIONS: Hope you are healing well
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Woohoo!!: Congratulations!!
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Yay! Congratulations! :
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