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I live in Largo have 2 DD's mya 1-10-07 and Jordan 12-13-08.Would love to meet other moms in the area.
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North Tampa

Hi My name is Daryl. I'm a SAHM in North Tampa.
I have a 1yo and a baby due in September.
If anybody wants to get together let me know.
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Originally Posted by vanessa1073 View Post
I live in Largo have 2 DD's mya 1-10-07 and Jordan 12-13-08.Would love to meet other moms in the area.

our kids are really close in age I have 2 DDs 1-17-07 and the other 1-12-09 We're going to Highland Rec Monday for the Itty Bitty Splash Party, I'm easy to find, I'm heavy set with short dark hair and tatoos
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Moving to Riverview in two months!! :
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I'm in the Citrus Park area of Tampa (north Tampa/Carrollwood), expecting my first ~July 30 - so excited, can't wait!! Also can't sleep...

Anyway, just checking in and saying hello!
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Originally Posted by Hallielynn01 View Post
Breath of Life Birth center has a CNM/ARNP as the director and offers well woman care.Its a REALLY great place! They are on East Bay. Otherwise Contemporary Women's Care has midwives
I had my baby at breath of life and it was magical!!!

I am in St Petersburg and I use Daddy's Diaper Service to cloth diaper.

Would love to meet other local moms! My baby is 11 weeks old.
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Hi ladies! We just moved to Valrico this past week & I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a pedi that is non-vax, extended nursing, CD/EC friendly out here (Brandon, Riverview, Apollo Beach, whereever). PM is fine if you don't want to post
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Anyone in South Tampa? We just moved here and I just found this board smile.gif
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joy.gifHello from south Lakeland (polk county)


I'm so excited to see so many mamas out there, here in the Tampa-ish area. My family and I moved here about 7 months ago from Alaska.  Wow is Florida quite a bit different. I am a momma of 3, have been a sahm, wahm, and soon to be a wohm.  I would love to see this thread become more active.


So for those of you that have been in the area for longer, do you know about a Waldorf based toy store that has toys and also homeschool curriculum materials?

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Dunedin smile.gif
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We're thinking of moving to Brandon!  We live in England, I'm American and want to move back to the US, and I have a friend in Brandon inviting us to stay with her until we get on our feet.  I'm wondering what it's like there. We homeschool, are there many homeschoolers or crunchy families around? 

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I haven't met any other MDC mommas (that I know of, anyway) but Brandon has several very active home school groups. There are also very active babywearing meetings, a cloth diaper group, and an active LLL group. I know there are several other "crunchy" groups that are active in the area- I just don't know all of the specifics since I'm too busy to even think of doing anything else. 


I think you'll be able to find some like-minded moms.

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I'm in Dade city. Pasco County. Sahm of 2 boys! A almost one yr old and almost 3yr old.
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I'm in Old Seminole Heights, about 3 miles north of downtown Tampa.  Welcome!

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I live in Miami!!!! I am looking for advice, tips and everything about babies in this city

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