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Baby Gate Recs?

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Could anyone recommend a good baby gate to me that my four year old would be able to open but that my infant can't get through? Its for the bottom and the top of the stairs, they can both anchor into the walls and I actually prefer that. I would prefer not to spend over $50/ gate but if I need to I will. I also have a couple of 15% off coupons to BRU so if they have them there it would be great. Thanks guys!
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Baby Gate with Door

We have the kind that have a swinging door. Ours came from Mothercare in the UK, but I've since seen similar ones in Canada and the US. You have to lift the door before you can swing it, but a 4 year old could do it for sure. Ours also have a locking mechanism that a four year old could not do so it's possible to use the gate to keep out all small children, or just babies.

The thing I like about these gates is that since it's so easy to open the door you aren't incline to step over the gate (and trip) or take the gate down because it's in the way and forget to put it back up.

I'll see if I can find a picture.
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BRU carries a wooden one made by Evenflo that anchors into the wall, is REALLY easy to use (even one handed) but not easy enough for a 2yo. It swings all the way open so you can get through with a big load (laundry basket and/or 2 kids, lol) and is about 40 bucks. I don't know the name of it but we love it and have friends who installed it in their daycare too. It looks a little nicer imo because it's wooden and not white metal/plastic.
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We have this one and really like it (we use it to keep our dogs out of the main part of the house during the day):

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The hands free gate does not mount and cannot be used at the top of the stairs.
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