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Homebirthing Mama's Thread

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If your planning a homebirth check in here! This thread is for all us planning homebirths to gather info from each other or throw ideas out there. So all you mamas that are homebirthing experts come in and share your good ideas and tips with us first time mamas.

DH and I are planning a home birth in water. We are planning on getting the fishy pool everybody talks about over in homebirth.
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Thanks for starting the thread! I have had two home waterbirths so I'm not sure if that makes me an expert but I will definitely give any info I can from my experiences! Good for you for planning a homebirth with your first. I wish I had!!!
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Thanks for starting this. I had a homebirth with my second son, and a very hospital cesarean with my first son. We will have another homebirth this time. I just talked to our midwife over the weekend to let her know we would be due in October!!!

It's funny thinking about it this time, though. With my last pregnancy I was so excited about giving birth, because I had never felt labor before, and had never delivered vaginally. I read everything I could about labor and birth, took an excellent birthing class (Birthing from Within), and thought it would be so incredible to give birth. This time around I just don't even really want to think about it. It was more intense and painful than I could have ever imagined it would be. I felt completely out of control during my labor, even though I really wasn't being controlled externally by anyone else. I pretty much labored alone the whole time (6 hours). So, I'm feeling a little gun-shy about it this time. I still wouldn't even consider going to the hospital unless absolutely necessary, but I'm still pretty scared of the whole birth thing this time around. I'm glad I have 34 more weeks to warm up to it. I'll need all the support I can get from you other homebirth mamas.
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I wanted a HB the first time around, but went with a CNM hospital birth, which, of course, was all sorts of intervened with after 12 hours of labor with very little moral support.

I'm ready to learn all I need...

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I am so happy to be able to check in here: I'm sure i'll have a million questions between now and the big day.

This will be my first homebirth. My first birth was in the hospital with a midwife.
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Dh and I are seriously considering a hb. We are meeting with a hb mw on 3/17. Dh needs some reassuring and we need to figure out the finances as this will be out of pocket (much more expensive than the $10 we would pay for a hospital birth). After 2 hospital births that we ok, but not what I wanted I am excited to have a birth that is gentle for both me and our baby. I hated all the fighting in the hospital (no food/drink, hooked up to monitors, trying to take the baby to the nursery all the time, telling me I am starving my child because she wouldn't stop nursing...the list goes on). I also hate having to worry about what will happen with our girls when we are in the hospital. I like the idea of being home and all of us being together. Not to mention I will be happy to eat healthy food from the beginning of my recovery and not be pumped full of fluids via IV. With both previous pregnancies I was only constipated after eating that evil anti-nutritious hospital food and also had no swelling at all (I made everyone look at my tiny ankles, it helped to get their eyes off my enormous midsection ) but came home both time with horribly huge cankles. Ugh, writing this is reminding me of all the horrible things of the hospital. Not to mention, every time I drive by the hospital now all the health care workers are standing under some dingy tree with all their hospital garb on smoking cigs. All I can think is, ick, I don't want them getting near me. They are in no way clean and sterile after drudging across the dirty city street to smoke.

Ok, vent over. I hope dh can feel comfortable with it. We only live 6 blocks from the hospital so should we need to transport we would be there in a matter of minutes. I look forward to any wisdom shared here, especially from the hb vets.

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We had a hb last time, and are planning to do it again with the same (awesome!) midwife. Might not bother setting up the birth tub this time, but we'll see.
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we are planning a hwb as well. dh is a little nervous b/c this is our 1st and we don't know anyone who's had a hb before. so i'm also looking to those who have hb'd in the past to share your wisdom. we also live in a city, so the hospital is really close if we would need it.
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I am also contemplating a HB this time around. My first birth was witnessed by a CNM in a hospital. Although, I have to say that, my experience there was REALLY great! No interventions, no interruptions, only the people I wanted, a great jacuzzi tub, all the post partum time and love that I needed. Of course, I had researched all of this up the wa-zoo, so those nurses didn't stand a chance.

Anyway, we have actually moved since then, and I wouldn't be going to that same hospital again. I also think that we were somewhat lucky to have the staff that we had...a second time around could be majorly different.

I feel that a homebirth would be convenient for our DD, as it would be nice for us all to be in the same place. I think my DH would do whatever I wanted, really. I LOVE the idea of having one midwife to go through the pregnancy with, although I still have to find one in this area.

The only hesitation I have with a HB is my care and being in too familiar a place, really. I know this sounds funny, but when it comes time for me to be in labor...do I really want to look at my laundry piles? or the dirty dishes? And what about the logistics of a HB....birth is messy...in a good way! Is the HB midwife in charge of the cleanup? I guess I just have a lot of questions about the small stuff, ya know? I am hoping you HB mamas will be able to sooth my mind about it all. Perhaps you know of a good book about HB? Or good website? I am pretty much as crunchy as you can get, but HB will be the next step for me.
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We'll be planning another hb. Our last hb ended in a transport and it was not a nice experience for my in the hospital so I'm totally freaked about going to the hospital again.

preggymeaggy-The MW clean up afterwards. No mess left at all. It really doesn't get messy anyways.
For me I was more comfortable in my home. Labor went smoother and progessed nicely. When I'm in a hospital it stalls often because I'm very sensitive to my surroundings.
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I am planning a hb this time around. 1st birth was a great midwife experience at Hunterdon Med Ctr... Great post, thanks for getting it started!
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I have picked a midwife and just made my first appt. for 3.13. This is my 3rd child and will my first homebirth. The only thing that worries me is being able to pay for it. I wish we had better insurance. I can't really picture it yet because we are trying to move to a bigger home and I don't know where I will live, so it's all very abstract. I just know that it will be better than any hospital!

I'm really excited about the prospect of just being at home in our own bed afterward- I never have been able to sleep in a hospital.
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Here is a good homebirth book! http://www.amazon.com/Homebirth-Shei.../dp/1879431017 That will get some of you going on the right track. Do any of you have a medical flexible spending account? That is how we payed for our last homebirth and will pay for this one. Hubby's employer takes out equal payments pretax every paycheck all year and it makes paying easier.
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I can't wait for our third homebirth. It'll be our second waterbirth. Last time we had an aqua doula that the m/w provided, but this time I'll have a soaker tub in my *NEW* house that I may use. We'll see when the time comes.
Last time we were VERY pleased to see our insurance started covering homebirths 70%- so it only cost us $900!!!
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I am in the process of picking a midwife. I found one I LOVE but we still have two more, just to make sure. I can't wait!!
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sooooo.... what are *the* questions to ask during an interview with a midwife? I don't even know where to start...
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I'll tell my HB story, because I hope it can ease some fears about "if something goes wrong." I actually love when people say to me when I talk about homebirth, "I would have died if I had a homebirth!" Because I answer, "I would have died too" and then I can have a great discussion about wonderful midwives and their medical training and their ability to react to emergency situations. Hey, there may as well be something good about a hospital transfer and emergency C/S.

Anyway, my water broke in bed at about 2 am on Tuesday morning. I called the MWs at about 8, but I still didn't have any contractions, and they told me to call back when I did have contractions. By the next morning I still hadn't gone into labour, so I went to the hospital to do a stress test on the baby. He was fine, I has still making lots of fluid, and so amazingly enough the OB there told me to go home and see if I couldn't get myself into labour (not that it would have mattered if he had said anything else, I was on my way out the door already.)
I went back on Thursday morning, still not in labour, with the same results.
By Friday morning, 106 hours (4 days, 10 hours) after my water broke, I started having contractions. I laboured at home for a while, but I was measuring my temperature every hour, and I was starting to get a fever, and was achy all over, so I figured something was wrong.
My midwives met me at the hospital, where they monitored the baby again and saw he was in destress. As much as I hated it, I had wonderful midwives who helped me try every position and every thing I could to help the baby's heart beat go back to normal, but it just got worse. My MW told me it was time for this baby to come out, and he wasn't going to come the way I had planned (I was only 5 cm at that time.)

My point is, homebirths are wonderful - hopefully I can have the one I dream of soon. However, we are very lucky to have the medical system there, when it's needed (NEEDED being the key word). I think seeing my birth has made a lot of my friends and family more accepting of HB because they know now that it isn't an all or nothing thing, MW aren't going to ever put the dream of a HB before the health of the mom or baby. Midwives have lots of tools to use in the home in emergency situations, and hospitals are around the corner and you can always go there if need to.

Hope this helps someone.
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What is everyone planning to do about a back-up doctor in case you need to transfer?
What if you have no health insurance? (eep!)
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Hi everyone

I always thought that I would have a HB - no question.

Now, here I am pg with #1 and trying not to get overwhelmed with all of the research and interviewing that's about to start.

We are just a few days into the pregnancy, when I think about it. I keep telling myself that there is plenty of time, that I have a month to find a good fit etc. I believe my EDD is Oct 21, so I'm really looking forward to learning from all of you, and sharing this time in our lives.
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I'm planning my second homebirth, same midwife. Very excited, although can't say I'm looking forward to the labor. In a way, i guess I am, because I want a chance to be "better at it than last time" (the over-achiever in me ). My last birth was great until the pushing stage. It took me four hours (baby's heartbeat showed she was doing fine though), and then I hemorrhaged a bit afterwards, but the mw was able to stop it. I am hoping things go better next time.

I LOVED being able to take a nap with my dh and new baby in our own bed just a few hours after the birth! That was the best part about the whole thing! That and being able to eat and drink as much as I wanted during labor.

ETA: we do not have a back-up dr. Our mw will stay with us at the hospital (as a doula) if we have to transfer. We'll just have to take whatever dr is there. Around here there aren't any drs who are willing to be a back-up for a homebirth. Last pg, I had a CNM that I was seeing along with my mw. I told her about planning a homebirth and she was actually very cool about it. But then I made the mistake of thinking the doctor in that practice was okay with it too. He was not and they fired me as a patient. So this time I'm just sticking with my mw.
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