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Tummy bug and blue fingers?

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My DD is on day two of a tummy bug, vomiting frequently yesterday and only once today. I'm now giving her diluted apple juice to keep her hydrated and she had a few bites of toast this morning. She is QUITE thin (21 lbs at 2 years), always has been and this bug is now really doing a number on her.

I'm noticing that her hands and fingers are blue and take lots of rubbing to get them back to normal colour. Has anyone experienced this with their LOs? Could it be the flu or her weight that makes this more likely to happen?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Does she have a fever?? My thin little one used to get blue/purple feet and hands when he had a fever. He freaked his daycare teachers out the first time it happened. It's just his body's way of dealing with the fever. If your DD doesn't have a fever...then I don't know.
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No fever, but something to think about. Thanks for the reply. Hope I get some more as I'm a little weirded out by it!
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are her fingers cold while blue? that is suspicious. call the DR and see if you can get a few answers. that would scare me. too bad kids don't come with detailed instruction manuals.
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Cyanosis comes to mind but not sure how that can be connected to vomiting.
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