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Need Links :-)

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I need links on Episiotomys vs Tearing. Also I need links with stats on ob's stats vs midwifery stats in regards to c-sections, infant mortality etc. I am in a debate at a mainstreqam forum and I am not finding much. I wish I could post my books!
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here are some sites I have bookmarked from my own reading/reasearching natural birth and homebirth. You may find what you need via these sites. Some were given to me by other mamas here, too.




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There is some good information on episiotomy and tearing here:


and here:


I believe hospitals keep their own stats on c-secs, etc., as do private practitioners, but there is no comprehensive all-inclusive database for keeping records on these things. Which is a shame, because then it makes researchers' jobs that much harder (and that much easier for the medical establishment to keep deluding itself.)

Here are a couple of links to the studies that have been done on homebirth:

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My midwives have a website, and a link to a big birth center vs. hospital birth study, if you're interested in that. www.maternitycenter.com
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