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I feel like we're pretty ready...all of the things that need to be bought could be taken care of with one trip to Target (which we live really close to), anything not in the hospital bag can probably be purchased from the hospital gift shop, etc.

The bassinet is set up (the sheet probably needs a washing, as it's a hand-me-down), my PFs are prepped (still need to do the used fitteds, covers, and AI2s), most of the clothing is washed and put away, carseat is here (and ready for installation), and I have boobs. So yeah, I think we'd survive, as the eating, sleeping, and pooping situations are adequately covered, lol!

We have a shower on the 21st (assuming we make it that far), where we should get a few more fluff and convenience items, but nothing we couldn't live without for now.
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I'm not ready yet!!! I'm such a last minute person, and this nesting feeling is making me crazy, I can't sit down and relax. I've been cleaning out garage for a few days (thankfully my friend came over a few times and lifted heavy stuff and moved around...). I mean I like having this nesting thing and I wish I had this before i was pregnant or even earlier than now.
I still need to organize my armoire and dresser so I can find my clothes easier and put away baby's and dd's clothes in our master bedroom.
I haven't cooked any freezer meals yet except bought a few frozen pizzas. I"m so worried how our family (my dh) will function without my help or I might need to take care of everyone including him once the baby is born with not much post partum rest. He goes to school 2 nights a week and get sick a lot (migraine and insomnia, stomachache at night, etc...). I definitely need prayer!
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No worries everyone. I am sure I am the most far behind and with the PTL I have been having, it makes me really antsy. I have not done a single thing on my "needs" list nor can I until we get our tax return money which may be a few more weeks. I also have to talk dh into realizing these things are "needs" and not "wants" on my part. I have 2 little girls in my bed with me and no where for a baby to sleep nor anywhere to move the big girls. We have no dipes to fit a little one and I also have to get a car seat.
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I have a few things left to do.

- install car seat
- wash clothes
- organize nursery
- finish frozen meals

Hopefully I'll get it all done soon but I'm not too worried about it if it doesn't all happen beforehand.
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