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I think I need help.... UPDATED>>>> IT GETS WORSE!!!

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I'm not normally easily angered, nor am I someone to do stupid things, but today has been the worst by far. I have cried from ten this morning until now, and I am still crying.

I went to the stupid Endocrinologist today for my GD, I have never seen him before, but had heard horrible stories about how mean he is. Well, I was supposed to just go in and see if I needed to increase the glyburide I am on... well, he was real jerk, and in the first five mins. of seeing me he told me that because I am overweight I will die twenty years earlier than most people, spend my life on medication, and be a diabetic. Then he rants about how if I would just care enough to lose 15 pounds that I could prove to him that I wanted to live... WTH??? He was such a jerk. Then he goes on to say my Thyroid is enlarged, and that I should have known that it had it checked out, what ever, that is not the reason I went in in the first place, and went on about how I had to have a family history of thyroid problems, which I do NOT! Overall he was very mean, sent me to have blood work done for the thyroid, and an ultrasound on the thyroid. Well, I refused to do the ultrasound today.... it can wait, he got mad. It was overwhelmeing.

Then I come home, upset, and cry all day. Then they just call me back and say that now I have to go and do the three hour glucose test in the am, I refuse, um duh, I refused before, the one hour was horrible, and I was told just to monitor at home. Well, she said I had to do it or they wouldn't see me, and that he is the only Endo. in the area, blah blah. Whatever, so I hang up, then the OB's office calls and says that if I refuse to go and do the three hour in the morning, that they will no longer provide my care... remember now that this is the only office anywhere close to me that can take my ins. I am about to have a baby, I NEED an OB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now, first thing in the morning, I have to take both my kids, make dd skip school, and go to this three hour test! I can not do this, I am so upset, I punched the desk, I know my knuckle is broken, I know stupid, but like I said, I don't act like this ever, it must be the hormones. Anyways, my knuckle is broken, the skin is cut down to the bone almost, and it won't stop bleeding, geez... what a day.

Sorry to vent, but I am just tired of everything... and I need to have this baby, I am seriously getting very depressed, and don't know how much more I can take.
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I'm so sorry that you had such a horrible day. Just wanted to send you a I hope tomorrow will be better for you
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You are w/in 30 days of your DD, they can NOT drop you as a patient. It would be considered patient abandonment. Try tossing that lingo at them and see if they don't change their tune.

Ask them what would change in your care should that test come back as positive. It is dumb, most people have it done at the beginning of their 3rd tri, not the end. i would also most definitely report that doc to the office manager. Yea, they probably work for the doc so it may not do much good, but it would help you feel better probably.

You also need to get your knuckle looked at. Letting it heal wrong will cause arthritis in the near future.

Sorry you had such a bad day. I would be just as pissed and probably would have broken my hand too.
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Wow! If possible send a letter to a higher up about his very unprofessional behavior! He should treat you with respect if nothing else~ no matter his opinion on the subject he is not God!

s to you! I am glad you came here to vent! I love that we can do that here!

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I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. I think the person who posted that they cannot drop you within 30 days might be right. Hopefully if you have to take the test, it will come out ok. Think positive and don't let them bully you! Take care of yourself and remember not to stress out too much. Stress can cause crazy things to happen to the body and you need to stay focused on staying healthy first!
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I've heard the 30 day rule, too. They're just trying to scare you, imo.

That guy was nasty. I'm so sorry you had to put up with that.
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That is a horrible story. I am so sorry it happened to you.
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I'm so sorry. I can't believe how awful that doctor was. If you have to see him again, do you have anyone you can bring with you (other than your kids obviously)? It might help to have someone else in your corner. I hope you pass the test and don't have to worry about this anymore.
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This all stinks!

First off, how can we help you? In what ways would you like support?

Secondly, don't let them scare you and don't give them your power. You do have rights and one of those is to be treated like a human being and to choose your medical route. Also know that you don't need them, I know women with GD who did homebirths and unassited births, we have the power to birth our babies, you have the power to say "no" when you want to. If anything they need you.

Third, know that you are doing great and that you are supported and loved.
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So, this evening dh takes the kids to his aunt's house, so that I can give in and go do the three hour test, and well, this pack of dogs runs out in front of our durango... our nice car, and totals the whole front end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We live in the country, he wasn't driving fast.... it was bad, the transmission and radiator and the whole front of the car....smashed and gone, totally undriveable!!! Horrible, so yep... fun day.
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Thanks mamas.... just letting me vent does me a world of good!!!
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Not in your DDC, but I am SOO, so sorry. That REALLY sucks. You've had a really sh!tty day - and I don't use that term lightly. Please go to bed asap.
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Ohmigod, when it rains, it pours... I'm soo sorry your day has been so awful.
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sorry your day was horrible. I hope you have the baby soon. I wish I was closer, I'd help you out if I could.
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What idiots these doctors are!
This endocrinologist really does sound like an a$$; it is a true shame that he works with people with diabetes or hypothyroidism because alienating and insulting them is no way to motivate or support anyone through lifestyle changes! :

And the OB's- how irresponsible! The OB profession has come to be ruled by avoiding liability, so they refuse to treat those going "against medical advice" as a means of control, avoiding any patient choice that increases their risk. The OBs in the hospital AT WHICH I WORK refused me care for considering a homebirth- although that was in the beginning of the pregnancy. To say that they would deny you care at the end of your third trimester is completely irresponsible, and anything but patient-centered care.

I understand the feeling you have of being forced, without help from the medical profession, to manage this stupid test tomorrow. And goodness knows, I get the pregnancy hormone rollercoaster! And then the car getting trashed. Holy crap- a VERY BAD DAY.

When you write that you need help, you may be on to something, too. Support in your family, friends, here at MDC, are all vitally important. It sounds like you are feeling a bit out of control, too. Have you considered an antidepressant? I know meds are not always the answer, and you CERTAINLY have reason to be upset. Just that I've benefitted greatly from meds at a time in my life when I was feeling like my emotions were out of control, my responses were damaging. You need your knuckles!- and your ability to cope with these challenges on terms you feel good about.

Sending GOOD vibes your way,
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My goodness Kristin. You are really going through the wringer!! That is ridiculous that you are being treated so badly. I wish you had someone to stand up for you so that you wouldn't have to deal with them.
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