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Anyone else thinking about UC?

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I know there is a forum for Unassisted Childbirth, but I wanted to see if anyone that was due around when I am is thinking about it? I had dd at home with a CPM. I have a midwife picked out here, but I'm on the fence about it (and she lives about 1hr15min away. Just wanting to find a buddy who might be thinking about it to.
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Sort of lurking, but I'm due at the end of August, so I may end up with a September baby, so you could say I'm not completely lurking

I'm planning to UC. I used a midwife in a birthing center the last time and didn't feel as fulfilled as I will with a homebirth. I have my reason for wanting to UC, as everyone does, but I'm really excited about taking birth into my own hands.
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I'm planning to UC. In fact, we were house hunting this past weekend and I was checking out bathtubs for birthing in. LOL It may come down to which house has the best tub for a baby.

My doctor here knows that I'm planning to UC, and I have a midwife lined up as well who knows of our plans. So we're good. :-) I'm excited. In all my dreams it's either just me, or me, Nathan, and Piper.

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I'm not planning one, but I have had one accidental so I am preparing for one, just in case (if that makes sense).
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I think UC is fine. It used to be all babies were born that way. Frankly, if medical were not in such a bad situation, we would not need to resort to UC. I am considering it too.
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yes,up/uc god willing x:
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I would like a UC. DH is not so on board this time - although last time he was fine with it. I'm trying to find a midwife who would be willing to "sit in the corner and knit" while I labor, but so far have not found one.
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I had a UP/UC last time with my son and it was fantastic! We are so excited to be doing it again.
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I will have a CPM here, for my husbands sake, but I am hoping for it to be as UC as possible with her only checking in if/when needed. I feel so much more confident after delivering/catching my first baby last month with no mw there.
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This would be our ideal (dh and mine) but I have such a mental roadblock that we decided we are better off having someone there. Our hb midwife has said that we can essentially have uc and she'll hang out just in case we need her, which is fine with us. Birth is such a mental process that I think I would create more problems with stress about the 'what ifs' so we decided to pay someone to hang out with us LOL

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Yes, God willing. This will be my 5th Unassisted birth. My previous unassisted birth was my baby girl born face up in only 4 hours! Such a quick time I think for a little girl determined to be born facing the world. Unassisted birth is the best way I think.
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I'm... considering (and learning a lot about!) this option.

I know DH and I both have the training and skills to do this, but my last birth was horrible. I suspect it was horrible because of the interventions, not in spite of them, but I'm terribly apprehensive at this point.
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I am seriously considering a UC this time, as I don't really want a hospital birth, but homebirth is so expensive.
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Yep, planning on a UC. Super excited!
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i am also considering this. not sure that i am brave enough to go it alone though. it would be a VBAC which makes me a little nervous.
but, that said, i really, really do not want labor and birth in the hospital. i called the only midwife in my area a few weeks ago, and she may not be practicing after the summer due to new regulations and a new provincial midwifery initiative that my area of Nova Scotia is choosing to be a part of. she may attend births as more of a labor support person, if which case i'd be having sort of a UC. i'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying to think positive thoughts that it will all work out and i can have the relaxing homebirth i've been dreaming of.
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: Im strongly considering it. My only concern is breaking it to my preceptor (she was my mw for ds) She knows Im pg and asked if I wanted to start prenatal care and I nonchalantly shrugged her off "oh, Im still really early, we have plenty of time to figure that out.".....
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Our decision

I think I've ruled out UC for our next birth. After reflecting back on my DD's birth, she had slight dystocia and also had some heart tone drops and hang ups that I feel like I would not have been prepared for, although I'm sure I would have been much more educated about birth if I had done an UC. So, I think I will see how #2 goes and consider it for #3. Meanwhile we are interviewing midwives.
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not me. the very slight chanceof something going wrong would mean transfer to the most UN baby-friendly hospital in our region, so no way.
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Dreaming about it. DH certainly won't be up for it, but the timing may just be on my side, if only we call the MW late enough.......with #2, the midwife came just 10 or 15 minutes before DD was born!
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