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That place look cool! I love love love old houses.

Please pray for me, think of me tomorrow--I will be testifying about the breastfeeding bill at 3:30 pm CST. I'm working on my testimony now. So much for getting it done Saturday. Sigh.
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smee that does sound like an awesome homeschooler house!

Heidi, hope you get over your infection...no fun.

Good luck Maggie!
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we got the toy room almost completely packed yesterday. We also boxed up tons of stuff to go to good will, it's in the van and ready. yay! I have a bunch of things to schedule and phone calls to make and I'm worried I'll forget something.

on another subject, ds2 had a meltdown yesterday over my colostrum. He was bawling and said he wished there was no baby cuz he wants to have booby but it tastes bad. I felt so aweful. He's been so excited about his baby sister but this whole pregnancy messing with my milk has been really hard for him. He's 4.5 but he's soooo not ready to wean. I just hope he can stick it out for another 4 months, then he'll be in heaven with all that milk, lol.
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Poor buddy. That's hard, and he's old enough to associate it with the baby?

Thankfully Elisabeth doesn't seem to mind.

Yay for sorting stuff and Goodwill!

Tomorrow I'll update about the BF hearing, or link to the thread I started about it all. Night!
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waiting to hear about the BF hearing....

Yeah, he connects it to the baby. When my milk first dried up he thought the baby was drinking it all, lol. I explained that it was my body, not the baby....but he seems to realize that if i wasn't pregnant my body wouldn't be doing any of this stuff. He nursed for a while this morning, so i think he might be deciding to tough it out.

I'll be offline until the 27th, we move in Saturday but our internet couldn't get hooked up until the 26th. : we're getting fios though! :

Talk to ya all after the move!
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good Luck, Mamabohl!

I'm dying for an update alyse! post us a link already!

well, I seem to be getting over this infection/plugged duct/whatever. I'm feeling better, less sore, and less fatigued. And I'm getting caught up on my schoolwork. : It's a dreary rainy day, tho' and DS1 has a fever. He's not miserable, but I think I'll actually try to measure it, which I usually don't. He's getting hotter and more snuggly.

how's everyone else?
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Alyse! Where ya been???

Good luck, mamabohl, with the move!

Heidi, glad to see you're getting over your plugged duct.

DH and I are both home with a BAD case of the flu. I've had a fever for 4 days now. As of now, it's been gone since 11am, which is the longest stretch of non-fever/chills I've had since Monday. Called the doctor, who after saying "well, I TOLD you to get the flu shot" said that it's probably taking a while to clear my system because I'm nursing and using LOTS of energy for that. He told me I have to keep eating, but telling someone incredibly nauseous to keep eating is.......... not smart. : I was actually able to keep down two meals today, which brings my weekly food total to 4 meals. Bleh. And DH is sick now, which we all know means that I now have to take care of him while I'm sick - because I don't know about you ladies, but my DH is worse than the baby when he's sick.

Oh, and the baby's not sick. : We're nursing like crazy over here to prevent it.

I've also found a big spot of bruised tissue on my lower spine. Ouchies. It's making me feel like I'm 9mo pregnant again, and sitting, standing, or laying down just HURTS. My poor hips.

Ugh. Whine, whine, whine. I hate being sick.
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Oops, here is a link to the thread I'm updating:
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Helpful dr. Grrrr.

I have been working like mad to email the members of the committee. One of the other people who testfied has a bill tracker who tells her when the bill will be discussed and voted on in committee. They don't plan it ahead. Sigh.

So listening to the live House session in case they announce it if the committees break away.

And being thoroughly exhausted from being crawled on, nursing, having a stuffy head/sore throat--it's seasonal/yeast related. : I did sleep straight from 11:30 to 4:15, that was lovely. Oh yeah, and tired of being pg, tho' not as much as everything else, but it makes it all harder.

I need to pack for the weekend and do laundry. I hate the Internet
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Oh, Sara, can you take garlic and Vit C? I've been tossing them back like crazy.
I hate how you ache all over when you're sick.

Heidi, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Thanks for asking, Genie, I hope you got to see it.
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I’m self-diagnosed, but I display so many characteristics, and have family history, so I think it is pretty much a given. I do best when I am multi-tasking and focused on more than one thing at a time. My college years were GREAT for me -- I was a full-time student working 4 jobs. There was plenty to focus on and my brain did great with it. One of my jobs was running my own in-home daycare center. I was really wonderful with that. It was a great channel for me to be creative and playful.

Big problems these days -- my short-term memory is horrible, I *cannot* retain really simple things very easily and I forget stuff all the time; I’m highly distractible; I’m extremely fidgety; I require lists to accomplish pretty much anything, *really* detailed lists at that.

Sticky notes are one of my best friends. They are big enough to handle the critical points of what I need to remember and small enough to be unobtrusive.

No interest in trying to obtain an official dx at this time and not wanting to do meds. I have found caffeine is a tremendous help to me, and I function really well when I have some regularly, but I’m concerned with the negatives of it also, especially beginning my TTC journey, so I have been about 85% avoidant of it for nearly 8 months now.

I’ll try to be back, but remembering to return to threads I’ve posted in is definitely a weak spot of mine.
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Welcome, Courtney! A lot of us are self-dx-ed.

At the very top of the thread is a place that says Thread Tools, click on that and Subscribe.
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I'm moving!!!! That's great for me because my mom and i are about to kill each other but it means I'm going to have to FOCUS and be organized and all those other things that do NOT come naturally. I'm also having trouble with my medication again, so I haven't taken it for 2 days. I probably will tonight, just to confirm my suspiciouns that the new higher dose is making ds more emotional, which drives us BOTH crazy.

Has anyone noticed that they felt sort of indifferent towards their kids whiel they were medicated? I mean, I'm able to care for him physically, but i'm not as engaged. When I'm off the meds, i'm super fun and engaged and I could just eat him up because he's so cute, but I live like a slob, can't prioritize, am alte for everything, etc. Anyone else have this battle?
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yay! congrats on moving out on your own! Are you going to be staying in the same area?

no experience with meds, sorry.
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No idea on the meds, but I feel more distant when I'm online and don't want to be interrupted.

Yay for moving! Do you have a place already?

I could.not.live with my mom. Just a few days visiting drives me nuts.
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Originally Posted by maggirayne View Post
no idea on the meds, but i feel more distant when i'm online and don't want to be interrupted.
I could.not.live with my mom. Just a few days visiting drives me nuts.
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Originally Posted by Maggirayne View Post
No idea on the meds, but I feel more distant when I'm online and don't want to be interrupted.

Yay for moving! Do you have a place already?

I could.not.live with my mom. Just a few days visiting drives me nuts.
I'm renting a room. She is starting to move into the realm of emotional abuse and for my own sanity i needed to leave. So even thought I'm "downsizing" in terms of nice neighbrohood, etc i will be SANE again. And that is all i really care about right now.
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waiting2bmommy- congrats on the move! I'd rather be a happy mommy with a dirty house, than a distant mommy with a spotless house!

smeisnotapirate-I'm sorry you're sick! ds1 is sick, too, a really bad fever, since yesterday morning.

ok, i'll out myself- what is 'ita'?
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ITA--I totally agree

It's okay, I thought IRL friends meant "I really like" for the longest time. But that didn't always make sense.
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