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OK, I have to get this off my-erm. . . chest.
I have had enough of this mastitis thing! It's bad enough that I'm crazy and disorganised, but I have to have groty skin on top of that, and then I have to have some of said groty skin right over my nursies!

And now dS1 is quite sick.

This is why some days I just try not to think at all, b/c if I started listing evry single idiotic thing that I deal with I'd go insane. But really, isn't having ADD, and psoriasis enough? I have to also have wonky blood sugar and too much milk.

So at any one moment I'm likely to be:


or any combination of the four. :

And, because of DS1 being sick, I am falling further behind in my classwork instead of getting caught up. And I have to bake three dozen muffins for the bake sale tomorrow morning.
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Awww, I'm sorry.

Are you working on hand-expressing a lot?

My cousin told me how to do really effectively, if you don't mind me telling you, if you know, pay no attention to the crazy yammering away.

Take 4 ibuprophen. Wait 20-30 mins for them to kick in. Fill a mixing bowl with hot hot watre, as hot as you possibly stand. Set it on a towel on a table, get a book or magazine, lean over and soak boob. Then press with heels of hands from chest wall together outward.

I never got any milk out in the shower or bath, but did this way.

Are you taking Lecithin and garlic and Vit C? Oil of Oregano is good for immune system. Golden seal is contradicted,I forget if pg or nursing, I think just pg.
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Thanks maagirayne- I did get it to drain, using compression and the pump. And Milo, of course. Mostly it just takes too much time and energy to treat it specially, I mostly just take ibuprophen, poke root, and try to rest and nurse. I have psoriasis gowing over and in one of the outlets of m nipple. I think it gets inflamed on the inside, and swells shut. The Midwives called in a script for all purpose nipple ointment, which has helped with the pain at least. It's just that I barely have time to take care of my kids/house/huby/schoolwork/and still eat, and then add psoriasis, and Mastitis and there's no time for extensive treatments.

oh, and yes, I'm taking lecithin, but garlic gives Milo gas, and Vit C makes my psoriasis worse.

I just got off the phone with my sister, whom I really miss. I miss my mom. I miss my stupid cousin who left her husband and kid for an old boyfriend and ran away to Maine.

Sorry I'm such a : tonight.
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Aww. . .

I know, it just makes you ache when people do stupid stuff.

I'm praying for you!
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Maggirayne - I just started a thread in my DDC looking for other pregnant ADD mothers to interact with. I have found a couple. So, you are due in early June - how many weeks are you? I am 36 weeks, and I my first 2 babies were born at 41 & 42+ weeks.

My big pregnancy-related ADD issue right now is: my deadline/time-crunch anxiety was activated when I realized my due date is closing in & I wrote my to-do list - and I DON'T want this anxiety to invade the final weeks of my last pregnancy. I want to relax, enjoy - even savor these weeks.

Anyone - ideas??? I'm thinking I should put a positive spin on my tasks and try to turn them more into birth-prep rituals than work.
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throw away the to -do list?
I panicked at about 36 weeks because I realized that my son was born at 36 (1/2) weeks and we had barely done a thing. Then I realized there was not much else our baby was going to need except a safe place to sleep and me.
I still went a bit crazy 'nesting' but it was in a good way, not anxious.

Happy birthing vibes to you!

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jessjgh1 - Thanks! Maybe I could scale the list down. I'll have to take care of the homebirth supplies and some cleaning, but I can probably find a lot of unneccessary extras in there ...
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Hi Jenny,
Mamabohl is pg too!
Well, a month ago I was ona huge decluttering kick--which you'd hardly know it to look at this place now! But actually, I can tell, I know stuff is gone. So much is building maintenance habits. And who wants to start habits when you only feel like sitting on the couch?

But since I'm having a homebirth, I really want to get the whole apt. ready.

For me, breaking it up into little tasks really helps. And of course, if there's big projects I avoid, so sometimes it's easy to do other things.

Hmm, other ideas, focusing on one thing, instead of trying to do everything at once. Like clearing the table and putting stuff that goes elsewhere in one spot, and dishing that out when I'm done w/table instead of running down the hall every few minutes.
For me talking to someone while cleaning helps. And since our Internet doesn't work when you're on the phone line (weird wireless) it does help!
But no energy? Eh, no answer. I just give up. And today is pretty much one of those days.
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Energy-deficient here, too, I'm afraid. I have little bursts and I've been trying to use them. My daughters wanted a nap one afternoon over the weekend, and I was more than happy to join them.
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Dang, I wish Elisabeth would sleep. Not today. And no idea of what to fix for supper that will be good and easy and NOT give me heartburn.
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Maggirayne- did you figure out anything for dinner? When I got that way, DH made waffles or pancakes. :

Thanks for praying for me, Henry's well, and I'm healing! : The 2 medicines together seems to be doing the trick!

BennyPai- Yeah, throw away the list. I wish I hadn't driven myself crazy with that, this time ariound, it didn't make a darn bit of difference anyway. I really wish I had just spent the time being just Henry's Momma for a few more weeks.
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DH had to get milk on the way home, so I had him get a chef salad for me and a sandwich for himself. Yay! It was sooo good, and I only ate about half, so some for tomorrow.

Yay! : I'm glad you and Henry are better!

I'm taking a hot hot bath. Actually, well E got in and was driving me batty, and I was too warm so I got out. I don't spaz over the too hot in hottubs thing. But I still majorly need to not be touched. And of course my child who has not has a nap is clingy and wants mama and to nurse.

Oh yeah, nursing been so painful that I'm pretty much done, esp. since she isn't getting milk. Bedtimes has amazingly been smooth the last two nights, but what's the point of the dentist saying nightwean when you give milk instead? And water doesn't satify and calm her down.

So I am nursing only at naptimes, otherwise she won't nap. Yeah, have tried reading in bed, just being quiet and lying down, giving her milk in a bottle. . . any other ideas?

Yeah, I've been thinking, these are the last days it's just her and me, and darn, I am so unbearably tired and crabby, poor baby, it's gotta be no fun being around a crabby mama who just yells. Not quite, but it seems like it.

At least, there isn't anything I can do about that at this point about the breastfeeding bill. Oh yeah, it got passed in the second version by the committee, so that's how it goes to the House. I am so incredibly disappointed. I had a really good feeling, but oh well. So to see about making amendments in two years. For once I'm mad at the Republicans.
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Yup BTDT with Henry. It will pass, tho'. and it was only after Milo was born that I got to hear my first baby say, "Momma, I love you so mush!"

I was having fun looking at some pictures we didn't get developed from before Milo was born. I love the baby phase, and the toddler phase, and the preschool phase, .....
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I have that problem at the library too!!
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Thread Starter 
<-- is a spaz

I teach piano to a family of boys, and got to the house, saw everything was closed and locked and no cars in the driveway, and left - assuming that I had forgotten that we weren't meeting because I'd been sick last week and maybe my weeks were off. Just got a call from their dad - where are you? We were waiting.
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Ugh. Uh, how were they waiting if the door was locked? head
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Originally Posted by Kelso View Post
I have that problem at the library too!!
I have had a book out since last July. My 11yo sister checked it out while she was visiting. I keep finding it and losing it again before I can bring it to my van. I'm sure my fine is well over the value of this paperback.
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LOL, I have an ADD book out. I don't want to return it, because I want to read it. But now I have 12 other books that are late. Unfortunatly the ADD book has a hold placed on it... so I HAVE to return it now and can't renew it.

Think if I go in and tell them I've had 2 kids with the chicken pox, they will waive some of the fee?

Who is supporting the library, through overdue fees!
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It's worth a try.
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