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Andrea, how many ongoing threads are we on together, and I swear I've never seen the "dunderhead" part!!! So I guess there's my answer to the "do you skim" question.

I'm actually pretty good right now. The boobies are feeling better. I think Tov just needed to get used to the latch with his new teeth, because he hasn't been biting :. I got DH to agree to prime the whole house (lead paint EVERYWHERE) before moving in - lead paint scares the CRAP out of me because we have a crawler who eats everything. Hairballs from the cats, random fuzz on the floor, pieces of string, dirt....... I don't want to add lead paint chippings to his list. The kid can eat all the laundry lint he wants as long as he doesn't eat lead paint. So I'm much less stressed now.

HOWEVER () this is going to be a nutso week. Tonight I have lessons and our community Yom HaShoah service, tomorrow I meet with a friend to go over music for Friday night services and I teach lessons all night, Wednesday I have to chant the Torah portion for this week for the rabbi and is our walk-through and a dinner with friends (that'll be a good day I hope), Thursday we sign on the house and have rehearsal for the special service on Friday, Friday is services where I also have to chant Torah this week. Saturday is a big Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel's Independence Day) celebration where I have to lead people in Israeli dancing.... : If I make it through the week........... THEN we can start working on the house.
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Originally Posted by flminivanmama View Post
it's supposed to be "florida (FL) minivan mama" I got it from an article I read soon after becoming a mom on salon.com
What a funny article.
I did figure it out yesterday.
Hmm, flamin' van mama? Ya go around in a van setting fires?

Originally Posted by heidirk View Post
Magirayne- you are too funny! I do that too, I'll just kind of skim over something and it gets an assigned sound in my head like, 'msbfyiutb' !! Or I'll transpose syllables and read Gawain as Gaiwin in my head for years until one day I read the book and discover that's not the poor guys name at all!

I hate moving so much that you guys who are/have moving/moved are giving me a massive case of stressed induced itchies! : It seems like whenever I get stressed my skin just goes insane, like the only way my body can express the emotions is physically.

my psoriasis is sooooo bad right now, and one night my ds1 said to me, 'mommy what's that on your leg?' nad I told him it was just momma's itchy skin. he told me, 'you better get rid of it!' yeah, babe, I'd love too.
Ugh on the psoriasis.
Sore boobies, I haven't tried nursing for two weeks? I forget. I miss it, but I don't miss hurting. Elisabeth still tells me, I wuv nunnies every morning. I've told her nunnies won't be owie when baby comes out.

I do the transposing syllables more often than skimming. I cannot skim and 'get' stuff.

Originally Posted by jessjgh1 View Post
I'm almost through with my very -overdue copy of So I'm not stupid.....
I also have a copy of a Workbook for ADHD, which I need to get my dh to read too. It looks pretty helpful

Anyone go through the book??

Anyways, I can download the worksheets for the most part, so I'll do that, but it is interesting the many ways I can be 'blocked' as well as the sheer lack of time.

And since I don't really have a final 'diagnosis' other than, its likely to probably that I have ADD, its frustrating because I sometimes dont' feel it totally fits, but the methods really do seem like they would really help, so even w/o a diagnosis I should just move forward.
I don't like 'messing' books up, even workbooks. I'd rather write on my journal or type so it's readable. I should read that boo tho'.

How does ADD not fit?

Originally Posted by jessjgh1 View Post
I really skim books and even songs. I like music, but I rarely actually know what the words are. I could read and LOVE a whole book and not be able to tell you what it was about, or what all the characters names are. I just read/listen for enjoyment and dont' really remember much. Although, I seem to do okay with most series books--- like as soon as I'm back in the books 'world' I remember most of what I need to. FOr me the music or story is really just about an 'essence'- it makes me feel a certain way during the song or book, but I don''t really retain much.

It's funny, dh and I sometimes have read (not lately) books around the same time. He'll pronounce the names differently than I will. Often I don't really even know how I pronounce them. If I 'say' them in my mind it is like I have not said them yet and if I try to say them outloud how I read them, I can't always do it. I'll have to say it a few times outloud and figure it out and then I realize how the words and what my mind processes/'hears' dont' really connect.
but I couldnt repeat lyrics or tell you what a song is really about. It is really hard for me to actually understand the words. I've always had a hard time with memorizing things, too.

Is yours Maggi rain or Maggi I ran or something else?
It is Maggi rain. I love rain, and I like slightly different but not too cr8tive spellings.

ITU with the song lyrics. DH amazes me because he knows all these lyrics, and I'm like how? And it will be music he's not listened to in years.

Oh yeah, and pronunciation--mine is words that I've only read, not heard. islet is islet, not eyelet. I forget. But DH teases me. I used to say, as a child, re-lay-tive, not rel-uh-tive for family.
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Hello, All. It's been quite a while.

Originally Posted by mamabohl View Post
We picked a name for our baby girl - Tessa Marie. :
Hope it's not too late to say I think that's a beautiful name.

Originally Posted by heidirk View Post
let's here it for manic energy!
Woo hoo!

My misunderstandings: Maggirayne= Migraine (I seriously thought you have migraines and decided to- celebrate it with a pretty spelling), Heidirk= Heidi Kirk, Flminivanmama= at first I thought Flim flam mama I looked closer and decided FL stood for 'full', full minivan mama. And out on the general boards, Smokering- Smoker Ing.

I remember that I loved Little House on the Prairie and Little Women when I was a girl, they were on my favorites list. And I remember skipping whole pages to get to the dialogue, and not knowing major plot points. Years later reading the Little House books to my daughter portions of it I didn't recognize at all.

Originally Posted by jessjgh1 View Post
And since I don't really have a final 'diagnosis' other than, its likely to probably that I have ADD, its frustrating because I sometimes dont' feel it totally fits, but the methods really do seem like they would really help, so even w/o a diagnosis I should just move forward.
Someone, maybe on this thread, said that it doesn't always matter about a diagnosis, as long as you are finding ways to help yourself get along better. So if you find that the workbook helps than stick with it!

Since I've been here at MDC I've discovered that aspects of adhd, apraxia, obsessive compulsive disorder, aspergers, obsessive compulsive personality disorder all describe me and my daughter and my son to a greater and lesser extent. Well, I'd feel a little sheepish about trying to get a doctor to diagnose all those disorders in my kids.

But it helps me understand me and my kids.

Not wanting to 'put it on paper': I totally get this. My sister gave me my first journal when I was 10-ish y.o. I had typically deplorable handwriting. About half way through I gave up in disgust and threw it away because I hated that my handwriting was so messy, and I hated what I'd written. I was realizing that I was different and was having a very difficult time with it. I've got two or three journals that I started as an adult, put them aside, got bored with them, lost them, come across them again and then I feel ashamed to look at them. The notebooks are never filled. My sentiments sometimes make me cringe. I can kind of laugh at it now, though.

Eighth grade is going much better for my daughter than seventh grade did. She's using Concerta and it's been very helpful. She's got a new set of friends that are interested in doing well in school and like learning. She was told me the other day that she's frustrated and disappointed with herself that even though she's having such a better year and the medicine is such a help, she feels like the 'dumb' one in her group. She is in the High Achievers track which means the material is a grade ahead. She is getting C's, B's and A's, and it's hard work for her, while her friends consistently get all As and don't seem to have to work hard at all. I reminded her that these gals are exceptionally focused, not the norm, one of her closest friends is the top student in their grade. I remind her that getting a B in these classes is like getting an A in the regular level class.

Though I certainly, completely understand. I'm 40 y.o. and it's only been recently that I realized how much my ego has suffered because I compare myself to my older, more accomplished siblings. I started looking around and comparing them to other folks, and really, my brother and sisters are above average smart and creative. I'm just a regular person. Plus, I'm seven years younger than my closest sibling. I unfairly compared my abilities to theirs when I was a kid and figured I should be as capable as they were. Well, a 10 y.o. isn't going to be as capable as a 17 y.o. or a 20 or 23 y.o. But I just couldn't see that. :

That's enough going on about it from me!!
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well, heidirk is just my name plus my middle and last initials. not too cr8tive I know, but It neede to be something I wouldn't forget!

journeymom- : I have probably fifteen journals, each with one or ten pages filled, then- nothing.

Your post reminded me of the reading I had been doing over on the Gifted board. I think a lot of us feel stupid as a result of our alternate wiring, but really, we are probably no less intelligent than any of our famil/siblings. we're just less productive in this framework, YK? I remember the psychologist who diagnosed me elling me it would be impossible to ever measure my IQ properly.
It isn't that your DD is less intelligent, it's like she's a foreign program on a computer, it might be a great program, but it's incompatable wih the resident software.

and I remember reading the narrative parts, because I had problems with reading dialogue.

I see similarities in myself to dyscalcula, but I'm not going to wastetime andmoney trying to get another diagnosis!

MAggirayne- OHHhhh! Islet as in related to island? yeah, I would have said is-let too. It hasn't until now, been necessary for me to actually attempt pronunciation!

I'm glad Elizabeth is OK with things for now. DS1 has said to me a few times now, "I would like to nurse!" so we've tried a few times, but it's on-then-off.
pop on then pop off. I was surprised he remembered how to latch!

smeisnotapirate- well, I'm relieved you're not overcomitted or anything like that!

re the lead, it might be a good idea to get his lead level tested now, to establish a baseline. It's a pain to get blood drawn, but even newpaint can chip and the dust can be in carpet and stuff.
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Me? Overcommitted? The sad thing is that besides being ima, my job is part-time! It's mostly the fact that I have a TON of students until the end of May and then it'll drop off.......... from 20 to 8! :

Good idea about the baseline. We have one for DH, because his job is....... lead-y? But not one for Toby or me.

I'm the same way with the journals. I have a blog and I'll go through spurts of posting.

Heidi, despite knowing your IRL, I never put together Heidi-R-K. I thought that maybe you were a Mavericks fan (Dirk Nowitshkywhoosie) or one of the boys' middle names was Dirk. I saw Hei-Dirk.
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well, that was the intention, but some people figured it out, and I thought I was being all clever!

IMHO, being Ima is a full time job!
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Are the Mavericks baseball, or football? :
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Hi all,

I've been reading and reading and just realized that if I wait until I finish I'll never post. And I'm dying to jump in here (and I'm usually kind of shy). My head is so full of thoughts and reactions and 'me too's' I feel like its going to explode. Sadly - I have to run as I have to get the kids to playdate and me to the doctors for a physical and an EKG as I'm getting ready to explore the whole meds thing. (I'm dreading it and hopeful all at the same time.) I'm in the process of getting this diagnosis as the result of going into therapy for eating issues...which led to anxiety issues...which is now leading to a possible ADD dx.

Anyway - so glad you are all here. I've appreciated your posts so much. Looking forward to getting back with some more info and questions etc.

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Hi Nelybel!

welcome to our : club!
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hi nelybel :
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Basketball, sweetie. Basketball.
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Hi Nelybel!
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Originally Posted by journeymom View Post
Hello, All. It's been quite a while.

My misunderstandings: Maggirayne= Migraine (I seriously thought you have migraines and decided to- celebrate it with a pretty spelling), Heidirk= Heidi Kirk,

Someone, maybe on this thread, said that it doesn't always matter about a diagnosis, as long as you are finding ways to help yourself get along better. So if you find that the workbook helps than stick with it!
Hey journeymom, great to see you!
I am It is funny how you assume everyone sees things the way you do. I never imagined the different ways you read Maggi-rain!

Good thing to remember. I'm not officially diagnosed--missed the follow-up appt. with a psych because I'm always late and never rescheduled. It was an hour and a half away. Sigh.

Originally Posted by Nelybel View Post
ng and just realized that if I wait until I finish I'll never post. And I'm dying to jump in here (and I'm usually kind of shy). My head is so full of thoughts and reactions and 'me too's' I feel like its going to explode.
Hi Nel! Just jump in. We have fun here!
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If anyone needs a quick, easy, yummy, rich dessert, this recipe is soooo delicious!
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Hyper-focus and impulse control

Hi all,

Thanks for the welcome. I've really enjoyed the spirit of these threads (which I finally finished by the way - whoo-hoo hyperfocus. My kids were wondering where I disappeared to).

In response to some of the self-medicating I read about I experimented with eating dark chocolate covered espresso beans this morning. (I know - I know. But I'm a compulsive overeater attempting recovery and enjoyed the excuse to try something a little off the approved menu!!). Anyway - to my surprise I think it helped a bit. I managed to stay focused enough to finish preparing the back flowerbed so I can plant some veggies in the next few days (fingers crossed). And the kids and I rambled up and down the block and picked up trash for Earth Day. I feel ridiculously cheerful about those little accomplishments...but there is a down side. I struggle so much with the house. We live in a small apt with two kids. I also watch my cousins son every day so there are three kids running around making messes. I struggle with my own messes and staying consistent with helping the kids pick up so you can imagine. And of course I stress over this terribly since my husband really values and needs some clean, clear space in the place. I'm a major people-pleaser and constantly feel like I'm failing and that gets soooo old.

Anyway - today I came in at one point from the dirt digging and there were all kinds of new messes everywhere. For some reason the kids decided to create a blockade in the one doorway between the main part of the apt and the bedrooms/bathroom. They dragged out tons of stuff from their room (pillows/blankets/toy bins etc.) and piled them up there. Then, ds decided to "clean" the vacuum cleaner (on my *bed*!!!) and had it in pieces in the "adult" bedroom. Of course there was also all kinds of messes everywhere else, including the breakfast dishes (and last nights etc.) and other things too numerous to mention....and I lost it. Oddly enough I wasn't angry feeling....I just had reached the end. I pitched absolutely everything I could find that belonged to a kid or that a kid had been playing with into their room. Even the vacuum cleaner. (ducking head) I know that isn't very very good parenting technique...and my rather intense son got pretty angry. My voice was calm and we talked about it afterward. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. I'm making it up as I go along...but I get tons of flack from the kids about helping pick-up. And I'm always willing to help. Anyway - thats another whole discussion. But basically my frustration with the constant disorganization (my own) just came to a head and boom!!. (I do have to admit that the act of pitching everything in their room felt kind of fun. And I know I'm going to end up dealing with it one way or the other. Still....Aiigghhh!!

Sorry - that wasn't much of an introduction. Or perhaps it was.

Anyway must run - again. The kids are calling. If you're still reading - thanks. I don't know how to work the smilies...or how to quote for that matter....but thanks for being here.

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Hmm, maybe you can make a comfort corner for your DH a safe place that is his that stays clean even the rest of the living room/apt is a diaster. Hmm, I wonder if my DH would like that.

It's hard being in an apt. I think the Gentle Discipline forum might have some Playful Parenting techniques for getting kids to help clean up.
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I'd say you fit right in!

One of the things I find the most challenging is the intensity that comes with this, so I know what you mean. I caffeinate, too. It's amazing what those little beans can do!

FYI- for the smilies- when you reply to a thread, there are smilies to the left of the box you type in > Under them is a little [ More ] you can click on the smilies themselves, or on the 'more' and it will open a window full, that you can just click on. just make sure your cursor's where you want the smilies before you click it. before long, you'll know the codes, and will be able to type them in your sleep!

try some out on us! we don't mind!
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I totally didn't see the smilie bit, but quoting, you click on the button taht says quote to quote that post and the middle (quotation marks) button to quote more than one person at a time. It turns orange when it's selected.

I select things to quote and end up not responding to those threads--lol!

Oh and you end up thinking in smilies, adding them to your mental stream of what you're saying/thinking. And I lay awake and think, "Oh, I want to ask about xyz on MDC."
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