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How is everyone?

Since I got things mostky straight it's been easy to keep it looking fairly presentable! Of course, I haven't had to cook much.

I'm feeling motivated today. Got poopy dipes rinsed and going to runa load then then my tiedye, had more fun with Pookel Monday! I dyed a gorgeous bag. Oh, she has an Etsy shop, and she's too shy to brag, but it's cool!
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I got my hair cut. Very happy about it.

Otherwise, it's house, house, house. That being said, it's finally starting to LOOK like a house. Previously, it looked like a set for "Extreme Makeover."
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I was going to order "You Mean I'm not Stupid, Lazy or Crazy?!" on PaperbackSwap and checked and found out our library has it!
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Oh cool! Did you post pics on FB?

Rofl the set for EM! I'm glad it's coming together!
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Originally Posted by Maggirayne View Post
I was going to order "You Mean I'm not Stupid, Lazy or Crazy?!" on PaperbackSwap and checked and found out our library has it!
I had that checked out for a while, but I turned out to be too stupid, lazy, and/or crazy to get around to reading it.
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we meet with the real-estate agent today... we brought ds.. it was the most stressful thing i have done in months i am excited to be looking for a house but today we spent 2 hrs in a room looking at paperwork. ds was not pleased! i brought him toys and such but he's 16 mos old so you can imagine how that went.

now i have to try and sort out which houses we are going to look at. it is a bit overwhelming.
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1littlebit, want my house? The nice one, not the Extreme Makeover one.

Pookel, I totally get you. I'm too lazy to even check the book out. Or go to the library. Or pay my late fees so I can check out books from the library. :
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you live in lancaster? i think we could actually afford to live there! unfortunately we are in fairfax... and we can't afford to live here. go figure. i feel like every house we look at is a short sale or forclosure and they are all sold as is and all need at least some work done.

you mamas will probably understand why i am hesitant about moving into a house that needs work done. i am worried it will never get done and we will end up hating it. i just can't imagine buying a house that comes with so much work... dp is as bad as i am about stuff like that.. and if it were one thing at a time we could handle it but a ton of work at once is just to much.
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This area IS wonderfully affordable. Where is Fairfax? We bought a live-in ready rowhouse with 2br and 1 ba, 950sqft with a small yard for $81k. It's also a great place to raise a family (Lancaster, that is).

I get you on the work. I'm lucky that DH is awesome about that kind of stuff.
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fairfax, va... DC metro area. if your picked up the house you bought and dropped it next to my apartment you could sell it for 500K probably more. we are renting right now but we definitely cannot afford to buy in this area. we are looking about 10 miles away.. better but still not great. its rough.
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Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate View Post
Pookel, I totally get you. I'm too lazy to even check the book out. Or go to the library. Or pay my late fees so I can check out books from the library. :
I think of late fees as my donation to the library.
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Originally Posted by pookel View Post
I think of late fees as my donation to the library.
: : you all are so much better then i am ... i can't get it together and get to the library.. i order off amazon
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Originally Posted by pookel View Post
I think of late fees as my donation to the library.
oh me too!! i always feel good about my late fees, it's my way of helping keep the library available for others, lol.

Sorry I've been MIA.

1littlebit Where I live is way southeast, about 3-4 hours from where you are I believe. (you're near IKEA right?) Good luck with the housebuying!

I realized when I was unpacking books that I never did finish Lazy, Stupid or Crazy....I suppose I'll get around to it sometime, lol. MIL gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for my birthday (in April....I always procrastinate on spending gift cards) so I'm trying to figure out what to buy. It feels like such a huge decision...i never buy new books, and I rarely even buy used books unless i really really want them. I'm thinking I'd like some kind of comprehensive natural care guide (possibly focused towards children) and maybe a parenting book or two. You can use the gift cards to buy used books from their website, but it might cost more once the shipping is added in. So far I've considered these books, any comments or rec's? -

Child Health Guide: Holistic Pediatrics for Parents
Naturally Healthy Babies and Children: A Commonsense Guide to Herbal Remedies, Nutrition, and Health
Prescription for Nutritional Healing

I'll be 38 weeks this week! MIL will be here 2 weeks from today. I really need to get cleaning and finish unpacking the last couple boxes, we're in crunch time now!

Oh i totally did the laundry thing for the longest time after Isaiah was born. Like 2ish years, I always brought the clothes from the dryer and just threw them on the couch. We constantly had a big pile of clothes that we would just pick from, lol. As Isaiah got older and was willing to let me go upstairs the pile moved to the top of the dresser in our bedroom....In our new house though the location of the dryer makes it harder to pile stuff, lol. So I do put the clothes away as soon as they're out of the dryer. They stay in the dryer for quite a while though, lol.
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i am hoping for a house with a laundry room in the basement so i can hide my abysmal laundry habits down there!! i had so much clean laundry that i was to overwhelmed to put it away. i have left it on the floor and am waiting to make enough of it dirty again that putting the clean stuff away is more manageable.

i know most people separate laundry by colors but i sort of wish i could separate it by how its put away. 1 load of clothes that are folded, 1 load that are hung up etc!!
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Hi Everybody!

Our new computer is up and running, and things have largly settled down. How are you all?

(house is in its usual state of bordeline chaos, BTW)

I did have a copy of 'You mean I'm not lazy crazy or stupid?' but I lent it to a friend who has ADD and. . . . . .
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Hello, I was just reading this thread because I suspect I may have ADD. I find that my friends and even my DH dismiss the idea immediately, so I don't know if that is why I haven't tried to get a diagnosis.

I really don't know how to go about getting diagnosed either. I think about calling someone but keep putting it off. I don't know if I should talk to my doctor or if she will just want to put me on meds or also dismiss me. I am pregnant, so I think I might as well not even bother talking to her until my baby is born. I know I get easily discourage and I just want to find the right person to talk to about it and I don't know who that is.

I am just tired of not going any where with anything. I could never finish college, always quit jobs, I can't even finish knitting a scarf. It drives me crazy. There are so many things I want to do, but it just seems like I can't. I start and never finish. I've got to the point that I don't even want to start anything. I can barely even get going every day because I can't seem to even focus long enough to shower and get dressed. I am just kind of frustrated and don't know if it's ADD or just really low energy, anxieties, or what.

So, I thought I would just say hi and hang out while I see if I can relate to your stories. *hi!*
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Hi sunshadow! I'm sorry you're feeling so stressed right now. We know all about not being able to finish things around here! (or possibly obsessively working on one thing until it's finished to the exclusion of all else! )

I would talk to your doctor, and ask for her/him to suggest a good phsychologist. It will be worthwhile going through the diagnostic process even if you don't have ADD, you might learn a bit about yourself, and you WILL feel like you're at least doing something about it!

and congratulations on your pregnancy! :
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i hate shopping for a house. how in the heck am i going to pack? i feel like this is going to be really freaking hard for me. o and i have been so busy lately that i somehow missed that my house now has flies.. not like a lot of them.. but they still bug me and i don't know how they got there. i have cleaned and i didn't find any food or anything.

oo and if you haven't seen my other threads on the subject my parents on my case about getting married. i keep telling them i can't handle buying a house and getting married at the same time... which they totally don't get b/c they will pay for the wedding... but i can't handle planning a wedding while looking for a house, packing, unpacking etc. my mom is on my case to get married and the buy a house but we really need more space we are dying here. i have furniture in my bedroom closet, kitchen crap in the hall closet, DS has no room b/c he co sleeps and the second bedroom has other stuff in it .. including food that doesn't freaking fit in my pantry. I NEED to move i NEED SPACE i know you guys will understand this but it is totally lost on my female family members.
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Hey, sunny!

Am feeling like such a flake. Missing appointments, etc. And of course it gets totally blown out of proportion in my head........

Toby got a peach today, was rolling it around the kitchen. Very cute. Looked up 10 seconds later, and he was chowing down on it. Finished the whole peach in about 5 minutes. :

I may need to feed him more.

He also colored his first picture today!! : It's hanging on my fridge.

Heidi, welcome back!

1littlebit, have you decluttered? I felt that way until I did some massive decluttering. Now the house is much easier to manage and I don't feel like we need more space. We're moving for more land, not more house, and I'm wondering what the ^%$^ I'm going to do with 2300 sq ft of house!
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