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Hyperfocus saves the day. . .

So here was my day yesterday. . .

woken out of a sound sleep by a crash/thud that literally shakes the house. I was immediately awake (can you say adrenaline?) and ran to the window, to see a car sticking out of the wall below me. I said, "Matt! Get dressed- there's a car in our house!"

Babies are crying- Matt runs downstairs to see our living room wall pushed in about 3 feet, plaster dust and broken wood everywhere, and water spraying into the room. He ran downstairs to turn off the water and the electricity, and I got dressed and dealt with the boys. When everyone was calm, we joined DH downstairs, and the plaster dust was so thick in the air I could taste it. :

we went outside, where the police and fire department were already there, and answered all the questions. We had water in the basement- not a whole lot- just ebnough to make a mess. They didn't want to move the car until the collapse team checked to see if the second floor would come down or not. The firefighters cleaned up a bit while they waited.

The collapse team built a wall in the living room, and a support for the porch roof. They were most;ly done by about 9:30, and the clean up team from the insurance company was there by eleven.

IL's came up right away and helped us get cleaned up, and by 5:30 pm today, the living room is in livable condition- well, behind the couch is off limits, because that's where the shattered wall is, and lots of dirt, broken stuff, and grit. I'm very tired, but I'm proud of the work I got done.

When I figure out how- I'll poist a link to the pics online. probably tomorrow.

I sincerely hope everyone;s weekend was significantly more boring than mine.
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Was there someone in the car??
Mine was boring, but good, lol.
Glad to hear you all were okay.
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Oh my! I'm glad you all weren't in the living room!
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yes, if it had been any other time of day. . . . God is good.

yes, the driver was not wearing a seat belt. DH got a glimpse of him from the rear while the fire cheif was checking him out, but we don't know how he is. the driver of the car was not the owner of the car.

The fire cheif was just across the street at the Turkey Hill getting coffee, and saw it happen. He was over here in a blink, and called 911 for us, so the Fire dept and ambulance were here before we even made it outside.
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Holy cow! Glad you're all safe and sound, Heidi.

I'm betting that person stole the car and took it for a joy ride.
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OMG, Heidi! I hope you're all ok!!
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Holy cow! Glad you guys are safe at least.
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yup, we're all ok. :

I think he stole it too. yesterday a tiny Japanese woman showed up at our door. She turned out to be the owner of the car, and kept bowing to DH and saying she was so sorry, and did we have her insurance information. I feel bad for her, I hope she doesn't worry about us too much!

unfortunately, I am VERY tired right now. Like, draggin' on the floor tired. I guess I overdid it a bit Sunday and yesterday, cleaning.

Here's links to pics.

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Wow. It looks better and worse than I'd pictured.
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Oh, Heidi! Your poor house!!

I'm totally shocked. I can't believe it. Is the insurance at least moving quickly on getting the house fixed?
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WOAH Heidi CRAZY! So glad no one was hurt!

Today is my due date. We did figure out our crisis - we are switching to a homebirth! Crazy last minute but i am so thrilled. My birth kit should get here tomorrow and I'm going to pick up my records from the hospital today and tehn drop off some paperwork with the midwife and pick up her birth tub...if baby just waits until the weekend things will be perfect, lol. (if she doesn't the midwife has a few extra supplies...) I've been trying to cook extra as much as I can this week. I'm feeling pretty : Our king size bed just got delievered yesterday too! All that room is craaaaazy! We fit three pillows acorss and dh and i were so far away from each other! We were joking that the middle pillow should be the sex pillow. We could be like, "hey honey, want to sleep on the middle pillow tonight? wink wink." LOL. ok we're dorks.
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Originally Posted by mamabohl View Post
We were joking that the middle pillow should be the sex pillow. We could be like, "hey honey, want to sleep on the middle pillow tonight? wink wink." LOL. ok we're dorks.

Love it! DH and I, when we were first adjusting to living with one another, joked about having a Sara apartment and a Keith apartment, conjoined by a "sex room" that was mutually ours. We would use "hey, wanna go to the room tonight?" as a come-on.

I'd kill for a king-size bed. My FIL made our bed frame, though, so we're not able to get rid of it for a bigger one.

<-- weekend labor dust to you!
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Heidi, wow, that is just unreal. I'm glad you had help cleaning up. It does look good after.

: the sex room and the sex pillow!

Yay, Mamabohl! Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby!
I am excited for your homebirth! I loved mine!
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laughup oh you guys! I needed that!

Smee- insurance adjuster will be here tomorrow. The plan is for them to give us a check, then we can find our own contractor. I'm not sure if that's going to be better or worse than the insurance company handling the reconstruction. The clean-up guys have already dried out the basement.

I think DH and I need a designated room (or pillow, or whatever).

mamabohl- : on the homebirth! Here's hopeing babe waits for the weekend! : I'm so excited for you!

maggirayne- unreal is right. I think I'm starting to come down off the adrenaline rush, because today I collapsed into hysterical tears because I had reschedule a morning appointment for the middle of Henry's nap. :

One of my friends( who also has ADD ) came over today and looked at the living room and then at the pictures, and said, "Wow! You really did a LOT of cleaning up in a very short time!" I realised she was right. I got into to a 'reclaim the room' zone and went balistic. No wonder I'm sore.
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Hi! Anybody around?

I've had my 16 yo second cousin here for two days. It's been fun, but definately a change of pace having a teenager in the house!

I need to order my book for my next class, and hopefully get some of the larger projects finished before class begins on the 3rd.

clean up around house.

not sure anything is going to get done.

Here's my big list.

find a storage place for yarn
get off season clothes actually put away somewhere.
shop sales for boy's summer next year.
clean the tub/shower/regrout.
get rid of dsome stuff in the attic.
plan a Fall yardsale.

and I have Mastitis. oh well. . .
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Ugh. I'm on bedrest and BORED. I've been bleeding, went to the ER, they did HCG and an u/s which matched up at almost 2 weeks earlier than I thought I was (I may have ovulated late, I guess). I'm on complete pelvic rest and bedrest until my next u/s on Tuesday. Not allowed to stand for more than 5 minutes, no driving, no work... .

I'm happy that u/s-wise, everything looked great with the yolk sac that is our baby at this point, but I've only been up for 4 hours and I'm BORED. And my neck hurts.
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you'll be in our prayers, Smee.
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sara thinking of you...

anyone have experience either with themselves or their children with Tenex?

also he has trichotillomania (hair pulling) and we are trying prozac - anyone w/ any experience?

he took the tenex last night and the prozac this morning and was doing great till about a half an hour ago... not sure what to do.
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