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Online Mattress

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Anyone purchased a mattress online? I'm looking at one on Overstock (an innerspring mattress) that has great reviews. It's like a bed in a box, vacuum packed and is supposed to be easy to unpack and great to sleep on.

Also, their shipping is under $3.00 (not a typo - less than three bucks).

We've done two latex mattresses and both have failed. I want to go back to an innerspring but I don't want to spend a fortune. I'm just looking for comfortable to sleep on and not a luxurious-cloud-like-sleep-experience.

I've looked at other online stores and haven't found a deal like this one. Do you know of any good online stores? Walmart has one I'd love to try (again, great reviews, over 100 reviewers) but they don't have it in a king size.

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Look to see, i think one of the big mattress stores is having a final 60% off sale. We just got one from Sears when they had their sale for $500, it was originally like $1000. Hopefully we will get it today!
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We just bought a mattress from www.us-mattress.com and are very happy with it and with the service.

No tax (unless you're in MI) and free shipping.
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I just bought a matress for DD at Sleepys , I went in last weekend they where having a sale, they gave me a written quote. Its a Laura Ashley by king coil. The matress retails for $1000. with the sale it was $597. I was doing some comparison shopping, well the store called me back(a few days later) and said I can still get the set and they will give me more money off, I got it for $423. !
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oh and FWIW Sears is still having their big sale.....
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we used usmattress also and found a great deal and the service is great.
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We bought a Serta mattress online at Target. We went to a Sleepy's store first to test out the Sertas. They're tricky though--Sleepys had different names for the different editions than Target, so we couldn't really tell if we were buying the same one. Even so, testing out all the Sertas made me feel a little more confident buying such an expensive thing without getting to see it first.

I waited until they were having a 20% off of home stuff sale, with free shipping, before actually buying it. We're really happy with the outcome.
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