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First time looking for a DCP... tips?

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Hi All,
My DD is 12 months old, and I am getting ready to go back to work part-time. We are in a new city and I have just started looking for child care options and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. My husband's new employer's wife recommended a lady with a small, in-home care arrangement. We went to go visit her today and I got a good feeling. DD wanted to go to her to be held (which she rarely does, even with family).
I guess I am just feeling like a novice in this situation and am wondering if there are any "red flags" that I should be looking for that it wouldn't be a good situation.
The house was nice, clean, with a separate (apparently baby-proofed) area where the kids spend the majority of the day with lots of toys and no TV. The most she would have at a time is 4 kids, all around DD's age (7-18 months).
I am a nutrition counselor, so healthy food is sort of an issue for me. She said she provides this, but mentioned grilled cheese and pudding, which don't really do it for me. Would most DCP's be offended if I offered to prepare and bring food from home for DD? I'm just really picky about lots of fresh fruit and veggies, preferably organic (esp the really "dirty" ones like apples and grapes). I don't expect her to provide this stuff, but would like DD to have it, even if the arrangement is only 2 or 3 days a week.
I really appreciate any insight anyone has to offer. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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I'm big on "going with your gut." However, 4 kids in infancy to early toddlerhood is A LOT in that age group (for me, anyway) and I am pretty sure would be against the rules for a home day care in my state. Is she licensed? If so, there might be a way to look up her license and any violations. If not, ask why?

I'm not a big one on providing food when it is already provided. Quite frankly, as a former child care provider, it would not be OK with me. It creates too much of an issue for one child to have 'special' food, unless of course there is an allergy that needs accomodating. Maybe you could ask ahead and provide organic substitutes on the days they are eating things you are worried about? I am also a nutrition educator and DD gets things at school on her two days that I wouldn't pick at home (they really do great compared to most centers but a fav. is 'monkey bread' which is store bought biscut dough and cinnamon sugar ). BUT she is home 5 days a week and at school only 2, so I've chosen to just let it go.

Good luck! Remember to check on finding your tribes here at MDC, you might find some local recommendations!
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