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What a day!

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I had my 37 week appt this am~ So my day started earlier than usual (6am) with everyone getting up & getting ready to go the MW's. We planned on doing a drive by of the hospital so that everyone knows where we are going(my MIL, Oldest DD & DH). About 6:30am I started showing some early labor signs(bloody show, loose stools, uncomfortable cramps) so I packed everything just in case~ We get there & I am still uncomfortable & not able to sit down SO they check me tell me I am at 3cm(instead of the 1cm I was last week). I knew I had done some changing but I had hoped it was more Then they sent me out walking told me to stay close(I live 1.5 hours away) so a few hours later it was if nothing was happening the contractions had slowed the bloody show was gone So we got checked again no change so we made the choice to come home~ I have been super tired not hungry but the closer I got to my house the more crampy I felt~ So I have taken a huge nap now I am hungry & am eating~ Then I plan on showering & going back to bed~

this is a 1st in all my 6 to have a 'false' sort of labor~ very embarassing But the MW tried to reassure me by saying maybe it is just really early labor & I am super in tune & stressed about getting to the hospital on time so the closer I got the more my body stressed~

Hope everyone else had a better day!

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that's pretty wild! hope you can get some rest.
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Hmmm... I wouldn't be surprised if you're posting tomorrow with some different news!
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I have been having lots of early labor stuff this time around and since this is #5 I have been more on edge than usual since babe could come pretty fast and I am only 34 weeks. All the guessing games are one of the things that make it so exciting, I guess!
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