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Eating the Placenta?

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So, I'm kind of grossed out by the thought of eating the placenta. BUT I understand the good reasons to. I have a couple of questions for people who've eaten theirs.

1. If I were to put a bit in my mouth to 'let my body know' that the baby had been born (I heard this is a good way to make sure that the placenta comes out whole and promptly, with less blood) would I be putting it in my mouth, um, raw?

2. Seriously, what does it placenta taste like uncooked and cooked? I need to know this, as I am 95% vegetarian and don't like the taste of most meat. What is it like to eat a part of your own body (the experience, I mean, not the taste)? As for taste, is it taste like when you cut your finger and suck on it to make it stop bleeding?

3. If I wanted to cook and eat it, how would I do that? Does it 'cook down' a lot?

Thanks for the information! And really, I understand that it's a good thing, just not sure if it's for me or not. Thanks
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Yep, you eat the placenta piece raw. You could try a couple different things to make it less yucky. You could tuck the piece under your tongue or in your cheek & try to forget about it , or, I've read that some people have luck with dunking it in ice water 1st so it's not all hot & meaty.

The one placenta we actually ate was back when I was vegetarian. My dh just fried it up in olive oil with a bunch of different herbs. It smelled & tasted like bloody, hot, MEAT. lol Having been veg for so long, I could barely stomach it. The smell especially.

That was my experience! YMMV.
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I am a lifelong vegetarian and was worried about being able to eat the placenta, as most meat makes me physically sick. It was fine though. I cut off a piece straight after the birth and just swallowed it like a pill, with a glass of water. I didn't even taste it. I continued to swallow a piece or so every day a few days after the birth. I felt WONDERFUL. I still have about half of it cut into pieces in the freezer now.
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I recommend it.

It didn't taste like much - very mild, and its texture was like a big fluffy pillow. Light & airy.
I put a chunk between my cheek & under my tongue. It sat there for about a minute until I kind of geeked myself out and decided to swallow it with a glass of water. I repeated that about 10 minutes later.
My recovery rocked. It was really easy on me.
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I think the worst part was my partner who was trying to have a brave face while sawing through placenta.
He put on a good game face, but I could tell the texture wasn't his cup of tea. Its strong, so be prepared for that. I wouldn't have chewed it.
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Also adding - I considered stir frying it with some soy sauce, hoping that it might taste something like shiitake mushrooms. Since it is still sitting in the freezer (for special occasions? I don't know why I chose not to consume the whole thing PP, but I felt I should have some of it around for later, for some reason) I might still do so. I was very much grossed out at the thought as well, but wanted the benefits. Cutting the placenta into little, ready-to-swallow pieces was no pleasure for me either, but it certainly didn't feel wrong, or alien, as it would normally do for me to be anywhere near meat. I do think the fact that it has just come out of your own body makes a huge difference!
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I wouldn't stir fry it...that takes away a lot of the nutrients. Raw is best! Many people do a smoothie with strawberry so the color doesn't freak you out...add some yogurt and banana and voila!

I plan on eating a piece of mine and also doing a Lotus Birth. Anyone else?
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Another option (which is what I did) is a little more appealing. I am not a vegetarian, but got a bit squicked out by the idea of eating my own placenta. What I did is cut a few pieces off of it, then I encapsulated the rest for placenta pills for my post-partum time. For the first few days after birth, I put a good-sized chunk into a protein shake I usually blend up. I blended it thoroughly and I did not taste a thing. I really do think it helped to replenish my body, so I would absolutely do it again. I did this for about three days, then I started taking the placenta pills I made.

I've heard of other women making fruit smoothies with their placentas--I think there are recipes for that and other placenta recipes in a UC stick on this forum at the top.

Really, in the blended form, I did not even taste it at all. Might be a better option as a vegetarian? I would also really encourage you to consider encapsulation as well--it was wonderful for me!
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Hmm, well okay then. I guess I might eat a piece to help my recovery along... but I don't know about a placenta smoothie! Thanks for the information all of you
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What's the benefits in eating the placenta?
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I think I could handle the placenta smoothie the best. Or the capsules, but I haven't even looked into that!!!
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Seriously, with the placenta smoothies (I had three--one a day three days in a row) you could NOT taste the placenta AT ALL.
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Originally Posted by augustacherri View Post
Seriously, with the placenta smoothies (I had three--one a day three days in a row) you could NOT taste the placenta AT ALL.
Did u cut it into small chunks? This is a great idea!
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Originally Posted by Raene View Post
I wouldn't stir fry it...that takes away a lot of the nutrients. Raw is best! Many people do a smoothie with strawberry so the color doesn't freak you out...add some yogurt and banana and voila!
That is what I did with mine last time. After you wash/rinse it out really well to ge tthe blood out of it, it really looks more like pork or chicken (color wise.) I cut it off the cord and any membranes I could then cut it up into smaller chunks and put them in a blender with some frozen strawberries & blue berries and vanilla yogurt and made placenta smoothies!! I normally make protein smoothies this same way (sans placenta) and I couldn't even tell there was a secret ingredient in there I just kept it in the fridge and cut some up each day to make a smoothie.

It is amazing how much better I felt after that first one too. I had a big Arby's sub about an hour after I gave birth and I had been drinking a lot of water but about 3 hours after he was born I looked in the mirror and I was completely washed out, dead white. It really kind of scared me how pale it was and I didn't even bleed a lot right after the birth. And I was so worn out and just crazy tired, so I made my first placenta smoothie and with in 15 minutes of drinking it my color was back and I felt great! Also, my PP bleeding only lasted about 10 days. I am so planning to do this with all of my births!
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Originally Posted by zech13_9_goforgold View Post
What's the benefits in eating the placenta?
Anti-hemorrhage - and it's reputed to diminish ppd. I have heard that just biting on it will work, that that will release the hormones from the placenta into your body.

I wonder what people did with the placenta thousands of years ago? What did the first people do with it? I suppose we won't know that, though.
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I plan on the smoothie option... as soon after giving birth as possible. Watching our dog give birth ... she just swallowed the placentas whole... without a second thought. Just instinct. There has to be reason why other mammals besides humans eat their placentas. Besides the whole 'avoiding the smell of blood for predators' thing. There has to be something more to it.
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well technically its not part of YOUR body....
dunno if that makes it any easier, though!

and im kinda confused how putting placenta in your mouth could help your body know to release it whole..cause if its not out whole when you eat some, it never will be whole, kwim? (and no i dont mean cause you ate some, i mean if it didnt come out whole, then if theres any retained its not whole in the first place, and if you could eat some then obviously its at least part out..)

no idea on texture/taste..
ive heard kinda like slightly liverish but not. right.

i want to lotus as well, so im kinda planning on a no for this...
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I'm planning on the smoothie option as well. I've read that if you do equal parts of placenta and strawberries, it reduces the "iron-y" flavour. Then just add whatever else you want, yogurt, banana etc.
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I did cut it into smaller cubes, maybe 1 inch square.
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I am excited to see this thread! I am planning on doing a smoothie the first day or two and then my husband has offered to cut it into small pieces for freezing and swallowing pill style. I thought about encapsulating it, but from what i read that can be a pretty smelly process and I am sensitive to smells even when not pregnant.
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