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Charlottesville Area???

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I was just wondering how many moms we have in the Charlottesville area? My son will be 1 on the first. I have been looking for a play group for his age group. I can find under 1 and over 2...but what about the one year olds If anyone knows of a group...let me know.

I also started a cloth diaper group on meetup. A few people have joined. I would love for the group to grow! I will have topics for all the meetings. But it is really a chance to meet up with other moms that CD or want to know more about it. My husband is tired of listening to me talk about them...so I need a local outlet!

Also, if you know of any other groups in the area...I am all ears!
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Have you been to the LLL meetings? Right now, there are several babes right around the age of one. Also, head out to the local parks on these nicer days. I've seen quite a few 11-15mo kids out on the warmer days, usually around lunchtime, when the sun is higher and it's fairly warm. Greenleaf and Pen Parks have both been pretty busy.

The Holistic Moms Network is another good place to find folks. And, of course, you could always put out an inquiry on PNOC.

There are quite a few MDC mamas here in C'ville! Just keep poking and you'll find us. I'd gladly head out to a park with you today, but I have a party to attend up in F'burg.
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Awwww! Thanks! I will keep poking around

I just wasn't sure if there were already some groups in place already. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel if I didn't have to The weather had been cold and I am only able to get out on the weekend due to work. I am glad that the weather has been nice on and off. I need to get out there with him. I think he would love it.

I was also thinking about Little Gym. Anyone have thoughts on them? I haven't checked into it yet. I wanted to know if anyone had yet.

Hope you have fun at the party. Maybe we can get together on another nice day!
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Just wanted to say hi -- it can be so hard to find a group with kids the same age, but is so important! I've heard good things about the Little Gym, but haven't been there myself (it's a bit spendy for my budget). Also check out classes through Cville Parks & Rec. I teach a music & movement class for babies there, and there is also a swimming class for that age group. Good luck!

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Thanks Mary! I want to get him into a swim class at some point. He LOVES the water!
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