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Chicken Pox & Vomiting?

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Ds was exposed to the pox 2 weeks ago tomorrow & he just threw up twice. He fell asleep last night at 6pm & slept until 7am (with some nursing in between) & seemed fine this morning but as soon as we got to the park today, he began doubling over & crying that his belly hurt. Then he threw up, fell asleep within seconds after vomiting & vomited again while I was removing his icky clothing - but again, fell back to sleep immediately.

I've heard the stomach bug is also going around but I (think) I've also heard of vomiting as an early pox symptom.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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I've read that chicken pox can cause a stomach ache (due to pox being on the skin inside the alimentary canal within the digestive system) but not necessarily vomiting, let alone 3 episodes of vomiting. Hmmm...Maybe it's just the stomach bug. Was he doubled over after vomitting too or just before? If he doubles over after vomitting, take him in in case it could be the appendix. Hope for fast healing for him and keep us updated.
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He hasn't doubled over since vomiting, but he's been asleep. He just threw up for the third time (not much left), but he's still asleep. All 3 times he's been asleep & I get a blanket or bucket under his mouth in time & then he just falls back to sleep.

I'm thinking it's a bug.

I was worried it was something more serious like appendix with the doubling over & lying down at the park, but he had a stomach bug once before (last winter) & he would cry & say "ow!" right before he'd vomit. It's tough when they're so little & you can't ask them specific questions about pain.

Thanks mama.
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It could easily be the beginning of CP, many kids vomit before the spots show up.
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Originally Posted by uccomama View Post
It could easily be the beginning of CP, many kids vomit before the spots show up.
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He hasn't had any PB products...right?
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No, but we ate Boar's Head Natural turkey (deli) yesterday. : But we all ate it & the rest of us are fine... He had a pecan Lara Bar, but so did Dd. Nothing else that is unusual in our diet (or related to the icky PB stuff.)
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so.... what was it? Dying to find out, as we are in a similar boat here. Exposed to pox 10 days ago and tonight both DDs are puking and won't sleep.

And I was puking all night wednesday night. Which could have been food related. But maybe not.

I guess we'll have our answer in the AM but it's going to be a long night.
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I threw up with CP a lot.
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I just came on to ask this very question. DS was exposed two weeks ago tomorrow and has a fever today of 101.8 and just threw up. Hoping it is pox and not a stomach bug!
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I vomited when I had CP.
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I got my spots first, but puked my brains out for almost 2 weeks straight when I had CP. I had the pox everywhere inside and out according to my doctor. Not fun!
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Hm, DS vomited on Sunday but that was only 3dpe so I'm guessing it's not related.
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Ours turned out to be just a tummy bug. We never got the pox. We are in the market for some, though. Anyone got some in RI or MA??
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I remember feeling really sick and having a headache w/ the chicken pox, but not throwing up.
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Sounds like it is a big fat maybe at this point. He has been sleeping off and on for most of the day, and super clingy. He does wake up occasionally with a burst of energy, but then ramps down after a half hour or so and conks back out. I am betting it is a stomach bug, but crossing my fingers for pox.
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